Truck wraps: Perth Graphics Centre completes furniture hire truck

Truck wraps by Perth Graphics Centre would have to be the most effective form of advertising your business can invest in. It lasts for years, catches attention and looks fantastic.

A truck wrap by Perth Graphics Centre

Take this truck for example. It was looking quite tired but now has a new lease on life.

Always use good quality vinyl for your truck wrap

Using a combination of high performance Supreme Wrap film by Avery (click here for more info) and digital print, we have transformed an old truck body into one that it now a movable billboard.

Truck Wraps by Perth Graphics Centre

To ensure a high quality result, though, we require the best resolution files you can get hold of. Photographs typically need to be between 70 and 150dpi at actual size. If that size file is too big to email, consider using a file transfer website like

Fleet wraps are also a specialty, as we can can guarantee consistent colour and excellent longevity for your entire fleet. Whether it’s one truck or 50 trucks, wraps by Perth Graphics Centre will make sure your business gets seen.

Trailer signs: Perth reticulation company’s new signage

Do you have a trailer and need signs for it? Or do you need to update your trailer signage? Perth Graphics Centre can help.


We can signwrite trailers big and small and will make your message stand out. The trick is to use colours and fonts to make the graphics pop. It’s also best to ensure the trailer is painted well and if recently done, leave it a week or two before your graphics go on.


With our full colour signage, your trailer signs will look incredible and stand out from the crowd. If you need us to design something for your trailer signs, we can do that too.

If you’re a tradie with a trailer, then get your signage done by Perth Graphics Centre. Call in or call us for a quote today.

Fleet signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre pumps out more cars for Fisheries

Fleet signwriting may seem like a simple task, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we cover all bases, including signage materials choices, ink types, the use of protective overlaminates and surface preparation.


Fleet signwriting materials

When signwriting a fleet, there’s only really one choice for vinyls – cast. We use a variety of cast materials, but we’ve settled on Avery vinyls because of their quality, colour consistency and printability.


To make sure it all matches, we also use Avery overlaminates. The expansion and contraction of the two vinyls is then equal, and why is that critical? So that you don’t get any lifting or curling of the edges. Ink choices are also very important, which is why we only use outdoor-grade solvent-based inks. Compare how long enamels last outside in comparison with water-based paints and you get an idea of why we’ve opted for the stronger inks.


Solvent-based inks also give you a far wider colour gamut meaning we can match corporate colours much better. And with our gloss levels being comparable to that of paint, it simply blends in.

Seen above is another one of the Department of Fisheries vehicles. Perth Graphics Centre was selected as the preferred tenderer due to our knowledge of fitting and printing. But our pricing is also another reason to visit us.

When you need fleet signwriting done, visit the experts at Perth Graphics Centre – we’re your fleet specialists.

Fleet Signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre completes trucks for Perth Bin Hire

When creating signage for a fleet, Perth Graphics Centre is meticulous about colour-matching, materials choice and surface preparation. And fleet signage needs to be readable, too. That’s why for Perth Bin Hire, we opted for a simple and bold approach.


The lettering is done using cast vinyl, which is the best quality available in the industry. Ask any vinyl supplier which of their products lasts the longest and the answer will always be the same – cast vinyl. It’s a poured film, rather than stretched, so there’s never a risk of it lifting or curling up at the edges, which happens with cheaper films.


All of our vehicle graphics are done with cast vinyl, whether it’s a simple door sticker or a complete vehicle wrap. Because of this willingness to go the extra mile, we often get customers comparing us with their previous sign companies and commenting that they’ve never had any problems with our graphics coming off. Previous suppliers, however, have had issues – this is why our customer retention is first class.

It’s another reason to choose Perth Graphics Centre for your fleet signage needs – we’re always looking out for our customers.

Fleet signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre completes Fisheries fleet

When you have a fleet of vehicles that needs signwriting, Perth Graphics Centre will make sure that they are done quickly, efficiently and consistently. Our colour matching is second to none and with a range of printing and vinyl-cutting options, it doesn’t matter whether your branding is one colour or full colour.


We painstakingly measure each vehicle to ensure absolute uniformity, and if there are different models in the fleet, we will present you with a proof to show you how to carry your theme across your entire fleet.


When the graphics are printed, we laminate with a UV-absorbing clear that extends the life of the inks, while we only ever use cast vinyl on vehicles so that there is never a risk of graphics lifting or peeling.


Like the Department of Fisheries vehicle above, our products are able to withstand the harshest conditions – salt, snow, rail, hail or baking sun – Perth Graphics Centre’s fleet graphics last the distance.

The shapes, colours and message have been carried across from the Landcruiser seen here to the HiLuxes we completed earlier. The result is a consistent message and vehicles which look great for many years.

If you have a fleet of vehicles you need signwriting for, then Perth Graphics Centre is the sign shop to go to. We’re waiting for your call.

Signage on a van’s back window – use one way vision

The back window of a van is a supreme area for placing signage, and one way vision prints are the most effective way to use it. It’s a large, flat area, and Perth Graphics Centre can print virtually any image on your back window.


