Cardboard cutouts

Custom cardboard cutouts are in high demand here at Perth Graphics Centre, which is why we’re equipped with the latest print machinery, ready to create whatever you can think of.

Cardboard cutouts for Perth

In this case, the customer wanted a cutout of a Jeep which they could use for photos. The window would serve as a frame for the person and they’d get an instant pic of them “driving” a Jeep.

We made this particular cutout from a heavy duty plastic, so technically it’s not a cardboard cutout, but it’s a much more durable product. Can you imagine someone picking it up by its window frame? If it was a cardboard cutout, the frame would tear, and that’d be the end of the product.


That’s why, with every job, we consult with the customer to see what the best application will be. In some cases, cardboard is perfect. In others, corflute is required. But for this job, a lightweight plastic was the best option.

And if you’re wondering why the pic above looks strange, it’s a two-dimensional cutout being photographed in 3D. Don’t worry, the final result is perfect, and we have a very happy customer on our hands.

If you have a cardboard cutout that you need, why not ask us for more information? We’re ready to help.

Cardboard Cutouts: Perth Graphics Centre offers all types

Do you have cardboard cutouts that you need? Perth Graphics Centre can help. Whether it’s a one off or you need hundreds, Perth Graphics Centre can handle any order.

Cardboard Cutouts by Perth Graphics Centre

Seen here is a series of lifesize cutouts we made for the West Coast Eagles. We left the heads off so kids can get their photo taken as a West Coast Eagle.

Our industrial printer (which you can see in this picture) prints directly onto the cardboard and it’s then profile cut. Our cardboard cutouts also include a stand so that they are freestanding.

How long do cardboard cutouts take to make?

Usually turnaround is a week, so make sure you plan ahead.

We require high resolution artwork, which can be emailed to us or you can use Dropbox or WeTransfer. JPG, EPS or PDF is usually fine. And make sure you don’t infringe any copyright when you supply artwork.

We’re sure that you’ll be pleased with the results from our cardboard cutouts. Perth Graphics Centre is here to help.

Jazzing up a fridge using digital print

Making a plain fridge interesting could be viewed as a challenge. But not for Perth Graphics Centre. We’ve taken an ordinary display fridge and turned it into something very unique.


One of our regular customers, The Smoke Shack, brought in this tired old refrigerator and asked us to make it stand out. Using high quality cast vinyl, vibrant inks and a high gloss laminate, our team of designers, printers and installers have brought this fridge to life.

So rather than being stuck with something plain and boring, why not use Perth Graphics Centre to enhance your displays? Whether it’s point of sale, posters, banners or fridges, we can do it all. Click on our contact page to get in touch with us and run your ideas past us. We’ll be ready to chat at any time.

Wall graphics: Perth Graphics Centre completes WA Police Media room

When the WA Police needed wall graphics, Perth Graphics Centre was called on to make-over the media room. With a new WA Police crest, a new backdrop was created.


The original backdrop was made from three panels of acrylic which were vinyl wrapped. While the effect was nice, the gaps between the acrylic sheets was visible, creating a black line every time cameras focussed on it.


We devised a solution: clad the wall first and then apply the print over the cladded wall. The effect is a continuous print that looks great under strong lighting and can be used in closeups, too. With matte finish, there is no glare, keeping everyone happy.

If you’re in need of wall graphics, Perth Graphics Centre is your one-stop shop. Head to our contact page to enquire.

Novelty cheques

These days, Perth Graphics Centre is receiving a lot of enquiries about novelty cheques. These giant cheques are often used in promotional activities, competitions and for marketing purposes.


Usually made from a high-grade foam PVC, novelty cheques are a great way to catch the eye, and create interest in your charity or promotion.

If you would like a quote on novelty cheques, (or if you’re American, novelty checks), then head to our contact page to give us a call, or click here to email for a quote.

Signage for shopfitting

Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we’re no strangers to shopfitting and signs to make your retail outlets look their best.


Macpac, an New Zealand clothing company, enlisted Perth Graphics Centre for its signage for the new Perth store on Hay Street. It was a combination of vinyl cutting, flatbed digital printing, and digital wallpaper.


The result is a stunning looking shop with eye-catching photos and lifestyle images designed to appeal to adventurous types. The wallpaper was used in the fitting rooms, giving a panoramic look as you step inside.


We also made lightboxes for the store, as well as awning and fascia signs. Two days were allocated for the signage installation, and both the customer and PGC are extremely pleased with the end product.


