Fascia Signage – Remember, signs look smaller when they’re installed

When planning for your building fascia signage, it’s a good idea to get a professional measurement done to make sure your signs will best fit the area intended. After years of experience, we find that proper measurements for signage at the quoting phase is critical, particularly because most signs look a lot smaller than you think.


For example, here is a sign that was measured properly, and it shows. Have a guess at what size this sign actually is.


It measures four metres wide and is 1.5 metres tall. But to look at you’d think it’s much smaller. And had we have been given measurements to that effect, it would end up looking very odd indeed. The taller you go, the more this “large is small” effect is pronounced. Signs on skyscrapers may only look like they’re a couple of metres tall, but in fact lettering could be 15 or 20 metres tall.

The best bet is to call in the experts to measure it properly, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we offer a free measure and quote for every job. So when you have metal building signs or fascia signage to do, let Perth Graphics Centre guide you through the process.

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