Cardboard cutouts

Custom cardboard cutouts are in high demand here at Perth Graphics Centre, which is why we’re equipped with the latest print machinery, ready to create whatever you can think of.

Cardboard cutouts for Perth

In this case, the customer wanted a cutout of a Jeep which they could use for photos. The window would serve as a frame for the person and they’d get an instant pic of them “driving” a Jeep.

We made this particular cutout from a heavy duty plastic, so technically it’s not a cardboard cutout, but it’s a much more durable product. Can you imagine someone picking it up by its window frame? If it was a cardboard cutout, the frame would tear, and that’d be the end of the product.


That’s why, with every job, we consult with the customer to see what the best application will be. In some cases, cardboard is perfect. In others, corflute is required. But for this job, a lightweight plastic was the best option.

And if you’re wondering why the pic above looks strange, it’s a two-dimensional cutout being photographed in 3D. Don’t worry, the final result is perfect, and we have a very happy customer on our hands.

If you have a cardboard cutout that you need, why not ask us for more information? We’re ready to help.

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  • Jarred Van Riel| September 1, 2016

    I’m wondering what the price would be to ask you to cut two James Bond figures (life size) out of cardboard for a school ball

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