Fleet signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre pumps out more cars for Fisheries

Fleet signwriting may seem like a simple task, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we cover all bases, including signage materials choices, ink types, the use of protective overlaminates and surface preparation.


Fleet signwriting materials

When signwriting a fleet, there’s only really one choice for vinyls – cast. We use a variety of cast materials, but we’ve settled on Avery vinyls because of their quality, colour consistency and printability.


To make sure it all matches, we also use Avery overlaminates. The expansion and contraction of the two vinyls is then equal, and why is that critical? So that you don’t get any lifting or curling of the edges. Ink choices are also very important, which is why we only use outdoor-grade solvent-based inks. Compare how long enamels last outside in comparison with water-based paints and you get an idea of why we’ve opted for the stronger inks.


Solvent-based inks also give you a far wider colour gamut meaning we can match corporate colours much better. And with our gloss levels being comparable to that of paint, it simply blends in.

Seen above is another one of the Department of Fisheries vehicles. Perth Graphics Centre was selected as the preferred tenderer due to our knowledge of fitting and printing. But our pricing is also another reason to visit us.

When you need fleet signwriting done, visit the experts at Perth Graphics Centre – we’re your fleet specialists.

Fleet Signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre completes trucks for Perth Bin Hire

When creating signage for a fleet, Perth Graphics Centre is meticulous about colour-matching, materials choice and surface preparation. And fleet signage needs to be readable, too. That’s why for Perth Bin Hire, we opted for a simple and bold approach.


The lettering is done using cast vinyl, which is the best quality available in the industry. Ask any vinyl supplier which of their products lasts the longest and the answer will always be the same – cast vinyl. It’s a poured film, rather than stretched, so there’s never a risk of it lifting or curling up at the edges, which happens with cheaper films.


All of our vehicle graphics are done with cast vinyl, whether it’s a simple door sticker or a complete vehicle wrap. Because of this willingness to go the extra mile, we often get customers comparing us with their previous sign companies and commenting that they’ve never had any problems with our graphics coming off. Previous suppliers, however, have had issues – this is why our customer retention is first class.

It’s another reason to choose Perth Graphics Centre for your fleet signage needs – we’re always looking out for our customers.

See through signage for shop windows using one way vision

One way vision films on windows allow you to use large areas of glass for advertising, and here at Perth Graphics Centre we have the film in stock and ready to go.


With expertise in not only fitting the films but also printing them as well, you’ll find that entrusting your shop windows to Perth Graphics Centre is a clever move.


Seen here is a series of windows printed and installed for Karizma Hair in Armadale, where our choice of laminates has allowed the customers to still see through the film while cutting down some of the light and heat as well as preventing the holes in the film from filling up with water.


Holes in the film? Yes, that’s how one way vision films work. It’s a perforated film with a white face for printing and on the back, a black adhesive to absorb light. This gives it it’s one-way properties.

Can you use the film for the inside? No, however the film and laminate give a great barrier to the glass to help against breakage.

If you have windows at your shop and want to put some signage on them, then why not consider one way vision? We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Lightbox face replacement: Perth Graphics Centre has the know-how

In today’s budget-conscious world, using existing resources makes a lot of sense. For example, using an existing lightbox and replacing the faces is one way to save some money. But how do you know you’re getting a quality product?


Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we don’t just patch over existing acrylic, we replace it entirely. As you can see from the sign above, we’ve used new opal acrylic and printed a new logo to rebrand this cafe in Mirrabooka.


The lightbox was structurally sound, which is the first thing we check. If there are any doubts as to the structural integrity of the sign, we would advise replacing the whole thing. But when the lightbox is stable and installed correctly (and there’s been no corrosion) then replacing just the faces is a viable option.

Often the acrylic can be reused, depending on how long it’s been exposed to the sun. If it’s been up for a few years, then the lettering on it will probably have “burned” the acrylic, rendering it unusable. In this case, the face needs to be replaced.

Perth Graphics Centre’s team of experienced installers will advise you on the best course of action for your lightbox and present you with a comprehensive quotation before we begin the works. You’ll then end up with a new-looking sign and one that you’ll be proud of.

If you have a lightbox and you’re considering replacing faces, then call in the experts – Perth Graphics Centre.

Fascia Signage – Remember, signs look smaller when they’re installed

When planning for your building fascia signage, it’s a good idea to get a professional measurement done to make sure your signs will best fit the area intended. After years of experience, we find that proper measurements for signage at the quoting phase is critical, particularly because most signs look a lot smaller than you think.


For example, here is a sign that was measured properly, and it shows. Have a guess at what size this sign actually is.


It measures four metres wide and is 1.5 metres tall. But to look at you’d think it’s much smaller. And had we have been given measurements to that effect, it would end up looking very odd indeed. The taller you go, the more this “large is small” effect is pronounced. Signs on skyscrapers may only look like they’re a couple of metres tall, but in fact lettering could be 15 or 20 metres tall.