If you have a retail outlet you require shop signs for, then head to our contact page and call us, or email us for a quote by clicking here.

Pull-Up banners

If you’re in need of pull-up banners, Perth Graphics Centre can help. Many people are requesting pullup banners for displays, promotions, shopping centre stands – you name it.


Because they’re light and easily transported with their own carry bag, pullup banners are a great solution for a quick and easy sign. Great for branding, you can have your business name and logo near entrance doors, or beside your display.

They are strong, are budget-friendly and can be used time and time again. Click here for a quote on pull-up banners, and Perth Graphics Centre also gives quantity discounts.

Lifesize cutouts

With our new flatbed printer, we have been able to ramp up production of our lifesize cutouts. Because we print directly to the boards, repeatablity for long runs is simple, while one-offs can be catered for as well.


Seen here is a lifesize cutout for the West Coast Eagles, with the head taken out so people can stand behind it and instantly “become” one of the Eagles. It’s a clever little marketing tool, and one that may work well for your business.

If you have a promotion where lifesize cutouts would be of use, then by all means email us the picture you’d like to use and we’ll happily supply you a price. Whether it’s a one-off for a wedding, or fifty for shopping centres, Perth Graphics Centre will be able to help. Just click here to request a quote.

Corflute signs

Corflute is a fluted plastic (also known as corrugated plastic) which usually comes in two thicknesses – 3mm or 5mm.


The beauty of corflute signs is they’re cheap and light-weight. They’re also relatively strong in proportion to their weight.

Corflute is an ideal product for short term displays, point-of-sale, hanging signs or fence signs. Corflute is also used for football club signs, soccer club signs and other small, light-weight signs.

Corflute is not recommended for signs which will be in the sun a long time and it can warp a little if exposed to too much heat. However it can be rigged up with cable-ties through eyelets which will strengthen and flatten the sign.

Corflute signs are fantastic for exhibitions, home-opens, for sale signs, danger signs, warning signs, and general safety signs.

If you have any questions on whether corflute signs will suit your needs, then please call us by heading to our contact page.

Poster printing: Perth Graphics Centre’s latest acquisition

Poster printing is an area in which Perth Graphics Centre is experiencing untold growth due to its installation of the most up-to-date technology. Using a Hewlett-Packard DesignJet poster printer, which carries an eight-colour ink set, images of the highest resolution (photographic quality) are produced.


The most common material is poster paper, but poster printing can also be done on polyester for a flatter sheet. This is the same material we print our Roll Up Banners on to.

Posters can be laminated with gloss, matt, sandtex and other finishes as well as being used for X-stands and other display materials. High quality, vibrant colours, extreme detail – you name it, we can do it.

Poster printing is also fast with quick-dry inks and cold laminates. If you’d like a price on your poster printing, then call us or email us.

Snapper Frames

If you’re after a quick way to change posters over, but still giving a professional look, then Snapper Frames are the way to go.


They’re made from anodised aluminium, which means they’re light and easy to install. To use them, simply open each of the four sides, slip out your poster, re-insert the new poster and snap them shut. They come in just about any size you can imagine, and can have an open face, or a clear PVC sheet to protect the poster.


Using them for A4 prints and certificates is also a great way to quickly and easily frame those momentos or qualification prints.

Call us today for a quote on Snapper Frames. Perth Graphics Centre is here to help.

Pull up banners – the best in WA

If it’s pull-up banners you’re after, look no further. WA’s fastest growing sign shop, Perth Graphics Centre, is proud to announce the availability of pull up banners with super high resolution graphics, courtesy of its latest purchase, the HPZ5200 display printer.


With a wide variety of finishes available, we can now produce pull up banners with quick turnaround and great service. You’ll get a proof before you start, and if you after quantities greater than 10, then enquire about a bulk discount.

All of our pull up banners come with a heavy-duty spring mechanism in the cassette, and a carry case for easy transportation.

Send us an email and enquire today about pull up banners for your business.

Life size cardboard cut out – Five Senses Coffee

The guys over at Five Senses Coffee have a great sense of humour, plus they make the best coffee on earth.


As a practical joke, Dean from Five Senses Coffee has been made into a cardboard cutout – they can then make fun of him, and not worry about the repercussions. Well, that’s what the theory is, anyway.


As with all life sized cardboard cutouts, custom work is our specialty. Please note that copyrighted material is not possible (e.g. James Bond, Madonna, Justin Bieber, etc) unless you have permission and a high resolution file.

