Lightbox face replacement: Perth Graphics Centre has the know-how

In today’s budget-conscious world, using existing resources makes a lot of sense. For example, using an existing lightbox and replacing the faces is one way to save some money. But how do you know you’re getting a quality product?


Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we don’t just patch over existing acrylic, we replace it entirely. As you can see from the sign above, we’ve used new opal acrylic and printed a new logo to rebrand this cafe in Mirrabooka.


The lightbox was structurally sound, which is the first thing we check. If there are any doubts as to the structural integrity of the sign, we would advise replacing the whole thing. But when the lightbox is stable and installed correctly (and there’s been no corrosion) then replacing just the faces is a viable option.

Often the acrylic can be reused, depending on how long it’s been exposed to the sun. If it’s been up for a few years, then the lettering on it will probably have “burned” the acrylic, rendering it unusable. In this case, the face needs to be replaced.

Perth Graphics Centre’s team of experienced installers will advise you on the best course of action for your lightbox and present you with a comprehensive quotation before we begin the works. You’ll then end up with a new-looking sign and one that you’ll be proud of.

If you have a lightbox and you’re considering replacing faces, then call in the experts – Perth Graphics Centre.

Cricket Club Signs

It’s that time of year again when sporting clubs use corflute signs to start their advertising and recruitment.


Perth Graphics Centre produces hundreds of flute signs (corrugated plastic signs) to help sports clubs bring new players on board.


Made from 5mm corflute, our signs are direct-printed with UV stable inks and we can even sell the corflute grass spikes as seen below.


If you’re in need of cricket club signs, soccer club signs or football club signs, then call us at Perth Graphics Centre. We’re here to help for all your signage needs.

Perth Graphics Centre upgrades its sign-making capabilities

The sign industry never sits still, and at Perth Graphics Centre we pride ourselves on keeping up with technology.


PGC was one of the pioneers of flatbed sign-printing technology in Perth, and now we’ve enhanced our foothold in the market.

With a new, more durable ink-set and extra print-heads for our flatbed sign printer, Perth Graphics Centre has doubled its throughput capacity, meaning the same high quality signage, but made even faster. Metal signs are faster. Corflute signs are faster. In fact, just about any sign you need, we can make it quicker than ever before.

If you need plastic signs or metal signs, then please give us a call on (08) 9248 6226 and we can help.

Acrylic signs: Perth Graphics Centre’s reception sign

Do you need acrylic signs? Perth Graphics Centre can help.


With many reception areas looking quite blank without a sign, an acrylic sign can spruce up the place. Our own acrylic sign (also known as a perspex sign) is made from 6mm clear, with frosted backing and digital print to the face.

While it’s not an over-the-top effect, the sign tells customers exactly who we are and keeps the area looking professional.

If you think an acrylic sign could help in your reception, then contact Perth Graphics Centre by heading to our contact page. Email us for a quote.

Promotional Signs

Cheap plastic signs.

Perth Graphics Centre makes these every day. Usually made from corflute, our cheap plastic signs are direct-printed, ensuring quick turnaround and no vinyl curling up on edges.


Our corflute signs are lightweight, strong and extremely vibrant in colour. Perfect for promotional signs, corflute is easy to cut to size and easy to transport. Political signage is also made from corflute, as it’s done quickly and on a budget.

If you need cheap plastic promotional signs, then call Perth Graphics Centre today.

Plastic Signs: Perth Graphics helps Harvey Norman’s customers navigate better

For creating internal signs, your best option is to use plastic. It’s light-weight, cheap and looks great. In particular foam PVC is the one to go for.


Perth Graphics Centre was enlisted by Harvey Norman WA to create a simple yet effective colour-coded system to make it easy for customers to find the electrical section they’re looking for.


With consistent colour and a flat surface, foam PVC has done Harvey Norman well, as has our print quality. And customers love it, too.

If you’re after some good-looking internal signs, then ask PGC for foam PVC signs and you’ll be amazed at the result.

Gangnam Style safety signs

It’s the worldwide craze that’s turned PSY into a multi-millionaire. And it’s taking over workplaces around the globe.


Some clever person thought that it has been interfering with productivity. The sign you see above is the result.

Warning: Here comes a sales plug. If you think that Gangnam Style is also distracting your employees, then Perth Graphics Centre can supply safety signs just like this. Who knows – people might get some work done…

(Pic courtesy of WorkSafe Victoria)

Corflute signs – the good, the bad and the ugly

Contrary to popular belief, not all corflute signs are made the same.


Because corflute has a low surface energy, it is quite difficult to get inks to adhere. Seen above is an example of poor ink adhesion. The company which printed these signs, didn’t take extra steps to improve the ink’s adhesion. However, here at Perth Graphics Centre, we do.


Using a pre-printed primer (the process is shown above), the inks actually cling to the corflute meaning no moisture absorption can lift the ink off. The primer we lay down onto the surface also helps prevent the inks from scratching off.

If you are ordering corflute signs from Perth Graphics Centre, you can be sure that your corflute signs will last the distance, and won’t peel, flake or lift. That means your business signage looks its best, and that imbues an air of quality. The next time you need corflute signs, make sure you get them from Perth Graphics Centre.

Novelty cheques

These days, Perth Graphics Centre is receiving a lot of enquiries about novelty cheques. These giant cheques are often used in promotional activities, competitions and for marketing purposes.


Usually made from a high-grade foam PVC, novelty cheques are a great way to catch the eye, and create interest in your charity or promotion.