One way vision films are rated for 12 months outdoor life, though most people get longer than this with some simple care. Despite being a short-term film, the effect is well worth the effort.


And if you’re concerned about your rear vision when it rains, then Perth Graphics Centre has a solution. We use an optically-clear overlaminate which prevents the holes being filled with water from rain or sprinklers, etc. The water simply runs off and you can still see out with no impairment.

What if the window is curved? No problem. We can sort the artwork to suit.

Yes, one way vision is a great way to use that available space, and here at Perth Graphics Centre we can come up with the best solution for your business. Call us or email and we can quote you on your one way vision needs.

Adding signage to a tailgate – simple yet effective

When a car is driving behind you, there’s a great opportunity for signage. You have a captive audience to pitch your business to, so why not take advantage of that?


Signage on the side of a vehicle is great, as there’s a large area to utilise, however the rear of a car doesn’t get as much attention. However, think about how many times you’re driving next to a car and writing down the phone number or website of the business being advertised – it doesn’t happen, right?


When a car is in front of you at a set of lights, for example, you’re forced to look at it. And signwriting on a tailgate is an excellent way of getting your message across in that time.

The rules are simple – keep it simple. Say what you do, put a contact point on there (phone number, website or email) and your logo. If you want to list your services, only use a maximum of three bullet points or less. Stay clutter free and your message stays readable.

Here at Perth Graphics Centre we can offer a design service to walk you through how best to display your information on the tailgate. And with either vinyl cut lettering directly to the tailgate or a metal panel affixed to the tailgate, there are options for how you want it to be finished.

Click on our contact page at the top right of this page to get in touch with us, and find out how tailgate signage can work for you.

Heavy equipment: Signwriting is no problem for Perth Graphics Centre

In Western Australia the mining boom has meant signwriting heavy equipment has become more common, and here at Perth Graphics Centre we’re able to put signs or stickers on with no issues.


With a selection of heavy duty materials to suit all applications, we can put signage on trucks, trailers, lifters and mining equipment.


Whether it’s temporary signage which will be replaced constantly, or permanent signwriting, Perth Graphics Centre can cover all bases. Size is also no challenge for PGC.

So when you have heavy equipment and you need signage for it, talk to the experts at Perth Graphics Centre.

See through window signs: One Way Vision

One way vision is the name we use for see through window signs, the product used on the back windows of cars. As you can see below, the car is able to be used for advertising purposes, yet the driver can retain vision through the rear window.


The way it works is through light transmission. The adhesive is black but the face is white. With tiny perforations (which is why it’s also called perforated window film) the one way vision product absorbs light from inside the car but reflects light outside the car.

That way the light only travels in one direction and you can see out of your back window. It’s a clever and simple way to turn a blank window into signage area.

Perhaps you’d like some signs on your car, but don’t want to stick vinyl onto the paintwork? No problems – that’s what one-way vision is for. Just let us know what kind of car you have and we can give you a quote. Call us on 9248 6226 or click on our contact page to get in touch.

Vinyl lettering for vehicles – what’s the best?

When it comes to using vinyl lettering on vehicles, there’s really only one option. While there are several grades of vinyl available, with the most common types being cast, polymeric calendered and monomeric calendered, a little research shows it’s just one type to use.

The names refer to the manufacturing process. Cast vinyls are, as the name suggests, cast onto a roll. Once cut into shapes, they lay very flat, and due to being thinner, they are easily conformable to irregular shapes.


Polymeric and monomeric calendered vinyls use the first name to signify the type of plasticiser used in the vinyl. Plasticiser is an oil which gives PVC its flexibility. Without it, PVC would end up like PVC pipe – solid. Thus, there are polymeric plasticisers and monomeric plasticisers. Polymerics take longer to break down and last longer, while monomerics are cheaper to manufacture but don’t last as long. Monomerics are also thicker.


Both monomeric and polymeric vinyls are calendered, which means extruded. This extruding, or stretching, makes the vinyl thinner, but when it’s cut, it wants to go back to its original shape, which is why you see vinyls curled up at the edges when they get old.


From the above, you can probably deduce that it’s best to use cast vinyl on vehicles. Cars get hot and so will bake the vinyl on. The last thing you want is all the edges lifting, so cast is the way to go.

Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we only use cast on cars and in fact on most things. The Antipesto vehicle you can see above uses cast vinyl, and it will see many years of use.

You can be confident that your signage will last when you use Perth Graphics Centre.

Vehicle Wraps

Executing a professional vehicle wrap isn’t as simple as just throwing on a sticker. Vehicle wraps need to be properly planned and properly carried out.


Perth Graphics Centre’s expertise in vehicle wraps is evident in this wrap we did for Galleria Toyota. The design was planned around the shape of the car, and problem areas were identified. Each step was considered, including which panels would be laid down first to achieve the best result.


The attention to detail was such that the panels were fitted from back to front, allowing the panels overlap toward the rear. This ensures that when driving in wet weather, water isn’t hitting the edge of the overlap.