But if you’re having a party and you want someone you know to “be there” without being there, then a life sized cardboard cutout is the way to go.

These are made from heavy duty 5mm plastic, with a stand and are waterproof.

The price for a standard six-foot cutout with a stand is $200 inc GST, plus shipping Australia-wide. Other sizes are available. Cardboard cutouts take a week to produce, so please allow a few extra days for shipping.

Canvas Prints & Posters

canvas prints

Whilst we have always been able to produce posters and canvas prints, we now have a printer dedicated to this work, a brand new Hewlett Packard printer capable of very high resolution prints at affordable prices. Stunning colour posters and brilliant canvas prints can now be ordered.

Just send us your image by e-mail, disk or USB thumb drive, tell us what size you’d like it (up to A0) and we’ll get back to you with a price and how suitable the image is for your intended purpose. Assuming all is OK, you can pay the deposit and place your order. We’ll advise expected turnaround time when you place the order.

The picture above shows a montage of images from a memorable holiday. Now that holiday will never be forgotten and the photos are a talking point among friends and strangers alike. This is a canvas print stretched around a wooden frame. If you would like something similar, we’ll need photographs numbered in importance and a rough idea of what you’re looking for. If you can’t provide the montage yourself, we can set one up for you but there will be a charge for this service. Feel free to call our office on (08) 9248 6226 and have a chat. Yes, we can send out your unframed prints, no matter where you are in Australia. Framed prints can still be sent but the freight will cost more.

Just remember: the better the image, the better the result. As a guide, images “captured” or saved off “the Net” are mostly unsuitable. Digital Camera stills are usually OK to a certain size. A 12 megapixel camera (set to take full size images) will have a higher resolution than a 5 Megapixel camera. When the image has to be printed at a larger size, the file from a 12 Megapixel camera will usually yield a better result. If in doubt, send the biggest file you can lay your hands on. Please also be mindful of copyright.

Reception signs – acrylic with silver mounts

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your reception signage, why not consider something like this – after all, first impressions count.


Made from durable acrylic (also known as perspex) with four or six brushed silver sign mounts, it’s a neat way of displaying your company logo. Various options are available, with 3D lettering and vinyl cut alternatives.


We can produce these signs and ship them anywhere you require, or we can install them if you’re based in Perth, Western Australia.

As WA’s best signmakers, Perth Graphics Centre can handle any request. Call us today for sizes and pricing.

Life-size Cardboard Cutouts


You may know these guys as George and Gary from a hit reality TV cooking show. No, we didn’t have them in our office, but we did produce these cardboard cutouts for Zesti Woodfired Ovens.


If you need a character made into a cardboard cutout (well, technically a plastic cutout) at life size, then we can help.


From one off to several hundred, as long as the photo is crisp, we can trick your eyes into believing that your favourite personality is really sitting in your office.

The price for a standard six-foot cutout with a stand is $150, plus shipping Australia-wide. Other sizes are available. Cardboard cutouts take a week to produce, so please allow a few extra days for shipping.

Give us a call and speak to our friendly staff about your life-sized cardboard cutout needs.

Roll up and Pull up banner stands

Did you need a portable display system that’s compact yet able to display a big message? Then look no further than the Roll Up Banner range from Perth Graphics Centre. WA’s best signage company brings you the best options for getting your name out there.


There are several models to choose from, from the Economy, right through the the Deluxe model. There’s also plenty of options for gloss and matt finishes, meaning you can get the look you’re after. Don’t despair with artwork – we can put that together, too.

The Roll Up Banner, also known as a Pull Up Banner, is made from a heavy duty polyester, which is non-curl. It can be rolled up and reused thousands of times over. Call us on (08) 9249 5599 for more details and prices.

Corflute Signs – lightweight and cost effective

If it’s cheap and cheerful you’re after, the corflute signs will be your answer. They’re light, rigid and easy to transport.


Sheet sizes are 2400mm x 1200mm and the corflute comes in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses. 8mm is available on request, however there are now new alternatives for thicker material.


Perth Graphics Centre can fit digital print or vinyl cut text, and we can cut to shape if required. Corflute is a great way to produce cheap real estate signs, building site signs, display work, for sale signs, safety signs, and even fence signs.


Have a chat to our friendly staff, and find out why Perth Graphics Centre is the premier signage company in Western Australia.