Branding signage: Perth safety company’s logo now implemented

Are you looking for a sign company to handle your branding? Do you need more exposure or updated signs for your Perth business? Then look no further than Perth Graphics Centre.


In Cockburn, we helped Norsafe to implement a new logo, in bright, bold colours which befit its brand image. With the orange background most likely to fade over time, we’ve painted it in a long lasting enamel, and used high performance vinyl for the lettering.


To ensure it stays as flat as possible, we’ve kept the joins in the sign to a minimum, using large panels of aluminium composite. All the while, the logo has been kept to the branding style guide.

When we take on a project, we carefully check the style guide to make sure the branding stays true to the company’s image. If a deviation from a branding style guide is necessary due to size or location constraints, then consultation is paramount and we always get an approval on all our work.

This keeps our clients happy and ensures that they turn to Perth Graphics Centre for a trusted signage job.

Building Signage: Perth Bathroom Company’s New Premises

When tackling a project involving building signage, Perth Graphics Centre spends time liaising with the client to ensure their branding looks its best.


For example, this signage for Dream Bathrooms needed to be seen from hundreds of metres away, giving its location on a busy Perth street. And without a doubt, we succeeded in bringing the client’s signage vision to life.

What should building signage be made from?

Using painted aluminium, this sign is sturdy and will last for years. And at nearly nine metres long, it certainly stands out. We also used high quality cast vinyl applied to the face, to make sure the lettering stays in place and stands the test of time.


Contrast between the foreground and background colours ensures that the building signage captures the eye and in this case will draw people in.

If you have a building and you need signage, then talk to the experts at Perth Graphics Centre.

Parking signs

Just about every business needs parking signs, whether it’s reserved parking signs, parking only signs or even ACROD parking signs. Here at Perth Graphics Centre we can do it all.


Letting customers know where they can park is critical, and it keeps both customers and neighbours happy, ensuring there are no arguments about who is allowed to park where.

Parking Signs Last The Distance

Our parking signs are made from high quality Colorbond steel. You can also choose aluminium composite panel. They’re designed to withstand not only the natural elements but also the wear and tear of being in a carpark environment.


You can choose to have plain text or include your logo, and we can advise which way will suit your business and location better. There are plenty of sizes to choose from and you can install them directly to kerbing or mount them on a pole.

We can either supply your signs or we can install them, and there are quantity discounts for multiple signs. So, when you need parking signs, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head.

Fascia Signage – Remember, signs look smaller when they’re installed

When planning for your building fascia signage, it’s a good idea to get a professional measurement done to make sure your signs will best fit the area intended. After years of experience, we find that proper measurements for signage at the quoting phase is critical, particularly because most signs look a lot smaller than you think.


For example, here is a sign that was measured properly, and it shows. Have a guess at what size this sign actually is.


It measures four metres wide and is 1.5 metres tall. But to look at you’d think it’s much smaller. And had we have been given measurements to that effect, it would end up looking very odd indeed. The taller you go, the more this “large is small” effect is pronounced. Signs on skyscrapers may only look like they’re a couple of metres tall, but in fact lettering could be 15 or 20 metres tall.

The best bet is to call in the experts to measure it properly, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we offer a free measure and quote for every job. So when you have metal building signs or fascia signage to do, let Perth Graphics Centre guide you through the process.

Metal building signs – big or small

In addition to corflute signs, banners and posters, did you know Perth Graphics Centre also manufactures and installs metal signs? The building sign you see here for Contitech is a great example.


Made from powdercoated metal, this six metre wide sign is designed to last for ten years, with high quality cast vinyl and a long lasting metal finish. We could have opted to print the background, but given digital print won’t last as long as powdercoating, we opted for the slightly more expensive but far better lasting painted background.


The real beauty of our production processes is we get to choose which is the best method for the job. In some cases, a powdercoat colour won’t match a corporate colour, or there may be a blended colour background to stay in keeping with a logo style guide. In this case, we can print the background instead.

