Full-colour corflute signs

Corflute signs are quickly becoming the most popular type of sign we make here at Perth Graphics Centre, and rather than limiting yourself to just a single, boring colour, why not liven it up a bit?


The corflute sign you see above is full colour, and catches attention without resorting to expensive techniques. Because corflute signs are light, they can be easily transported or installed onto a variety of surfaces.

If you need some cheap, lightweight signs, then ask us for a quote on full-colour corflute signs. Perth Graphics Centre is ready to help!

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  • Leo De Moreta| March 6, 2012

    Please quote me on 300 corflute signs. for elections campaign. size 600 X 900.
    plus shipping to gold coast Qld.
    delivery time as well.

    Thanks Leo

    0414 875 920

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