Small quantities of stickers – short run printing

Forget screenprinting – short run printing of stickers is a specialty at Perth Graphics Centre. Whether it’s a one-off or even a few, we’re able to print them in no time at all.


Years ago, digital printing was frowned upon because of it’s low resolution and short outdoor life. Not anymore. Perth Graphics Centre has invested in the latest in printing equipment, and whether it be bumper stickers or something a bit longer lasting, we can accomodate.


Short run printing done simply

Our digital printers use inks which emulate screen printing ink, meaning they’re tough and UV durable but because we can print one-offs, we’re not limited to a particular size, shape or colour. We can print one off photos or we can do solid colour as well. Seen here are stickers for Shannons Insurance to be used at Targa West. These windscreen banner stickers would be too costly to set up for screenprinting, so our printers were able to knock these out very quickly.


The client was ecstatic when he picked up the stickers, proving that small quantities are no cause for concern. Small quantities of stickers can be used even for trial runs before committing to a larger run. So, if you have a small amount of stickers you’d like done, then see us at Perth Graphics Centre. We can do one or one thousand – we’re happy to help with whatever you need.

The best methods for sticker printing

To make sure we are the best sticker printing company in Perth, we have concentrated on ink formulas, quality vinyls and proper curing methods. While other companies are all about buying the cheapest stocks to keep prices down, Perth Graphics Centre makes sure that every job that goes out of the door is perfect – after all, less wasted materials means lower production costs.


Most production methods these days have gone away from traditional printing (such as screenprinting) and are now done using digital screen presses. Seen above is one of our printing presses.


It’s true that digital printing is the way of the future, but what are the best methods for sticker printing? Here at Perth Graphics Centre we believe that the best way is to ensure the ink binds properly with vinyl, which is why we’ve settled on solvent-based methods. While many companies are touting latex printing as the way to go, this water-based print method relies on a primer to bond the ink with the substrate.

It sounds good in theory, but in reality, the ink only ever sits on top. Its resistance to the elements and to chemicals, is therefore greatly reduced. Solvent-based prints (whether air-dried or UV curable) don’t have that issue, as the ink etches itself into the surface, staying there permanently.

The printer above is printing a whole heap of stickers for the next Targa West round, and using the UV curable print method, the rally cars still have stickers that look great after the race.

We’re always happy to make recommendations, so if you have any questions regarding sticker printing, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head.

Sticker printing: Perth Graphics Centre can create whatever you need

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different adhesive strengths and qualities. And Perth Graphics Centre can make stickers to suit your individual requirements.


Whether it’s sequential numbering, variable messages or even different colours, we can do it all. With our industrial-grade sticker printing equipment, we can even cut them to a custom shape.


Quantities can be as little as one sticker, right up to thousands of labels in a run. And if it’s a hard to stick to surface, we can cover that, too. And because our sticker printing is done digitally, rather than screenprinted, changing information or doing short runs is simple.

So, whether it’s bumper stickers, real estate stickers, blockout stickers, fluro stickers or even metallic stickers, Perth Graphics Centre has it covered.

UV Durable Stickers

Almost everyone has a printer these days, which means that almost everyone can print stickers. But the real test is whether or not they last outside.


Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we have made it our goal to produce the longest lasting, most UV durable and UV stable stickers you can buy in Perth.


The trick is the vinyl stock which we use, coupled with long-lasting inks and protective overlaminates. Our customers have been very impressed over the years with how long our stickers last, which is why they keep coming back for more. Seen above is one of our high-speed printing presses making these UV durable stickers.

UV stable stickers are definitely an advantage in our harsh climate, so if you need long-lasting, outdoor and weatherproof stickers, then please head to our contact page to ask for a quote.

Stickers and decals

With businesses in Perth using more decals and stickers than ever before, it’s a good time to look seriously at getting your name out there.


With industrial printers based here in our Malaga workshop, Perth Graphics Centre can manufacture stickers to suit your needs. Indoor stickers, outdoor stickers, car decals, domed decals, real estate stickers – you name it, Perth Graphics Centre can make it.


Our high-quality and high-speed printing presses use different techologies to suit different applications. If you’d like stickers or decals for your Perth business, please ask us for a quote.

Waterproof stickers: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way

We’re often asked if we do waterproof stickers. Perth Graphics Centre has the most waterproof materials available for your sticker needs and our customers keep coming back for more.