Then using high quality overlaminates, we extend the print’s life outdoors as well as give it ant-graffiti protection. As you can tell, there are many options available to us.

If you have building signage you need and you want to be seen for many years, then here at Perth Graphics Centre we can help. Give us a call or email us to request a quote.

Remember: Everybody needs a sign.

Custom Whiteboards: Perth Graphics Centre can help

A lot of businesses require custom made whiteboards, or grid lines applied to existing whiteboards, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we specialise in creating a whiteboard that suits your business.


Seen above is a custom whiteboard we did for the St John of God Hospital in Wembley. Taking an existing whiteboard, we added the grid-lines to allow various messages to be segregated into areas. It makes running the place easier and makes the writing more legible.

Perhaps you only want a small whiteboard. Well, we can take smaller ones and add the grids to them. Or we can use a custom sized piece of metal, print the message on it and add a whiteboard-marker coating to it which allows you to write on it.

Virtually any size can be done, and we can even make them out of foam PVC, corflute or acrylic. Metal is still the easiest, or you can bring us your existing whiteboard.

We hope we can help you with your whiteboard needs.

Metal signs can be made with anti-graffiti coating

Do you want your metal signs to be graffiti proof? With anti graffiti coatings available, Perth Graphics Centre can help.


No sign is immune to graffiti, so Perth Graphics Centre has developed certain methods to minimise the damage made when someone graffitis your sign. With our state of the art finishes, spraycans or permanent markers don’t stand a chance.


It must be said, that if someone wants to damage your sign, it’s going to happen no matter what. So, it’s all about minimisation. Nothing can stop a screwdriver or blade scratching your signs. But with our anti-graffiti coating on your sign, some methylated spirits or turps should do the trick when someone uses paint or texta.


While some sign companies rely on polyster anti-graffiti films, we are of the belief they aren’t good enough. Polyester goes yellow in the sun and then cracks and peels. No one wants their signs looking like that. That’s why we use PVF films. Their chemical resistance is second to none.

Not only that, but PVF has UV inhibitors, meaning it extends the life of the sign as well. Digital prints last for years longer, while vinyl lettering almost doubles in life. PVF film is also known as Tedlar, a DuPont name. But it’s a product that has stood the test of time, and one that is well worth the extra investment.

When you’re having your sign made by Perth Graphics Centre, enquire about PVF and Tedlar coatings, and you can be sure you’ll have the best protected signs out there.

Signage update for Alzheimers Australia’s Shenton Park branch

Acrylic signs, freestanding signs, sign refurbishment, aluminium signs – Perth Graphics Centre does it all. So when Alzheimers Australia wanted to freshen up the Mary Chester Club, they called us in to help.


The job was to use existing elements and combine them with new signs to make a seamless transition for Alzheimers Australia’s relaunch of its Mary Chester Club. Seen above is a new acrylic sign which uses satin chrome sign mounts to stand off the wall. It’s a simple but very neat way of installing wall signage.


For the sign above, it was a matter of aluminium composite panel with cast vinyl lettering. It sits flat on the fascia and will last for years.


The current signage was looking very tired, however the poles that held them were still holding up quite strong, apart from some small rust spots. Perth Graphics Centre then set about refurbishing the poles. We used rust converter, wire brushes and some elbow grease and got to work. Once the rust had been taken care of, it was time to prime and paint.


The Mary Chester Centre is now ready for its re-opening, and with quality signage from Perth Graphics Centre, it’ll look great for years to come.

Adding signage to a tailgate – simple yet effective

When a car is driving behind you, there’s a great opportunity for signage. You have a captive audience to pitch your business to, so why not take advantage of that?


Signage on the side of a vehicle is great, as there’s a large area to utilise, however the rear of a car doesn’t get as much attention. However, think about how many times you’re driving next to a car and writing down the phone number or website of the business being advertised – it doesn’t happen, right?


When a car is in front of you at a set of lights, for example, you’re forced to look at it. And signwriting on a tailgate is an excellent way of getting your message across in that time.

