Fence Signage

With most properties these days having large areas of fencing, isn’t it worth considering using fence signage?


Perth Graphics Centre can print and install your fence signage in a variety of methods, whether it’s using banners with ropes and eyelets, banners with sailtrack edging, or metal signs.


For JHW, we opted for metal signs, installed onto the metal fencing, but other fences may benefit from fence mesh banners. To determine which is the best way for you to use your fences as advertising spaces, please give us a call on 9248 6226, or click on our contact page to request a quote.

We can visit your premises and advise you on the best way to go. So, if you have a fence you’d like to advertise on, look no further than Perth Graphics Centre.

Safety Signs keep you out of trouble

If there’s one thing we all dread, it’s a visit from WorkSafe. Make sure you’re legally covered by installing safety signs in your workplace.


From small stickers, to large metal and corflute signs, our safety signage can be tailored to suit your individual needs. We can run one or make a thousand – it’s entirely up to you.

Your workers will appreciate the direction, and will have no need to ask questions when you place Australian Standard safety signs around the place.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Heavy duty banners

Just about every business can use banners, but making sure they last is where heavy duty banners come into play. Some banners are made for short term use, while other banners need to be used over and over again.


In the photo above, you can see one of our large format printers in action, printing heavy duty banners. Perth Graphics Centre has invested in equipment which reliably and quickly prints banners using solvent-based inks. Some banners are printed using latex inks, a relatively new technology. Rather than experiment with inks which have only been on the market for a few years, Perth Graphics Centre’s priority has been to utilise trusted methods.


By staying with tried and proven print technology, Perth Graphics Centre can ensure that your banners last for a long time. Our banner stock is also heavier, stronger and the ropes are heavy duty, with reinforced eyelets.

When you want your banners to last, trust the team at Perth Graphics Centre.

Cafe Barriers

Cafe barriers are an ideal way to mark out the boundaries of your cafe’s seating area, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we can make them for you.


Using a high-grade aluminium or steel and with our printed cafe barrier inserts, you can use them for advertising. The inserts, which are made from heavy duty banner, can be changed over when needed.

The standard size is approximately 2100mm x 800mm however if you have custom sizes we can also accommodate your requests. So, when you think of cafe barriers, think of Perth Graphics Centre.

Rooftop signage

With many businesses having large rooftop spaces, it’s an ideal opportunity to convert them into advertising spaces.


Of course, you can’t just whack any old sign up there – it has to be purpose-built. Which is why for The Alexander we have built a galvanised metal frame and used aluminium composite for the face.


The ACM panel is strong but lightweight and stays completely flat, unlike Colorbond which tends to go wavy. The metal frame helps the sign to remain stable under wind loading, plus there are metal stays installed behind which keep the sign in place. The result is an extremely strong sign which now makes the roof space stand out.

Perhaps you’d like a roof top sign for your business. If so, Perth Graphics Centre can measure and quote to suit your available space. No job is too big or too small.

Sea Container Signs

Signwriting a sea container can be done in a variety of ways, and here at Perth Graphics Centre we can do all of them.


Above is a small sea container, which to the untrained eye looks like it has been painted. However, our vinyl wrapping techniques have enabled us to carefully wrap the logo in and out of all the ridges.


Of course, the easiest way to put signage on a sea container is to bolt a metal sign to the sides. This keeps the logo flat and can be preferable if there is a lot of detailed text which would be distorted by the container’s ridges.

If you have a sea container you need signwriting on, it’s best to give us a call so we can have a look at it and determine the best method to use. Painted signs, vinyl cut lettering or metal signs – we can do it all.

Shopfront signage

Shopfront signage is arguably the most important signage there is. Without a good shopfront sign, no one will be able to find your business, so getting your signs right is crucial.


There are many methods to creating shopfront signs, and seen above is just one of the ways you can have your signs made. Cut out acrylic lettering, combined with digital print and traditional vinyl, laid onto aluminium composite panel – these are the four elements used in the “1 Stop 4 Beauty” signs in Malaga.