The best bet is to call in the experts to measure it properly, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we offer a free measure and quote for every job. So when you have metal building signs or fascia signage to do, let Perth Graphics Centre guide you through the process.

Metal building signs – big or small

In addition to corflute signs, banners and posters, did you know Perth Graphics Centre also manufactures and installs metal signs? The building sign you see here for Contitech is a great example.


Made from powdercoated metal, this six metre wide sign is designed to last for ten years, with high quality cast vinyl and a long lasting metal finish. We could have opted to print the background, but given digital print won’t last as long as powdercoating, we opted for the slightly more expensive but far better lasting painted background.


The real beauty of our production processes is we get to choose which is the best method for the job. In some cases, a powdercoat colour won’t match a corporate colour, or there may be a blended colour background to stay in keeping with a logo style guide. In this case, we can print the background instead.

Then using high quality overlaminates, we extend the print’s life outdoors as well as give it ant-graffiti protection. As you can tell, there are many options available to us.

If you have building signage you need and you want to be seen for many years, then here at Perth Graphics Centre we can help. Give us a call or email us to request a quote.

Remember: Everybody needs a sign.

Menu boards for Perth Fish & Chips shop

Plenty of cafes and food shops require menu boards and here at Perth Graphics Centre we can help.


With our range of materials and finishes, we can either print a new menu board insert or we can print a whole new menu board entirely.


Seen here is a brand new board, installed at Beach Fish and Chips in Rockingham. Our team of designers made the background nice and bright, while our installers were able to tackle this challenging roof-mounted installation.

If you have a cafe, restaurant or a fish and chip shop, then we can help.

Fleet signwriting: Perth Graphics Centre completes Fisheries fleet

When you have a fleet of vehicles that needs signwriting, Perth Graphics Centre will make sure that they are done quickly, efficiently and consistently. Our colour matching is second to none and with a range of printing and vinyl-cutting options, it doesn’t matter whether your branding is one colour or full colour.


We painstakingly measure each vehicle to ensure absolute uniformity, and if there are different models in the fleet, we will present you with a proof to show you how to carry your theme across your entire fleet.


When the graphics are printed, we laminate with a UV-absorbing clear that extends the life of the inks, while we only ever use cast vinyl on vehicles so that there is never a risk of graphics lifting or peeling.


Like the Department of Fisheries vehicle above, our products are able to withstand the harshest conditions – salt, snow, rail, hail or baking sun – Perth Graphics Centre’s fleet graphics last the distance.

The shapes, colours and message have been carried across from the Landcruiser seen here to the HiLuxes we completed earlier. The result is a consistent message and vehicles which look great for many years.

If you have a fleet of vehicles you need signwriting for, then Perth Graphics Centre is the sign shop to go to. We’re waiting for your call.

Custom Whiteboards: Perth Graphics Centre can help

A lot of businesses require custom made whiteboards, or grid lines applied to existing whiteboards, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we specialise in creating a whiteboard that suits your business.


Seen above is a custom whiteboard we did for the St John of God Hospital in Wembley. Taking an existing whiteboard, we added the grid-lines to allow various messages to be segregated into areas. It makes running the place easier and makes the writing more legible.

Perhaps you only want a small whiteboard. Well, we can take smaller ones and add the grids to them. Or we can use a custom sized piece of metal, print the message on it and add a whiteboard-marker coating to it which allows you to write on it.

Virtually any size can be done, and we can even make them out of foam PVC, corflute or acrylic. Metal is still the easiest, or you can bring us your existing whiteboard.

We hope we can help you with your whiteboard needs.

The best methods for sticker printing

To make sure we are the best sticker printing company in Perth, we have concentrated on ink formulas, quality vinyls and proper curing methods. While other companies are all about buying the cheapest stocks to keep prices down, Perth Graphics Centre makes sure that every job that goes out of the door is perfect – after all, less wasted materials means lower production costs.


Most production methods these days have gone away from traditional printing (such as screenprinting) and are now done using digital screen presses. Seen above is one of our printing presses.


It’s true that digital printing is the way of the future, but what are the best methods for sticker printing? Here at Perth Graphics Centre we believe that the best way is to ensure the ink binds properly with vinyl, which is why we’ve settled on solvent-based methods. While many companies are touting latex printing as the way to go, this water-based print method relies on a primer to bond the ink with the substrate.

It sounds good in theory, but in reality, the ink only ever sits on top. Its resistance to the elements and to chemicals, is therefore greatly reduced. Solvent-based prints (whether air-dried or UV curable) don’t have that issue, as the ink etches itself into the surface, staying there permanently.

The printer above is printing a whole heap of stickers for the next Targa West round, and using the UV curable print method, the rally cars still have stickers that look great after the race.

We’re always happy to make recommendations, so if you have any questions regarding sticker printing, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head.