The rules are simple – keep it simple. Say what you do, put a contact point on there (phone number, website or email) and your logo. If you want to list your services, only use a maximum of three bullet points or less. Stay clutter free and your message stays readable.

Here at Perth Graphics Centre we can offer a design service to walk you through how best to display your information on the tailgate. And with either vinyl cut lettering directly to the tailgate or a metal panel affixed to the tailgate, there are options for how you want it to be finished.

Click on our contact page at the top right of this page to get in touch with us, and find out how tailgate signage can work for you.

Metal Signs: Perth Graphics Centre will install almost anywhere

Because of how durable they are, metal signs are the choice for anyone wanting a long lasting sign. And here at Perth Graphics Centre we get asked to install them in all sorts of places.


Take these beauty salon signs, for example. The customer was very specific about where they were to go, with one on top of a wall (for visibility) and one on another wall. Yes, we had to do a bit of gardening, but that’s how seriously we take our work.


Once these metal signs were fitted, the customer was rapt and her customers can now locate her business. So no matter what kind of sign you’re after, we can advise the best way to install it and how to make it look its best.

Why not try Perth Graphics Centre for your next signs? You’ll be glad you did.

Signs for a Pre-school centre

When making metal signs that are installed at a early childhood learning centre, we take extra care to make sure everything is safe.


Our signs are lightweight but strong and have no sharp edges on which children may hurt themselves. Material choices are crucial in such jobs.


That’s why Perth Graphics Centre is the automatic choice when you want a sign shop that’s going to show care and responsibility. We also use signmaking materials which last the distance.

When you want signs and a company that cares, choose Perth Graphics Centre.

Metal building signage

Installing metal signs on buildings is something Perth Graphics Centre excels at. While banners are an option, metal signs will last a lot longer and ensure your building signs stay looking their best.


This is especially important for customers, as they want to see a neat, professional premises when they come to purchase your products. With the latest in printing and installation techniques, our metal signs are exceptionally durable.


There are several metal options, too, from aluminium composite panel through to Colorbond. We can advise you of the best metal to use in any given situation, so when you want your building signage done, please give us a call or pop in to our Malaga office.

Fence Signage

With most properties these days having large areas of fencing, isn’t it worth considering using fence signage?


Perth Graphics Centre can print and install your fence signage in a variety of methods, whether it’s using banners with ropes and eyelets, banners with sailtrack edging, or metal signs.


For JHW, we opted for metal signs, installed onto the metal fencing, but other fences may benefit from fence mesh banners. To determine which is the best way for you to use your fences as advertising spaces, please give us a call on 9248 6226, or click on our contact page to request a quote.

We can visit your premises and advise you on the best way to go. So, if you have a fence you’d like to advertise on, look no further than Perth Graphics Centre.

Rooftop signage

With many businesses having large rooftop spaces, it’s an ideal opportunity to convert them into advertising spaces.


Of course, you can’t just whack any old sign up there – it has to be purpose-built. Which is why for The Alexander we have built a galvanised metal frame and used aluminium composite for the face.


The ACM panel is strong but lightweight and stays completely flat, unlike Colorbond which tends to go wavy. The metal frame helps the sign to remain stable under wind loading, plus there are metal stays installed behind which keep the sign in place. The result is an extremely strong sign which now makes the roof space stand out.

Perhaps you’d like a roof top sign for your business. If so, Perth Graphics Centre can measure and quote to suit your available space. No job is too big or too small.

Shopfront signage

Shopfront signage is arguably the most important signage there is. Without a good shopfront sign, no one will be able to find your business, so getting your signs right is crucial.


There are many methods to creating shopfront signs, and seen above is just one of the ways you can have your signs made. Cut out acrylic lettering, combined with digital print and traditional vinyl, laid onto aluminium composite panel – these are the four elements used in the “1 Stop 4 Beauty” signs in Malaga.

