Signwriting a Hyundai i20

We’ve done plenty of vehicles for Dial A Doctor, being the preferred signage supplier. But we had only ever done Mitsubishi Colts.


After careful consultation with the client, we decided on this simple but effective design for the Hyundai i20. It stands out and tells the public exactly what the person is there for.


Signwriting cars is one of Perth Graphics Centre’s strengths, so if you need signs for your Perth-based business, please give us a call on 9248 6226.

Plastic Signs: Perth Graphics helps Harvey Norman’s customers navigate better

For creating internal signs, your best option is to use plastic. It’s light-weight, cheap and looks great. In particular foam PVC is the one to go for.


Perth Graphics Centre was enlisted by Harvey Norman WA to create a simple yet effective colour-coded system to make it easy for customers to find the electrical section they’re looking for.


With consistent colour and a flat surface, foam PVC has done Harvey Norman well, as has our print quality. And customers love it, too.

If you’re after some good-looking internal signs, then ask PGC for foam PVC signs and you’ll be amazed at the result.