Roster Signs

Roster signs are small triangular, freestanding signs made from corflute. Roster signs are cheap, easy to move and can be printed with any message you require.


Where does the term “roster Sign” come from? Well, before the days when petrol stations were open 24 hours a day, only certain petrol stations stayed open over night. These were on a roster. Thus the small corflute signs that pointed the way to them were named “roster signs” because they showed how to get to the petrol station which were rostered on for that night.


Today, corflute roster signs are used to display a message temporarily. Home open signs, garage sale signs, and display home signs all fall into this category. Shops use roster signs to show when they are open, or to promote various items. And because they’re made from corflute, they are lightweight and can be printed individually for a low cost.

Standard sizes are as follows:

  • 600mm (w) x 300mm (h)
  • 600mm (w) x 450mm (h)
  • 600mm (w) x 750mm (h)

Seen above is an even smaller version, standing 300mm x 300mm.

A lot of Perth businesses are using roster signs, so if you’d like to be one of them, then we’d like to hear from you. Please click on our contact page to send us an email and we can quote on your roster sign needs.

Comment (3)

  • Gary Giles| April 1, 2015

    Please quote on two core flute roster signs 600 x 750.
    Printed both sides.
    Can you print full colour photos on these ?

  • Michelle Plozza| November 18, 2015

    Hi, Could you please give me a quote for 15 x roster signs (600mm x 450mm) with Maroon writing as follows:
    Kardinya Netball Club
    Players Welcome
    Phone 0421 464 034

    Thank you

  • Aleesha| February 28, 2016

    Hi i have a beauty business and i am looking for some signage to put on the path way to catch the eye of the public would you reccomend these sings to this purpose my business name is springs beauty in Bennett springs i have a small salon located inside springs hair design

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