It doesn’t stop there. Combinining digital printing onto high-performance outdoor grade vinyl with durable solvent inks, plus one way vision with protective laminate means maximum visibility with maximum coverage. The UV-protective coatings will ensure the graphics last their longest.

Each body panel was washed and cleaned with chemicals which strip off oily residue and the vinyl is massaged into the deeper recesses and baked into position. It all adds up to a vehicle wrap that befits the company’s professional branding.

If there’s a vehicle wrap you need, Perth Graphics Centre is the company to do it.

Work Ute Signage

Most utes are used for work purposes, which means having signage to identify your business is crucial.


It doesn’t matter which make or model your ute is, Perth Graphics Centre can make signage to suit. As you can see from this Mitsubishi Triton, we used a low-cost graphic to do the door signs, but spent a bit more time on the toolbox to make it stand out.


If you have a toolbox you’d like signwritten, simply send us a photo of it, along with the dimensions and we can give you an estimate, based on the area covered. Of course, the more detail you can supply, the better. So, if you’d like work ute signage, Perth Graphics Centre should be your first port of call.

Work Van Signage

If you have a crisp, white work van, signage is what it needs. Perth Graphics Centre are the experts in work van signwriting, and we can accomodate all styles and budgets.


The van you see here uses both digital printing, one way vision and normal cast vinyls (the longest lasting available) to make the logo flow from panel to panel.


This method allows us to cover the windows without interfering with outside vision, but because it’s laminated, the tiny holes in the one way vision material don’t fill up with water, which keeps vision clear even when it’s wet.


Let Perth Graphics Centre turn your work van into something eye-catching. Head to our contact page and ask for a quote. You’ll be glad you did.

Car Signs

Cars can be viewed as not only transport, but also as rolling billboards, so why not advertise with car signs? Perth Graphics Centre uses the highest quality vinyl for its car signage, meaning you’ll get years of life out of them.


Something as simple as vinyl cut lettering can be done, all the way up to vehicle wraps. Perth Graphics Centre will give you a quote based on your artwork, or we can create artwork for a nominal fee.


If you have a car you’d like to have signwriting on it, then please contact us at Perth Graphics Centre to give you an estimate. You’ll be glad you did.

Signwriting a Hyundai i20

We’ve done plenty of vehicles for Dial A Doctor, being the preferred signage supplier. But we had only ever done Mitsubishi Colts.


After careful consultation with the client, we decided on this simple but effective design for the Hyundai i20. It stands out and tells the public exactly what the person is there for.


Signwriting cars is one of Perth Graphics Centre’s strengths, so if you need signs for your Perth-based business, please give us a call on 9248 6226.

New signs for Ford Transit

Ford’s new Transit Custom is perfect for signwriting, with large blank sides, which is why when Australian Mobility Equipment approached us to do their van signage, we were able to come up with a powerful design.


Using a combination of vinyl and digital print, the signage stands out, and with one-way vision on the rear window, visibility is good, too.


Do you have a van you need signs for in Perth? Then please head to our contact page to ask for a quote. We’re here to help.

Signage for a van – Artistic Timber Flooring

Perth Graphics Centre was approached to create signage for this Toyota Hiace, using just a logo and a few details. Because the customer wanted to keep things fairly simple, we opted for a one way vision print for the back and side windows, maximising available space for the logo.


This allowed us to keep everything clear and direct – a helpful hint if you’ve got a few points you want to list on your van. Signage is different to advertising – more isn’t necessarily better.


This style of signwriting allows the viewer to get all the information they need in a very short time; perfect for when you’re on the road.


If you need your van signwritten, or would like a recommendation on your vehicle signs, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head. Please head to our contact page to get in touch with us.

Signwriting a car for Dial-A-Doctor

There’s only one sign company in Perth that Dial-A-Doctor will trust with its fleet of vehicles – Perth Graphics Centre.


Seen here is one of many Mitsubishi Colts that we’ve been tasked with jazzing up. A simple side and tailgate graphic is all that’s needed to turn it from a passenger car into a business vehicle.


Every vehicle is done in the same fashion, meaning fleet signage with consistency and uniformity.


If you have a vehicle or many vehicles and you need signwriting, then please give us a call on (08) 9248 6226 or email us to request an obligation-free quote.

Mazda BT-50 ute signage

Do you have a Mazda ute which you’d like signage on? Then come to Perth Graphics Centre and receive excellent pricing, great service and an extremely professional result.


One of our customers, Exterran, recently purchased new utes and needed some signage to increase their advertising presence. The sides feature a partial wrap with black vinyl and on the back there is a subtle logo to display to rearward traffic.


Perth Graphics Centre is happy to help with whatever ute signage you require, so please give us a call on 9248 6226.

Ford Ranger ute signwriting

Signwriting for utes has always been popular and now with so many different models to choose from, it makes our job that much more interesting.


We created this signage on a Ford Ranger ute to give it the necessary branding the company required. While a fairly basic job in terms of design, it lifts an otherwise boring ute.


Are there vehicles on your fleet without signage? Perth Graphics Centre can help!