Adding signage to a tailgate – simple yet effective

When a car is driving behind you, there’s a great opportunity for signage. You have a captive audience to pitch your business to, so why not take advantage of that?


Signage on the side of a vehicle is great, as there’s a large area to utilise, however the rear of a car doesn’t get as much attention. However, think about how many times you’re driving next to a car and writing down the phone number or website of the business being advertised – it doesn’t happen, right?


When a car is in front of you at a set of lights, for example, you’re forced to look at it. And signwriting on a tailgate is an excellent way of getting your message across in that time.

The rules are simple – keep it simple. Say what you do, put a contact point on there (phone number, website or email) and your logo. If you want to list your services, only use a maximum of three bullet points or less. Stay clutter free and your message stays readable.

Here at Perth Graphics Centre we can offer a design service to walk you through how best to display your information on the tailgate. And with either vinyl cut lettering directly to the tailgate or a metal panel affixed to the tailgate, there are options for how you want it to be finished.

Click on our contact page at the top right of this page to get in touch with us, and find out how tailgate signage can work for you.

What is corflute? An easy to understand guide to corrugated plastic

Ever heard the term “corflute” before and wondered what it referred to? Fear not, we have all the answers in this article.

5mm corflute sheet

Corflute is the industry name given to corrugated polypropylene, a fluted plastic which is lightweight yet rigid. The plastic is extruded to give it the large rectangular flutes all the way through it, and it has medium outdoor longevity. The name “Corflute” is actually registered to Corex but the industry has picked it up and now uses it as a generic term for fluted plastic.


The reason the sign industry loves it is because it’s cheap and easy to cut to size. It also can be used for freestanding A-frames due to its inherent strength. It comes in a variety of thicknesses but the most common for the sign industry are 3mm and 5mm. It comes in most standard colours (black, white, red, green, blue and yellow) however white is the most common.


The packaging industry and construction industry also use corflute for creating boxes or for packing out or protecting large areas. The standard sheet size is 2400mm x 1200mm although sheets can be found up to three metres long.

Corflute signs made by Perth Graphics Centre are made from high quality corflute so you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best. We also sell corflute sheets, so when you’re thinking corflute, think Perth Graphics Centre.

Banner Printing: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way

Event banners, promotional banners, pull up banners, advertising banners – our banner printing machine here at Perth Graphics Centre has been getting a real workout.


And because we can print a few metres wide in one piece, there’s never a size that’s too big. Our heavy duty inks make sure that the colours on your banners really pop, but they still last for years outside. And with strong ropes and re-inforced eyelets, strength is never a question.


No matter what kind of banner you’re after, we can make it. And with our banner printing done here in Perth, we don’t have to wait for it to be shipped from overseas. We print them in-house and have complete control over the production process. We can even show you your banner being printed if you like.

Let Perth Graphics Centre take care of your banner printing and you’ll be in good hands.

Heavy equipment: Signwriting is no problem for Perth Graphics Centre

In Western Australia the mining boom has meant signwriting heavy equipment has become more common, and here at Perth Graphics Centre we’re able to put signs or stickers on with no issues.


With a selection of heavy duty materials to suit all applications, we can put signage on trucks, trailers, lifters and mining equipment.


Whether it’s temporary signage which will be replaced constantly, or permanent signwriting, Perth Graphics Centre can cover all bases. Size is also no challenge for PGC.

So when you have heavy equipment and you need signage for it, talk to the experts at Perth Graphics Centre.

Metal Signs: Perth Graphics Centre will install almost anywhere

Because of how durable they are, metal signs are the choice for anyone wanting a long lasting sign. And here at Perth Graphics Centre we get asked to install them in all sorts of places.


Take these beauty salon signs, for example. The customer was very specific about where they were to go, with one on top of a wall (for visibility) and one on another wall. Yes, we had to do a bit of gardening, but that’s how seriously we take our work.


Once these metal signs were fitted, the customer was rapt and her customers can now locate her business. So no matter what kind of sign you’re after, we can advise the best way to install it and how to make it look its best.

