Adding signage to a tailgate – simple yet effective

When a car is driving behind you, there’s a great opportunity for signage. You have a captive audience to pitch your business to, so why not take advantage of that?


Signage on the side of a vehicle is great, as there’s a large area to utilise, however the rear of a car doesn’t get as much attention. However, think about how many times you’re driving next to a car and writing down the phone number or website of the business being advertised – it doesn’t happen, right?


When a car is in front of you at a set of lights, for example, you’re forced to look at it. And signwriting on a tailgate is an excellent way of getting your message across in that time.

The rules are simple – keep it simple. Say what you do, put a contact point on there (phone number, website or email) and your logo. If you want to list your services, only use a maximum of three bullet points or less. Stay clutter free and your message stays readable.

Here at Perth Graphics Centre we can offer a design service to walk you through how best to display your information on the tailgate. And with either vinyl cut lettering directly to the tailgate or a metal panel affixed to the tailgate, there are options for how you want it to be finished.

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