Magnetic signs

Sometimes you just need to have a car that has signs on it. But it’s your personal car and you don’t want signs all the time. That’s where magnetic signs can help.


Made from a strong grade of car magnet, Perth Graphics Centre’s magnetic signs will stick to almost all car doors and because we manufacture them here in our Malaga premises, we can make them almost any size.


Of course, the standard size, shown here, is 600mm x 300mm and suits most applications. We also round off the corners of our car magnets so that the edges are picked up by wind. Not rounding them off can induce them to fly off when you’re heading down the freeway. No-one wants that to happen, which is why we spend extra time on our magnets to make sure they stay on.

For a great way of making signage replaceable, why not think about magnetic signs?

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