Trailer signs: Perth reticulation company’s new signage

Do you have a trailer and need signs for it? Or do you need to update your trailer signage? Perth Graphics Centre can help.


We can signwrite trailers big and small and will make your message stand out. The trick is to use colours and fonts to make the graphics pop. It’s also best to ensure the trailer is painted well and if recently done, leave it a week or two before your graphics go on.


With our full colour signage, your trailer signs will look incredible and stand out from the crowd. If you need us to design something for your trailer signs, we can do that too.

If you’re a tradie with a trailer, then get your signage done by Perth Graphics Centre. Call in or call us for a quote today.

Trailer signage: Perth’s best

Most trailers are just begging to have signwriting on them, and because they’re always travelling around, there’s plenty of opportunity to see your message.

Using this dark coloured trailer as a base, we’ve added vinyl cut lettering and digital print to create this standout signage that you see here.

If you have a trailer you need signwriting on, then please head to our contact page to ask for a free measure and quote. Perth Graphics Centre looks forward to hearing from you.

Trailer Signage

Do you have a trailer you need signage for? It could be a very effective advertising tool; after all, it’s a lot of space to display your logo, and unlike Yellow Pages or online adverts, it’s a one-off cost.


Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we have the expertise in turning your trailer into a moving billboard. Trailer Signage is extremely cost-effective compared with other forms of advertising.


If you have a logo or signage you want to put on your trailer, then give Perth Graphics Centre a call, and we’ll quote you on long-term, outdoor durable graphics which will make your message stand out.


Head to our contact page to enquire about your trailer signs.

Trailer signs

If you have a trailer and you want signs on it, then contact Perth Graphics Centre.


We are constantly turning trailers into mobile billboards which advertise your business at a fraction of the cost of a Yellow Pages advertisement. The difference is your trailer signage will be always in front of people’s eyes.


We can work with any size and any shape trailer and can combine full colour graphics with simple vinyl cut lettering to create an effective sign for your trailer. If you have ideas, we’re happy to look at that, too.

Give us a call about your trailer signage – Perth Graphics Centre is ready to help!