Custom Whiteboards: Perth Graphics Centre can help

A lot of businesses require custom made whiteboards, or grid lines applied to existing whiteboards, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we specialise in creating a whiteboard that suits your business.


Seen above is a custom whiteboard we did for the St John of God Hospital in Wembley. Taking an existing whiteboard, we added the grid-lines to allow various messages to be segregated into areas. It makes running the place easier and makes the writing more legible.

Perhaps you only want a small whiteboard. Well, we can take smaller ones and add the grids to them. Or we can use a custom sized piece of metal, print the message on it and add a whiteboard-marker coating to it which allows you to write on it.

Virtually any size can be done, and we can even make them out of foam PVC, corflute or acrylic. Metal is still the easiest, or you can bring us your existing whiteboard.

We hope we can help you with your whiteboard needs.

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  • Hannah| May 11, 2017

    Hi, I would like a custom made whiteboard A3 size, with a few gridlines and a few headings. Can you please provide a quote for this?

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