The cut out lettering makes the logo stand out, while the butterfly uses digital print, as do the photos on each end. We’ve used long-lasting solvent-based inks with a protective overlaminate to ensure the prints aren’t affected by UV.

The cast vinyl is laminated to the face of the acrylic and the sign was installed in Malaga in less than a day. Now the shopfront stands out and the customer was extremely impressed. You’ll feel the same when you get Perth Graphics Centre to complete your shopfront signage.

Corflute sheets

Did you know you can buy your corflute sheet from Perth Graphics Centre? We always have corflute in stock, and we can either supply corflute sheets, or we can print corflute signs. Perth Graphics Centre stocks the standard sheet size of 2440mm x 1220mm and you can choose from 3mm or 5mm sheet.

Corflute Sheets

Corflute Sheets

The most popular corflute is 5mm, and it’s made from outdoor-grade polypropylene. The flutes run the length of the sheet, and corflute can be easily cut to any size required. Corflute can also be folded or scored along the flutes for easy transport.

Corflute sheet being printed

Corflute sheet being printed

If you are collecting corflute sheeting from Perth Graphics Centre’s Malaga office, we’d suggest ensuring you have the right size vehicle for transport. A van, ute, flat-top truck or large trailer will do the trick.

So, if you’re seeking quality corflute and a great price, then please call Perth Graphics Centre or email us for a quote.

Roster Signs

Roster signs are small triangular, freestanding signs made from corflute. Roster signs are cheap, easy to move and can be printed with any message you require.


Where does the term “roster Sign” come from? Well, before the days when petrol stations were open 24 hours a day, only certain petrol stations stayed open over night. These were on a roster. Thus the small corflute signs that pointed the way to them were named “roster signs” because they showed how to get to the petrol station which were rostered on for that night.


Today, corflute roster signs are used to display a message temporarily. Home open signs, garage sale signs, and display home signs all fall into this category. Shops use roster signs to show when they are open, or to promote various items. And because they’re made from corflute, they are lightweight and can be printed individually for a low cost.

Standard sizes are as follows:

  • 600mm (w) x 300mm (h)
  • 600mm (w) x 450mm (h)
  • 600mm (w) x 750mm (h)

Seen above is an even smaller version, standing 300mm x 300mm.

A lot of Perth businesses are using roster signs, so if you’d like to be one of them, then we’d like to hear from you. Please click on our contact page to send us an email and we can quote on your roster sign needs.

Cut Out Lettering

Cut out lettering is a great way to make any sign look more professional because it doesn’t have a background.


While metal signs last for years and stand out, the large background area can look a little like it’s been “stuck on”. With cut out lettering, Perth Graphics Centre can make your logo or message stand out from the crowd.

When lettering is cut out it becomes three dimensional, and the thicker the material, the better the effect. Seen above is 10mm black acrylic lettering, and the logo has a long-lasting digital print applied to the face.

Various substrates can be used for cut out lettering, such as:

  • Acrylic
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Colorbond
  • Foam PVC
  • MDF
  • Polystyrene
  • Urethane
  • and much more

Cut out lettering can also be illuminated and in conjuction with a lightbox can be used in retail applications. The best way to determine whether cut out lettering is appropriate is to call Perth Graphics Centre and have a chat.

We can recommend the best way to make your sign stand out, and if it’s cut out lettering, Perth Graphics Centre are the experts. Click on our contact page and ask for more information.

Large Banners

A quick, temporary way of getting your message across is a banner. Perth Graphics Centre recently installed this large banner onto the St Luke building in Karrinyup, announcing the arrival of the doctor’s surgery.


Using ropes, eyelets and bungee cord, we’ve positioned the banner for maximum impact with minimum interference. It has been secured to be safe from wind and rain, however the materials we use for our large banners are all weatherproof.

Our large format printer can print any size banner, so if it’s a simple For Sale banner or a billboard, we can do it.

There are also light and heavy duty grades of banner material, so if you aren’t sure, we can help guide you through the process of choosing the best materials for your banner.

Do you have a storefront you’d like to get noticed? Then ask us for a quote on large banners. Perth Graphics Centre – your one stop banner shop.