If you would like a quote on novelty cheques, (or if you’re American, novelty checks), then head to our contact page to give us a call, or click here to email for a quote.

Signage for shopfitting

Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we’re no strangers to shopfitting and signs to make your retail outlets look their best.


Macpac, an New Zealand clothing company, enlisted Perth Graphics Centre for its signage for the new Perth store on Hay Street. It was a combination of vinyl cutting, flatbed digital printing, and digital wallpaper.


The result is a stunning looking shop with eye-catching photos and lifestyle images designed to appeal to adventurous types. The wallpaper was used in the fitting rooms, giving a panoramic look as you step inside.


We also made lightboxes for the store, as well as awning and fascia signs. Two days were allocated for the signage installation, and both the customer and PGC are extremely pleased with the end product.


If you have a retail outlet you require shop signs for, then head to our contact page and call us, or email us for a quote by clicking here.

Perspex signage

Perspex signage, or acrylic signage is something Perth Graphics Centre is producing every week.


Using clear acrylic, the signs we make are perfect for reception signs, display signs or etch-look signs, whereby we use a sandblast etch vinyl to create a sandblasted look.

If you’re in the market for perspex signs, then click here to ask for a quote today!

Full-colour corflute signs

Corflute signs are quickly becoming the most popular type of sign we make here at Perth Graphics Centre, and rather than limiting yourself to just a single, boring colour, why not liven it up a bit?


The corflute sign you see above is full colour, and catches attention without resorting to expensive techniques. Because corflute signs are light, they can be easily transported or installed onto a variety of surfaces.

If you need some cheap, lightweight signs, then ask us for a quote on full-colour corflute signs. Perth Graphics Centre is ready to help!

Click here to request a quote!

Jetrix 2030 FRK Flatbed Digital Printer

Perth Graphics Centre has embarked on its mission to become the most advanced sign shop in Perth with the acquisition of the latest in signmaking technology.


The Jetrix 2030 FRK is the highest quality, fastest sign printer on the market and gives Perth Graphics Centre the capability to expand its business to beyond run-of-the-mill signwriting.


Using sophisticated liquid plastic inks, this flatbed printer puts images direct to metal, corflute, MDF, mesh, wooden doors – you name it, we can print it. Effectively a digital screen press, screenprinting is a thing of the past. Printing onto vinyl and then laminating onto the surface is also done away with.

If you’d like to see how flatbed printing can help your business, then head to our contact page and ask for a quote on your signage needs.

Corflute A-frame

We are often asked if we do corflute A-frames and more often than not people are referring to Roster Signs. But corflute A-frames are actually what you see below.


They are an A-frame which takes corflute inserts. The corflute insert sits inside a groove on the inside of the frame and allows the A-frame sign to be changeable. This means it’s perfect for announcement signs, sale signs or other signs where you need to change its message often.

The usual sizes for corflute A-frames are 600mm x 900mm and 900mm x 1200mm. If you would like a corflute A-frame, then please email us or call us for a quote.

Builder’s signs

Do you have a building site on which you’d like to advertise your business? Is there a vacant block on which you’re going to build, and you have a need for signs? Then Perth Graphics Centre can help.


Our builder’s signs come in all sizes and can be made from corflute, colourbond, signwhite, aluminium composite or anything else that will stand up to the elements.

A builder’s sign allows you to make use of your space and get your business name out there and seen by all the passers-by. If you would like a quote on a builder’s sign, then head to our contact page and send us an email.

Building site signs

More and more, we’re producing builder’s site signs. These are small signs made from corflute which show all the details of a builder, their registration number and any safety warnings associated with that site.


Building site signs allow a builder to display all relevant information in condensed format and we can show you exactly how to set them up if required. Each building site sign can be personalised, or individualised, or you can have a generic site sign that you can write on with permanent marker to show the lot number, etc.

Because the site signs are made from corflute, they’re light-weight and easy to transport from site to site. They’re also cheap to replace if they get damaged. If you’re a builder and you need builder’s site signs, then head to our contact page and ask for a quote – we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

2012: A big year for signs in Perth

Perth Graphics Centre kicks off 2012 with a bang: New equipment, a revised workspace and more firepower to get your signs made quickly.


As you can see above, we’ve redone our production area to have a cleaner, more streamlined look. The walls have be repainted grey to ensure colour matching is as accurate as possible. Our new flat-bed printer will be commissioned in a few weeks’ time and will ensure quality, speed and accuracy are unrivalled. In addition we’ve strengthened our supplier relationships to ensure we’re always in stock with the highest quality materials to make your signs last as long as possible.


Our premises were completely stripped out of all the old carpet and the floor thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Then we’ve layed in a new industrial-grade lino to make the whole place look up to scratch. The result is the staff are happier and we’re enthusiastic about making 2012 the busiest year we’ve ever had.

If you’re in Perth and you need signs, then come in and see us at our Malaga office, or simply head to our contact page. We look forward to helping you through 2012 and beyond.

Perspex Signs

We’re often asked to produce perspex signs, or acrylic signs, so Perth Graphics Centre’s goal is to turn these around quickly and with high quality graphics. We can print full colour or just have one colour onto your perspex signs, ensuring your logo is reproduced accurately.


We can even do 3D routed perspex letters as seen in the sign above. The perspex was overlaid with a charcoal metallic vinyl giving a beautiful sparkly effect. The reason for this is perspex isn’t produced in charcoal, so we endeavour to do our best to listen to the customer’s request and oblige.

If you have perspex signs you require or any signs at all, then give us a call to ask for a quote. Perth Graphics Centre will make your signs look their best.