Corflute signs

Corflute is a fluted plastic (also known as corrugated plastic) which usually comes in two thicknesses – 3mm or 5mm.


The beauty of corflute signs is they’re cheap and light-weight. They’re also relatively strong in proportion to their weight.

Corflute is an ideal product for short term displays, point-of-sale, hanging signs or fence signs. Corflute is also used for football club signs, soccer club signs and other small, light-weight signs.

Corflute is not recommended for signs which will be in the sun a long time and it can warp a little if exposed to too much heat. However it can be rigged up with cable-ties through eyelets which will strengthen and flatten the sign.

Corflute signs are fantastic for exhibitions, home-opens, for sale signs, danger signs, warning signs, and general safety signs.

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