Why not try Perth Graphics Centre for your next signs? You’ll be glad you did.

Banners: Perth’s best prices

Every business uses banners and Perth Graphics Centre is leading the way on price, quality and service.


Whether it’s a single sided banner, or a double sided banner, Perth Graphics Centre can make it. The reason so many people get PGC to manufacture their banners is simple: we are Perth’s leading banner shop and we do them at Perth’s best prices.

No doubt, you’ll have seen our special on a 2m x 1.2m banner but with our large format digital printer we can make them at literally any size. If it’s a banner to cover a building, or just a “Now Open” banner, we can do it. And with our fast turnaround and excellent service, it’s little wonder people are trusting their banners to Perth Graphics Centre.

With high quality canvas and reinforced eyelets, our banners stand up to Perth’s harsh weather conditions, too. So if you need a banner, then please get in touch with us and we’ll take care of your banner requirements.

See through window signs: One Way Vision

One way vision is the name we use for see through window signs, the product used on the back windows of cars. As you can see below, the car is able to be used for advertising purposes, yet the driver can retain vision through the rear window.


The way it works is through light transmission. The adhesive is black but the face is white. With tiny perforations (which is why it’s also called perforated window film) the one way vision product absorbs light from inside the car but reflects light outside the car.

That way the light only travels in one direction and you can see out of your back window. It’s a clever and simple way to turn a blank window into signage area.

Perhaps you’d like some signs on your car, but don’t want to stick vinyl onto the paintwork? No problems – that’s what one-way vision is for. Just let us know what kind of car you have and we can give you a quote. Call us on 9248 6226 or click on our contact page to get in touch.

How best to use lightbox signs

Illuminated signs and lightbox signs make your brand visible, no matter what time of day it is. And this under-awning sign is a classic way to install them.


Things to take into consideration are the height of the awning, the width available and whether you’ll need council approval. Perth Graphics Centre can advise on all of these factors.


Your branding also needs to be high contrast. With light shades of grey, for example, the lighting can wash out the logo. That’s why for Macpac, we opted for a dark background and light writing, to give the best possible contrast.

You also need to take into account the ambient lighting. If it’s only lit up at night, then normal globes will do. However if you want it to be lit during the day as well, we can use higher intensity fluorescent or even LED lighting.

Something else to consider is the electrical availability. Is it easy to run power to the lightbox sign or are there obstacles in the way?

All of these factors are what we analyse here at Perth Graphics Centre, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process of creating a lightbox sign. Give us a call on 9248 6226 to discuss your lighbox sign requirements.

You won’t believe how effective your signs will be with this simple trick

Signs are all about grabbing attention, so why create a sign that’s not going to be effective? After all, that’s basically throwing your money away.

So, there’s one rule that you need to follow to make sure your signs stand out – Choose the right font.

Simple as that. Choose the right font and everything falls into place. But there’s a trick.

Fonts are organised into three basic categories – serif, sans-serif and script. Script fonts are beautiful to look at and work very well for short titles or names. But if you’re going to use a script font there’s ONE rule – don’t write in all capitals.

Below is an example.

Make Your Signs Effective

You can see here the immediate difference in readability. And yes, these two are the same font. A short headline title needs to be legible, and using upper and lower case is the only way to go when using script fonts. There are some other tips to follow as well.

Fonts not to use

Whatever you do, don’t use Algerian or Comic Sans. They’ve been overworked and overused and just don’t have any impact anymore, despite being universally available. Times New Roman is another font to avoid.

The current trend is to use thin sans-serif fonts such as Roboto or Gotham. These are available in different weights and look great either as a headline title or as a paragraph of text.

If you’d like to tips on how to make your signs stand out, then speak to the experts at Perth Graphics Centre who can guide you through the design process.

Vinyl lettering for vehicles – what’s the best?

When it comes to using vinyl lettering on vehicles, there’s really only one option. While there are several grades of vinyl available, with the most common types being cast, polymeric calendered and monomeric calendered, a little research shows it’s just one type to use.

The names refer to the manufacturing process. Cast vinyls are, as the name suggests, cast onto a roll. Once cut into shapes, they lay very flat, and due to being thinner, they are easily conformable to irregular shapes.


