Vehicle Wraps

Executing a professional vehicle wrap isn’t as simple as just throwing on a sticker. Vehicle wraps need to be properly planned and properly carried out.


Perth Graphics Centre’s expertise in vehicle wraps is evident in this wrap we did for Galleria Toyota. The design was planned around the shape of the car, and problem areas were identified. Each step was considered, including which panels would be laid down first to achieve the best result.


The attention to detail was such that the panels were fitted from back to front, allowing the panels overlap toward the rear. This ensures that when driving in wet weather, water isn’t hitting the edge of the overlap.


It doesn’t stop there. Combinining digital printing onto high-performance outdoor grade vinyl with durable solvent inks, plus one way vision with protective laminate means maximum visibility with maximum coverage. The UV-protective coatings will ensure the graphics last their longest.

Each body panel was washed and cleaned with chemicals which strip off oily residue and the vinyl is massaged into the deeper recesses and baked into position. It all adds up to a vehicle wrap that befits the company’s professional branding.

If there’s a vehicle wrap you need, Perth Graphics Centre is the company to do it.

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  • ncell Wilde| March 25, 2016

    what’s the cost of wrapping a car, medium size like a 2001 Magna?

  • lawrence henley| April 27, 2017

    hello I’m after the matte black called either
    Wrap my Range Rover vogue 2006
    It doesn’t reflex the light and is velvet to the touch.
    cheers for your time


    • Perth Graphics Centre| June 6, 2017

      Hi Lawrence.

      We produce signage and business wraps, so if you’d like a logo or details, then we’d be happy to help.

      The team at Perth Graphics Centre.

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