The cut out lettering makes the logo stand out, while the butterfly uses digital print, as do the photos on each end. We’ve used long-lasting solvent-based inks with a protective overlaminate to ensure the prints aren’t affected by UV.

The cast vinyl is laminated to the face of the acrylic and the sign was installed in Malaga in less than a day. Now the shopfront stands out and the customer was extremely impressed. You’ll feel the same when you get Perth Graphics Centre to complete your shopfront signage.

Sign Installation

It’s quite well known that Perth Graphics Centre is one of Perth’s leading sign-making companies. But did you also know that we install signs as well?

Getting the correct installation done is critical. Most sign materials are thin but very heavy, meaning in the event of a storm, you don’t want a sign coming off the wall and acting like a flying blade. Perth Graphics Centre has the expertise to determine the best method to carry out an install to ensure safety is paramount.


Things to check for an installation quote

Our team of experienced installers are available to quote on your sign installation needs. But before we do, it’s good to ascertain a few details.

For example:

  • What is the address of the install?
  • How high up is it?
  • What is the sign made from?
  • How long do you want it to last?
  • Will it be temporary or permanent?
  • Are there any obstructions?
  • Is the ground flat?
  • How close is the sign to any power sources?

These are just some of the questions we’ll need to ask to give you an accurate quote. We are also happy to do site inspections to ensure the job gets done properly.


If an electrician is required for a lightbox, we can arrange that, too, or you can use your own electrician. The choice is yours.

Here at Perth Graphics Centre, our goal is to make things as easy as possible, so if you have any questions regarding sign installation, please give us a call on (08) 9248 6226, or send us an email. We look forward to working with you.

Metal building signs

As businesses change premises, new signs are needed and that’s where Perth Graphics Centre comes in.


Perth Graphics Centre has been printing and installing metal building signs for years, just like these for Red Apple Dental Care.

Metal Building Signs Perth

Using aluminium composite signs, which are lighter and stay flatter than colorbond signs, the business now looks fresher and newer, but without costing the earth.

Freestanding metal signs Perth

There are plenty of options for metal building signs, so give Perth Graphics Centre a call or email us for a quote. Click here to get in contact. We look forward to hearing from you.


A-Boards, also known as A-Frame signs, are a great, portable way of displaying your information.


The two most common sizes for A-Board signs are 600mm (w) x 900mm (h), and 900mm (w) x 1200mm (h). Both sizes are available with wheels and they can have whatever information you require on them.


With our long-lasting UV process, we can print full colour signs or leave your A-Frame sign as plain as having a blackboard panel.

If you need an A-Board or A-Frame sign, then see the experts at Perth Graphics Centre today.

Perth Graphics Centre upgrades its sign-making capabilities

The sign industry never sits still, and at Perth Graphics Centre we pride ourselves on keeping up with technology.


PGC was one of the pioneers of flatbed sign-printing technology in Perth, and now we’ve enhanced our foothold in the market.

With a new, more durable ink-set and extra print-heads for our flatbed sign printer, Perth Graphics Centre has doubled its throughput capacity, meaning the same high quality signage, but made even faster. Metal signs are faster. Corflute signs are faster. In fact, just about any sign you need, we can make it quicker than ever before.

If you need plastic signs or metal signs, then please give us a call on (08) 9248 6226 and we can help.

Aluminium signs

Why use aluminium for your signs? Perth Graphics Centre is only too happy to recommend it be used in certain signage applications, because of its longevity, its strength and its lightness.


Seen here are some signs in Osborne Park, which Perth Graphics Centre has installed onto both a tilt-up concrete building and onto a pylon sign. Replacement faces were the easiest way to spruce up the pylon sign and aluminium signs ensure a long lasting result without adding unnecessary weight.


Because the sheets are manufactured larger than Colorbond (Signwhite), a standard sign, like the one above can be made in one piece, rather than two. This gives a cleaner looking sign and less chance of movement during expansion and contraction.


If you’d like to have some aluminium signage installed in Perth, then please email us to ask for a quote. Just head to our contact page or email us at