Banners by Perth Graphics Centre

What are banners?


Banners are lightweight, temporary signs made from durable woven PVC which can be rolled up and stored. Vinyl banners are used where short-term, high-impact signage is required. Because banners are light in weight, signage can be removed easily and can be reused when required.

With the advent of digital printing, banners don’t have to be (and are rarely) screenprinted anymore. These days, the inks which are used to print the banners come in three forms:

  • UV-curable
  • Solvent-based
  • Latex (Water based)

There are various considerations for using each style of printing, such as speed, colour reproduction and drying time. Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we have opted for both UV curable and solvent technology to ensure your banners have the best colour and last the longest, as well as ensuring quick turnaround. With large format printers in-house, and no outsourcing, we have complete control over your whole banner job.

Banners are much more than getting a simple message across, like “Now Open!”. Banners are now also used for many other applications such as indoor display work and general signage. They can use sailtrack edging to create huge signs in one piece, which can’t be done using metal. Banners can be altered to suit awnings, can be placed on fences, and much more.

If it’s banners you want, then the best place to get them is Perth Graphics Centre. Ask us how our banners can help your business.

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