Polymeric and monomeric calendered vinyls use the first name to signify the type of plasticiser used in the vinyl. Plasticiser is an oil which gives PVC its flexibility. Without it, PVC would end up like PVC pipe – solid. Thus, there are polymeric plasticisers and monomeric plasticisers. Polymerics take longer to break down and last longer, while monomerics are cheaper to manufacture but don’t last as long. Monomerics are also thicker.


Both monomeric and polymeric vinyls are calendered, which means extruded. This extruding, or stretching, makes the vinyl thinner, but when it’s cut, it wants to go back to its original shape, which is why you see vinyls curled up at the edges when they get old.


From the above, you can probably deduce that it’s best to use cast vinyl on vehicles. Cars get hot and so will bake the vinyl on. The last thing you want is all the edges lifting, so cast is the way to go.

Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we only use cast on cars and in fact on most things. The Antipesto vehicle you can see above uses cast vinyl, and it will see many years of use.

You can be confident that your signage will last when you use Perth Graphics Centre.

Window frosting

The easiest way to get window frosting done these days is to used sandblast effect vinyl. This allows you to put an etched glass effect on your windows and be able to remove it or change it at any time.


For Perth business Sumo Group, for example, we used an Avery frosted vinyl to partially cover some of the windows and fully cover others. The real beauty of it is you can incorporate your logo or a specific design into the window frosting.


We can also print onto the window frosting for an even more unique effect. Photographs or designs can be printed, so whatever you can imagine, we can make.


We have various grades of sparkle and of matte frosting, plus different light densities as well, so the effects can be varied, even in the same window. Contact us to find out more about how Perth Graphics Centre can transform your windows.

Signs for a Pre-school centre

When making metal signs that are installed at a early childhood learning centre, we take extra care to make sure everything is safe.


Our signs are lightweight but strong and have no sharp edges on which children may hurt themselves. Material choices are crucial in such jobs.


That’s why Perth Graphics Centre is the automatic choice when you want a sign shop that’s going to show care and responsibility. We also use signmaking materials which last the distance.

When you want signs and a company that cares, choose Perth Graphics Centre.

Metal building signage

Installing metal signs on buildings is something Perth Graphics Centre excels at. While banners are an option, metal signs will last a lot longer and ensure your building signs stay looking their best.


This is especially important for customers, as they want to see a neat, professional premises when they come to purchase your products. With the latest in printing and installation techniques, our metal signs are exceptionally durable.


There are several metal options, too, from aluminium composite panel through to Colorbond. We can advise you of the best metal to use in any given situation, so when you want your building signage done, please give us a call or pop in to our Malaga office.

Lightbox with 3D acrylic lettering

Shopping centres often require a lightbox with 3D acrylic lettering for each tenant, and here at Perth Graphics Centre we can create exactly that.


With routed acrylic letters, we can create backlit lettering that becomes a highlight when your lightbox is turned on. Seen here is one such sign we created for Modern Nails in Melville.


As you can see from the side-on view, the letters stand out, fulfilling the shopping centre’s requirements. By using a standard vinyl, instead of a translucent, we also encourage light to come only through the lettering. Bright globes also help to make them glow more intensely.

Whether you have a shopfront that needs a lightbox or if you just want a corflute sign, Perth Graphics Centre can help with all your signage needs.

Magnetic signs

Sometimes you just need to have a car that has signs on it. But it’s your personal car and you don’t want signs all the time. That’s where magnetic signs can help.


Made from a strong grade of car magnet, Perth Graphics Centre’s magnetic signs will stick to almost all car doors and because we manufacture them here in our Malaga premises, we can make them almost any size.


Of course, the standard size, shown here, is 600mm x 300mm and suits most applications. We also round off the corners of our car magnets so that the edges are picked up by wind. Not rounding them off can induce them to fly off when you’re heading down the freeway. No-one wants that to happen, which is why we spend extra time on our magnets to make sure they stay on.

For a great way of making signage replaceable, why not think about magnetic signs?