Magnetic signs

Sometimes you just need to have a car that has signs on it. But it’s your personal car and you don’t want signs all the time. That’s where magnetic signs can help.


Made from a strong grade of car magnet, Perth Graphics Centre’s magnetic signs will stick to almost all car doors and because we manufacture them here in our Malaga premises, we can make them almost any size.


Of course, the standard size, shown here, is 600mm x 300mm and suits most applications. We also round off the corners of our car magnets so that the edges are picked up by wind. Not rounding them off can induce them to fly off when you’re heading down the freeway. No-one wants that to happen, which is why we spend extra time on our magnets to make sure they stay on.

For a great way of making signage replaceable, why not think about magnetic signs?

Car Magnets

Not all car magnets are the same, which is why here at Perth Graphics Centre, we’ve been concentrating on making the best quality car magnets Perth has ever seen.


There are several grades of magnetic material available, from fridge magnet to AutoMag and various thicknesses as well. We’ve settled on a 0.9mm magnetic, as it gives the best combination of high strength magnetic hold and flexibility. Too thick and the magnet won’t conform to the curved surface of the car door. Too thin and the magnetic strength won’t be high enough, and we all know what that means: a magnetic sign flying off your door as you’re driving along the freeway.


There are other methods to creating the best car magnet. One of which is to round off the corners of the magnet so that the edges don’t lift at speed. Again, there’s nothing more embarassing than having your car magnet disappear after a high speed run.

We also use outdoor durable inks, and depending on the life expectancy of your magnet, we can also laminate the face of it to protect it against scuffing or scratching. Why not click on our contact page and ask us for a quote on car magnets? Perth Graphics Centre always has the magnetic in stock, so if you need magnetic signs, please give us a call.

Magnetic Signs: Perth’s best quality

Magnetic signs or car magnets are increasingly popular as people want to keep their vehicles for personal use. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way of changing your signage, too.


Made from a high-strength, automotive-grade magnetic sheet, these magnetic signs will hold up under normal driving conditions – even at speed along the freeway. The trick is to round off the corners to prevent the edges from lifting.

Magnetic signs also need to be placed on the flattest area of your car’s door or side panel to ensure they hang on. Magnetic signs won’t hang on to newer cars made from aluminium, however.

If you’d like a quote on magnetic signs, Perth Graphics Centre is willing to help. Simply click here to email us for a quote.