Particularly with drilling and offshore mining, waterproof stickers are critical. Pump manufacturers also avail themselves of the aggressive adhesive and durable inks that we use.

If you need waterproof stickers that will last for years, then please head to our contact page to get an emailed quotation.

Gangnam Style safety signs

It’s the worldwide craze that’s turned PSY into a multi-millionaire. And it’s taking over workplaces around the globe.


Some clever person thought that it has been interfering with productivity. The sign you see above is the result.

Warning: Here comes a sales plug. If you think that Gangnam Style is also distracting your employees, then Perth Graphics Centre can supply safety signs just like this. Who knows – people might get some work done…

(Pic courtesy of WorkSafe Victoria)

Stickers for Targa West

The entire sticker run for Targa West is being produced by Perth Graphics Centre, ready for the rally in a few weeks’ time.


Using our sophisticated digital screen press, we have been busy printing stickers so that each competitor and marshall has Targa West livery, ready for action. These stickers are removable, and have a blockout adhesive so they can be placed over previous stickers, or pre-prepared areas, ready for the stickers.

If you need stickers for any application, see Perth Graphics Centre – we’re ready to help.

Outdoor stickers

More and more outdoor stickers are required by Perth businesses, due to WA’s high level of UV radiation, which deteriorates sticker material quicker. Perth Graphics Centre’s UV stable digital screen press (as shown below) ensures outdoor stickers last their longest by printing onto high performance cast vinyl with solvent-based outdoor-grade inks.


These stickers will be going onto hot water tanks and will still be readable in the years to come. We can also overlaminate the stickers with a UV absorbent vinyl which extends the life of the print even further.

We are constantly producing outdoor stickers, so if you need your stickers to last a long time, call Perth Graphics Centre by heading to our contact page and requesting a quote. We are Perth’s premier sticker maker.

Long lasting stickers

To make long lasting stickers, you need to follow several steps. Firstly, you need the right kind of sticker material, or self-adhesive vinyl as we call it in the industry. Secondly, you need to use high quality inks which will bite into the vinyl – solvent-based inks are the best for this. Next is the most crucial step – outgassing.


Seen above, outgassing is simply letting the solvents “outgas” from the vinyl. During the normal drying phase of the inks most of the solvent evaporates, but some still remains. Outgassing is done by hanging the vinyl vertically, and as the solvents are heavier-than-air, they fall out of the vinyl over time. Perth Graphics Centre outgasses its prints for 72 hours to ensure they are completely solvent-free. This restores the vinyl to its original state and prevents it from curling up at the edges or from lifting over time.

This is particularly critical when following up with the final step – overlaminating. You see, if a print still has solvent in it and then gets overlaminated with a protective film, it will trap the solvents inside and that can cause bubbling or peeling later down the track.

So there you have it: Perth Graphics Centre’s guide to producing the longest lasting stickers possible. These steps are followed meticulously every time we produce stickers that need to last. You can be confident that stickers you purchase from Perth Graphics Centre will stand the test of time.

2012: A big year for signs in Perth

Perth Graphics Centre kicks off 2012 with a bang: New equipment, a revised workspace and more firepower to get your signs made quickly.


As you can see above, we’ve redone our production area to have a cleaner, more streamlined look. The walls have be repainted grey to ensure colour matching is as accurate as possible. Our new flat-bed printer will be commissioned in a few weeks’ time and will ensure quality, speed and accuracy are unrivalled. In addition we’ve strengthened our supplier relationships to ensure we’re always in stock with the highest quality materials to make your signs last as long as possible.


Our premises were completely stripped out of all the old carpet and the floor thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Then we’ve layed in a new industrial-grade lino to make the whole place look up to scratch. The result is the staff are happier and we’re enthusiastic about making 2012 the busiest year we’ve ever had.

If you’re in Perth and you need signs, then come in and see us at our Malaga office, or simply head to our contact page. We look forward to helping you through 2012 and beyond.


Stickers are a necessity these days. Whether they be labels, stickers, decals or self-adhesive signs, stickers are required by most businesses here in Perth. If you need short run stickers or long run stickers (several thousand), Perth Graphics Centre can help.


Our high performance sticker vinyl will give you years of life outside and using our high speed solvent-based printers, stickers are easy to produce. Often Perth Graphics Centre is manufacturing stickers for bumper stickers, danger stickers, safety signs, warning stickers, car stickers or any other kind of stickers you require.


