Successful Signage Strategies

Successful Signage Works

Did you know? Nearly eight out of 10 people entered a store they’ve never been into before, based purely on its signage. This is just one of statistics to come out of a FedEx survey of American consumers linking signage to spending habits. Something else quite staggering is that almost seven out of 10 people … Read more

Cardboard cutouts

Cardboard cutouts for Perth

Custom cardboard cutouts are in high demand here at Perth Graphics Centre, which is why we’re equipped with the latest print machinery, ready to create whatever you can think of. In this case, the customer wanted a cutout of a Jeep which they could use for photos. The window would serve as a frame for … Read more

Signs for photography gallery

When a photography professional has signs made for him, you know that he will insist on a top quality print job. After all, high quality printing is what he does for a living. So, when Paul Dowe Galleries wanted a sign company to make signage for their building, the only place they asked was Perth … Read more

Coffin Wraps

As a fitting tribute to someone’s life, Perth Graphics Centre is now offering coffin wraps. As Perth’s most accomplished sign shop, we can create artwork, incorporate photos, add textures and make a coffin look truly dignified. Seen here is a coffin wrap we made, using the farm that the person lived on as the background. … Read more

Lightbox manufacturing: Perth cafe

If you have a retail business then having a lightbox is a surefire way of attracting passing traffic. Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we specialise in lightbox manufacturing and we’re sure that our lightbox signs will help your business stand out. This lightbox we created for the Good Mum Cafe in Perth is a great … Read more