Roll Up Banners: Display Your Message Effectively

Roll up banners, pull up banners, trade-show banners, shopping centre banners – call them what you will, they’re all the same. These light, portable banners are cheap, quick to produce and get your message across effectively.


There are many options for roll up banners, but seen here is the most popular – a two-metre tall roll up banner with two swing out feet and carry case. The with is 850mm, which gives you a good amount of room to place your logo and a few details. We always advise people to keep the text simple and clear, with no more than four bullet points. Adding photos to your roll up banners is always a good idea, too.

If you want to attract attention, use bold, bright colours that tie-in with your logo or branding. And if you have a style guide for your brand, we can make the specification work within the size of our roll up banners, too.

How to put roll up banners up

The banner assembles within 30 seconds and you don’t have to be two metres tall to be able to put it up. Simply attach the stability pole to the centre of the top rail and then simply push the banner up. Once it’s up, then slip the pole into the back of the banner base, and you’re done.

Of course, if you’d like to see how one of our roll up banners gets put together, then we have demonstration units in our office and would be happy to show you.

If you are in need of roll up banners, then head to our contact page and ask for a quote. We’d love to hear from you.

Pull Up Banners

Do you have an event coming up? If you’re in need of a pull up banner, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head.


With everything from cheap pull up banners to long-lasting pull up banners, we’re able to help with all your banner needs. Our pull up banners are printed here in Perth, in our Malaga factory, so we have full control over the complete production process.

We also laminate the faces of our pull up banners to make sure they don’t scuff or scratch when going in and out of the cassette. This ensures the best life for your pull up banners.

Perth Graphics Centre is always ready to help you with artwork, printing banners, and delivery if need be. Please click here to request a quote and our friendly team will get back to you straight away.

Pull up banners: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way in quality

Over the years producing pull up banners, Perth Graphics Centre has noticed a gradual shift toward companies relying on overseas production. Perth Graphics Centre, however, makes all of its pull banners here in Perth, in our Malaga production facility.


This ensures you get excellent turnaround, good pricing and quality that we’re happy to stand behind. Our pull up banners are all printed using a super high resolution printer, onto a non-curl film so that when you pull the banner out of its cassette, it looks its best.

In addition, we laminate the face with a protective clear film which prevents scuffing or scratching of the print, ensuring your pull up banner lasts as long as possible.

So, if you’re in need of pull up banners, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to go.

Roll up banners

More Perth businesses are utilising roll up banners, and Perth Graphics Centre is continuing to astound with its quick turnaround, great pricing and extremely high quality.


Even international customers are turning to Perth Graphics Centre for their roll up banners – Singapore Airlines is a case in point.

Singapore Airlines required two high-end roll up banners for their international terminal check-in lines in Perth, to differentiate between economy passengers and business/first passengers. PGC was happy to oblige.

If you’re based in Perth and you need roll up banners, then please ask for a quote by heading to our contact page.



Perth Graphics Centre is often asked, “Do you do banners?” Yes, we certainly do.

But let’s explain a little about banners: Banners come in many different forms. There are roll up banners, pull up banners, vinyl banners, retractable banners, banner stands, street banners, PVC banners, mesh banners, and other forms of banners.

So that we can sort out what’s what, it’s important to explain how each banner works.

Vinyl and PVC Banners


These are strong banners that usually include ropes and eyelets, and that can be suspended across poles, put on fences and are outdoor durable. Made from heavy duty PVC, these banners are digitally printed with solvent-based inks and can be any size from a metre or so long, to a hundred metres long – it all depends on your application.

Retractable banners


Retractable banners are also called pull up banners and roll up banners. They have a base cassette into which the banner pulls out and is then stood up using a stand from behind. Perfect for exhibitions and displays, roll up banners and retractable banners are cheap and easy to transport.

Hopefully that clears up what banners are all about. If you need banners, Perth Graphics Centre is here to help.

Pull up banners

Pull up banners Perth

Western Australian company Solargain contacted Perth Graphics Centre to produce 12 banners for its Perth office, and as you can see, the results are especially effective.

All of our banners are printed in-house, and with our super high-resolution printer, pull up banners come out crisp and bright. Our banners are also laminated, meaning they’re more durable, able to be pulled out and packed away without fear of scratching off the print.


Above: Banner printing done right here in Perth.

If you want pull up banners, Perth Graphics Centre is able to make anything from one to one hundred with quick turnaround and great service. Ask our professional team about your banner needs today.

Pull up banners – the best in WA

If it’s pull-up banners you’re after, look no further. WA’s fastest growing sign shop, Perth Graphics Centre, is proud to announce the availability of pull up banners with super high resolution graphics, courtesy of its latest purchase, the HPZ5200 display printer.


With a wide variety of finishes available, we can now produce pull up banners with quick turnaround and great service. You’ll get a proof before you start, and if you after quantities greater than 10, then enquire about a bulk discount.

All of our pull up banners come with a heavy-duty spring mechanism in the cassette, and a carry case for easy transportation.

Send us an email and enquire today about pull up banners for your business.

Canvas Prints & Posters

canvas prints

Whilst we have always been able to produce posters and canvas prints, we now have a printer dedicated to this work, a brand new Hewlett Packard printer capable of very high resolution prints at affordable prices. Stunning colour posters and brilliant canvas prints can now be ordered.

Just send us your image by e-mail, disk or USB thumb drive, tell us what size you’d like it (up to A0) and we’ll get back to you with a price and how suitable the image is for your intended purpose. Assuming all is OK, you can pay the deposit and place your order. We’ll advise expected turnaround time when you place the order.

The picture above shows a montage of images from a memorable holiday. Now that holiday will never be forgotten and the photos are a talking point among friends and strangers alike. This is a canvas print stretched around a wooden frame. If you would like something similar, we’ll need photographs numbered in importance and a rough idea of what you’re looking for. If you can’t provide the montage yourself, we can set one up for you but there will be a charge for this service. Feel free to call our office on (08) 9248 6226 and have a chat. Yes, we can send out your unframed prints, no matter where you are in Australia. Framed prints can still be sent but the freight will cost more.

Just remember: the better the image, the better the result. As a guide, images “captured” or saved off “the Net” are mostly unsuitable. Digital Camera stills are usually OK to a certain size. A 12 megapixel camera (set to take full size images) will have a higher resolution than a 5 Megapixel camera. When the image has to be printed at a larger size, the file from a 12 Megapixel camera will usually yield a better result. If in doubt, send the biggest file you can lay your hands on. Please also be mindful of copyright.