See through window signs: One Way Vision

One way vision is the name we use for see through window signs, the product used on the back windows of cars. As you can see below, the car is able to be used for advertising purposes, yet the driver can retain vision through the rear window.


The way it works is through light transmission. The adhesive is black but the face is white. With tiny perforations (which is why it’s also called perforated window film) the one way vision product absorbs light from inside the car but reflects light outside the car.

That way the light only travels in one direction and you can see out of your back window. It’s a clever and simple way to turn a blank window into signage area.

Perhaps you’d like some signs on your car, but don’t want to stick vinyl onto the paintwork? No problems – that’s what one-way vision is for. Just let us know what kind of car you have and we can give you a quote. Call us on 9248 6226 or click on our contact page to get in touch.

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