Metal Signs

Metal signs are something we do a lot here at Perth Graphics Centre. Metal signs are commonly made from two materials – Colorbond and aluminium composite panel, although sometimes they’re also called “tin signs”. Metal signs are created for long term signage, where you need your signs to last for many years.


With rustproof materials, your metal signs will stand the test of time, plus they can be powdercoated for background colour or we can overlay cast vinyl or even print directly onto the metal.

To make sure the lettering lasts the length of the metal sign, it’s best to use cast vinyl lettering, as cast is the best quality.

Traditionally the metal gets laminated afterward to ensure the best possible outdoor life.

Click below to see some of the examples of metal signs Perth Graphics Centre has created.

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  1. Hello,

    I am just requesting a quote on a business sign

    I have a business logo Im just wondering about a price for Installation and to make the sign.

    Its 3.6m x 1.2m

    The building is approx 4m high.

    Thanks ,


  2. Hi I just regards metal signs I need a quote for
    The size is 3500×940 please contact us on Ph 0409820672

  3. I have a visually impaired mother who needs a walking stick and have purchased one but would like it wrapped in white vinyl can you help and how much

  4. Good Afternoon,

    We are chasing a sign about A3 or bigger saying “Forklift Parking Only”


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