Novelty cheques

These days, Perth Graphics Centre is receiving a lot of enquiries about novelty cheques. These giant cheques are often used in promotional activities, competitions and for marketing purposes.


Usually made from a high-grade foam PVC, novelty cheques are a great way to catch the eye, and create interest in your charity or promotion.

If you would like a quote on novelty cheques, (or if you’re American, novelty checks), then head to our contact page to give us a call, or click here to email for a quote.

Comment (5)

  • Sebastian Bunney| October 26, 2012


    Can you please send me some information and prices for your novelty cheques?



  • Tim| March 11, 2013

    I too would also like to know your price how much for a giant novelty cheque. Thanks.

  • Paul Bridges| January 7, 2016

    Can you please advise the novelty cheque sizes and costs thanks.

    Also can you confirm the lead time for delivery upon order?

    Thanks, Paul

  • Jill| May 28, 2017

    Can you please send me information on sizes and costs of novelty cheques and also turnaround time?

  • Michelle| June 7, 2018

    Hello, Please send pricing and sizes for these large cheques. Are they laminated to reuse them ?

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