Reflective Signs

In today’s OH&S-driven world, it is imperative that your signs are clearly visible, both daytime and nighttime. For that reason, Perth Graphics Centre has invested in time and materials to create the most effective reflective signs.

There are various grades of reflective materials used for sign-making, and most of these are known by their classifications. To make it easy, we’ve broken down the various classes:

  • Class 1A – Diamond Grade – an ultra-reflective, long-term product which is used for safety and road signs
  • Class 1 – Hexagon pattern – very reflective, long-term outdoor film which is used for road signs
  • Class 2 – Engineer Grade – the most common grade used in signage. Long term durability, with medium reflectivity
  • Promotional Grade – High reflectivity, but short-term outdoor life, used in promotional or high-turnover signage


Above is what a reflective sign looks like during the day. The white areas are a slightly silver colour, while all other colours are laid over or printed on. Below is how the same sign looks at night, when light is shone on it.


Mine specification signage almost always uses reflective vinyl, and Perth Graphics Centre have the skill and expertise to ensure your signs stand out their best. If you need reflective signs, Perth Graphics Centre is the company to look after you.

Head to our contact page to request a quote on your reflective signs and our friendly team will be in touch to help.

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