Fleet signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre completes Fisheries fleet

When you have a fleet of vehicles that needs signwriting, Perth Graphics Centre will make sure that they are done quickly, efficiently and consistently. Our colour matching is second to none and with a range of printing and vinyl-cutting options, it doesn’t matter whether your branding is one colour or full colour.


We painstakingly measure each vehicle to ensure absolute uniformity, and if there are different models in the fleet, we will present you with a proof to show you how to carry your theme across your entire fleet.


When the graphics are printed, we laminate with a UV-absorbing clear that extends the life of the inks, while we only ever use cast vinyl on vehicles so that there is never a risk of graphics lifting or peeling.


Like the Department of Fisheries vehicle above, our products are able to withstand the harshest conditions – salt, snow, rail, hail or baking sun – Perth Graphics Centre’s fleet graphics last the distance.

The shapes, colours and message have been carried across from the Landcruiser seen here to the HiLuxes we completed earlier. The result is a consistent message and vehicles which look great for many years.

If you have a fleet of vehicles you need signwriting for, then Perth Graphics Centre is the sign shop to go to. We’re waiting for your call.

Fleet vehicle signwriting


Here at Perth Graphics Centre we specialise in producing fleet vehicle signwriting. Perth fleets need to have high quality signage with bold colours and long outdoor life, and that’s what we deliver.


The Department of Fisheries needed a highly durable set of graphics to head up north and withstand the elements, so we’ve made the Landcruiser signage out of high-performance cast vinyl and protective overlaminate.


If you have a fleet of vehicles you need signage for, then please email us to ask for a competitive quote.

Fleet signage: Perth Graphics Centre does Commodore and Hilux


For a company to survive for over a century is quite the accomplishment, and that’s exactly what Wedderburn has done. So, who did Wedderburn choose for their fleet signage? Perth Graphics Centre, of course.


Using high quality, cast vinyls and correct surface preparation techniques, our fleet signwriting will stand the test of time, just like Wedderburn.


PGC has fitted the signs to the entire fleet, including Holden Commodore utes and wagons and well as Toyota Hiluxes. If you have a fleet of vehicles you need signage on, then call on Perth Graphics Centre to get the job done properly.

Toyota Hilux service car signage

When it comes to service vehicles, there’s no doubt that in Australia, the Toyota HiLux is king. So when you need signwriting on your HiLux, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head to.


For loyal customer PR Power, Perth Graphics Centre used vinyl cut lettering, ensuring a long service life for signage.


We can also combine digital print with vinyl cut lettering to make your signwriting really “pop”, and depending on your budget, a vehicle wrap may also be an option. Either way, Perth Graphics Centre’s elite team of designers and installers will make your car, ute or truck signage look its best.

If you’d like one of our professional team to give you a quote, click here to send us an email.

Truck signage

Truck fleet signs are part of our bread and butter, with fleet livery needing to be consistent across the range. Consistency is key here at Perth Graphics Centre, and so when DFS approached us to signwrite their street sweepers, we were more than happy to help.


The trick was to ensure the colour was always the same, as well as having a drop-shadow that you couldn’t see the edge of. Using our specialised cutting equipment, we were able to print the colour onto a special clear vinyl which eliminates the “cut out” look. DFS has since ordered several of these trucks, and now their entire fleet has this special branding.


Truck signage is something we’re well equipped to handle at Perth Graphics Centre, so if you have a fleet of trucks you need signwriting on, then give us a call on 9248 6226.

Signwriting of a Hino Truck

Whether it’s big or small, truck signs are Perth Graphics Centre’s specialty.


Seen here, is a Hino truck with long term cast vinyl applied to the sides and back. These vinyls will look fantastic in years to come and hold up to the elements with strength.


Whether it’s a Hino, Isuzu, Mack or Kenworth, truck signs made by Perth Graphics Centre will catch the eye and ensure your business is presented in its best light.


If you have a truck you’d like signwritten or want fleet signage, Perth Graphics Centre will be pleased to help. Head to our contact page and ask for a quote.