Toyota Hilux service car signage

When it comes to service vehicles, there’s no doubt that in Australia, the Toyota HiLux is king. So when you need signwriting on your HiLux, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head to.


For loyal customer PR Power, Perth Graphics Centre used vinyl cut lettering, ensuring a long service life for signage.


We can also combine digital print with vinyl cut lettering to make your signwriting really “pop”, and depending on your budget, a vehicle wrap may also be an option. Either way, Perth Graphics Centre’s elite team of designers and installers will make your car, ute or truck signage look its best.

If you’d like one of our professional team to give you a quote, click here to send us an email.

Mazda Bravo Ute Signwriting

Ute signwriting is particularly common these days, with most utes having plenty of space to signwrite.


In the case of Heli-One, we used vinyl-cut signage on the sides of this Mazda Bravo and then riveted a piece of metal signage on the back tray.


This is a fairly simple and cost-effective way of getting a business’s name out in the public eye, and also catches attention with its bold side graphics.

Nissan Navara calls for more than just a signwriter

A traditional signwriter would definitely be able to tackle this Nissan Navara, but doing it with digital print is so much easier.


Perth Graphics Centre employs modern methods to signwrite cars, and in this case we’ve used a combination of vinyl cut lettering and solvent-based digital printing.


One way vision was applied to the rear windows on the FlexiGlass Challenge trayback-top, while all the prints have been laminated for extra durability.