Our printers also have heavy duty dryers meaning the stickers can be turned around very quickly. If you need stickers of any sort, give Perth Graphics Centre a call and ask for a quote. Whether it’s one or one hundred thousand, we’ll be happy to help.

Decals and stickers: Perth’s biggest range

Stickers and decals: they’re something we use just about every day, but they vary so much, there is no such thing as a standard size.


That’s why Perth Graphics Centre is WA’s leading producer of stickers – we know exactly how to achieve the desired result. If you’re after product labels, security stickers, reflective stickers, pipe markers or any other specialty sticker or decal, then we’re able to help.

With our vast product range and years of experience, creating the right sticker for your needs is our specialty. We also specialise in short run stickers, so no matter whether it’s a one off, or you need thousands, we can help.

Ask us for a quote by heading to our contact page and emailing us.

Herbie the Love Bug Volkswagen Beetle decal kit


Perth Graphics Centre can now supply movie-authentic Herbie decal kits complete for a Volkswagen Beetle. Using templates provided by a Herbie enthusiast, we’ve been able to vectorise the kit which can be fitted in the exact locations used in the movie.


This particular Love Bug is used in racing, and as such has a Porsche engine under its boot lid. That made it a little more difficult, as we had to deal with air vent holes which normally aren’t present on a Herbie VW Beetle.


It took a little extra time to mold the vinyl around the air vents but the results speak for themselves. Normally we would mount the rear 53 a lot higher, but placing it lower made those curves and bumps a lot easier to deal with.


If you’d like a price on a Volkswagen Beetle Herbie “The Love Bug” kit, then please head to our contact page.

Domed stickers and badges


Doming is a term used to describe a unique process whereby we apply a polyurethane resin to the surface of stickers to create a three dimensional domed or ‘bubble’ look.

Applications of domed stickers include:

  • Computer badges
  • Modems
  • Alarm systems
  • Car badges
  • Name tags
  • Asset management labels
  • Beer tap labels
  • Fridge stickers
  • and much, much more.


Most shapes are possible as long as you have rounded corners, and sizes can vary, but to get the best effect, keep it simple and small. You can use chrome, silvers, golds, special effect materials and even individual letters.

All our domed stickers and badges are created in-house, meaning quick turnaround and low prices. They’re outdoor durable and can be applied to self-adhesive and badges.

Contact us to enquire about your options for doming your stickers.

Stickers & Labels – short run and custom

Need a custom label or a short run of stickers? Perth Graphics Centre can help. With our digital process, you can get up to three years outdoor durability, or indefinite life indoors.

Stickers can be cut to just about any shape, can be in a myriad of colours and sizes – just ask. Speak to our friendly staff about creating a custom design, or bring your own.


We can print on chrome, gold, holographic materials, as well as plain colours such as white, black, red, yellow, blue, etc. Fades and blends are also possible. We can run a sample sticker for a small charge as well. Almost anything is possible.

Give Perth Graphics Centre a call on (08) 9248 6226 and see how we can make your life easier.

Vehicle Wraps – Half is still good!

Half Wrap Rear View

Half Wrap Rear View

Home Icecream Half Wrap

Home Icecream Half Wrap

Our client was looking for great value and despite that full wraps are all the rage, sometimes a half wrap will provide just as much exposure but at a much better price. Why just wrap half a vehicle? Full wraps require removal of quite a bit of hardware including door handles, badges and more. Wrapping only half a vehicle without removal of all the components results in a faster cheaper job and yet the exposure is almost as good as a full wrap. Value for money, a half wrap is pretty hard to beat.

The same materials as are used for full wraps are also used in this application. We use Automotive Grade vinyls and laminates and the images are printed on a high quality solvent printer to ensure long life vibrant colour prints. The overlaminate ensures that the print is not directly exposed to the elements and can’t be “washed off”. Our expert fitters have all completed training courses in how to wrap vehicles and are now very experienced in this aspect of signage.

If you’re looking for maximum impact at minimum price, consider a half vehicle wrap. Call us today for an estimate.

Magnetic Signs or Car Magnets – a cheap alternative to vehicle signage

We often get asked if we make magnetic signs for cars – the answer is simple. Yes! These car magnetics are a great alternative to stickers, and offer a temporary branding for while you’re on the job.


Made from a durable, vehicle grade magnetic, these signs can be done in full colour, or just one colour if required. The standard size is 600mm x 300mm, and they’re usually done in pairs.

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