Cheap banners: Perth Graphics Centre special

For a limited time, Perth Graphics Centre is offering a cheap banner special. Perth’s premier sign shop will make you a banner with ropes and eyelets at a size of 2.0m x 1.2m for the amazing price of just $175 inc GST.


These are not low quality banners manufacturered in China. These are high quality, low cost banners which are printed and sewn right here in Perth, Western Australia.

These vinyl banners are printed using vibrant outdoor grade inks and can have photos,  logos, text or a combination of all three. All you have to do is supply the artwork.

If you don’t have any artwork, then don’t stress – we can create that for you for a nominal fee. So, if you’re after a cheap banner, then head to our contact page and get your outdoor advertising happening now!

A-Frame Signs: Do you need one?

What is an A-frame sign, and do you really need one?

An A-Frame sign is a double sided, freestanding sign with a two faces mounted onto two frames which have legs. There’s a hinge at the top and a stay in between the two frames, which allows the legs to move slightly outward, creating the shape of the letter A, hence the name.


Seen above is a typical A-frame, at the standard size of 900mm high x 600mm wide. Our A-frame signs also have a carry handle to make it easier to take in and out, while we can also option the A-frames with wheels. Typical sizes are 900x600mm, 1200x900mm and 1800x1200mm.

The question is whether you need one or not. If you have a shopfront and you want to catch passing traffic during your shop hours, then an A-frame sign would be great to have. It’s especially handy to have a sign you can put out at the start of the day and then take in when you’ve finished. However, if you want the sign to remain outside permanently, then perhaps a freestanding metal sign might be better.

A-frame signs are a great addition to most retail businesses, and as they are made from hard-wearing metal, and powdercoated, you can be sure they’ll last for many years.

If you need a metal A-frame sign, then Perth Graphics Centre can help. Please head to our contact page to enquire and one of our friendly staff will be happy to guide you through the process of buying your first A-frame sign.

Car Magnets

Not all car magnets are the same, which is why here at Perth Graphics Centre, we’ve been concentrating on making the best quality car magnets Perth has ever seen.


There are several grades of magnetic material available, from fridge magnet to AutoMag and various thicknesses as well. We’ve settled on a 0.9mm magnetic, as it gives the best combination of high strength magnetic hold and flexibility. Too thick and the magnet won’t conform to the curved surface of the car door. Too thin and the magnetic strength won’t be high enough, and we all know what that means: a magnetic sign flying off your door as you’re driving along the freeway.


There are other methods to creating the best car magnet. One of which is to round off the corners of the magnet so that the edges don’t lift at speed. Again, there’s nothing more embarassing than having your car magnet disappear after a high speed run.

We also use outdoor durable inks, and depending on the life expectancy of your magnet, we can also laminate the face of it to protect it against scuffing or scratching. Why not click on our contact page and ask us for a quote on car magnets? Perth Graphics Centre always has the magnetic in stock, so if you need magnetic signs, please give us a call.

Reflective Signs

In today’s OH&S-driven world, it is imperative that your signs are clearly visible, both daytime and nighttime. For that reason, Perth Graphics Centre has invested in time and materials to create the most effective reflective signs.

There are various grades of reflective materials used for sign-making, and most of these are known by their classifications. To make it easy, we’ve broken down the various classes:

  • Class 1A – Diamond Grade – an ultra-reflective, long-term product which is used for safety and road signs
  • Class 1 – Hexagon pattern – very reflective, long-term outdoor film which is used for road signs
  • Class 2 – Engineer Grade – the most common grade used in signage. Long term durability, with medium reflectivity
  • Promotional Grade – High reflectivity, but short-term outdoor life, used in promotional or high-turnover signage


Above is what a reflective sign looks like during the day. The white areas are a slightly silver colour, while all other colours are laid over or printed on. Below is how the same sign looks at night, when light is shone on it.


Mine specification signage almost always uses reflective vinyl, and Perth Graphics Centre have the skill and expertise to ensure your signs stand out their best. If you need reflective signs, Perth Graphics Centre is the company to look after you.

Head to our contact page to request a quote on your reflective signs and our friendly team will be in touch to help.