Vinyl Wrap – Nissan Navara for Regal Grass


Vinyl wraps are all the rage with business owners, as it provides a moving billboard at a fraction of the price of a Yellow Pages advert. Plus, it’s in the consumer’s eyes constantly while it drives around.


Here’s a Nissan Navara that we wrapped for Regal Grass, a high quality artificial turf company. Using a high quality conformable cast vinyl with a protective overlaminate, we’ve been able to produce a three-quarter wrap which is both eyecatching and informative.


Pricing on a vinyl wrap is coverage dependent, so if you want a half, three-quarter or full vehicle wrap, head to our contact page and ask for a quote.

Nissan Navara calls for more than just a signwriter

A traditional signwriter would definitely be able to tackle this Nissan Navara, but doing it with digital print is so much easier.


Perth Graphics Centre employs modern methods to signwrite cars, and in this case we’ve used a combination of vinyl cut lettering and solvent-based digital printing.


One way vision was applied to the rear windows on the FlexiGlass Challenge trayback-top, while all the prints have been laminated for extra durability.