Hyundai van signwriting

Sometimes you don’t have to go to the extent of a full vehicle wrap to make an impact. Depending on your signwriting design, you can catch the public’s attention with just some well chosen colours and graphics.


In this case, we produced signage on this Hyundai iLoad which certainly draws the eye. Using a combination of bold blue with an interesting graphic, the customer was ecstatic with the final result, and we’re confident you will be too.


If you have a Hyundai iLoad, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Commuter bus, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or indeed any other type of van which you need signwriting for, then Perth Graphics Centre will be able to help.


Signwriting vans is something we do each and every day, so head to our contact page and ask for a quote for your van signage.

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Printed doors

Printing directly to doors is now possible, with Perth Graphics Centre’s latest technology – flatbed digital printing.


Even with Stanford doors having recessed panels, we can print onto doors and have vibrant, full colour images jumping out at you. The prints are waterproof and can be done onto a variety of door types.


Here is one of the doors being printed.


Even double doors can be printed, as long as they are marked as to which way they hang. As you can see from the image below, the effect is quite astounding.


If you want to brighten up your house, office or apartment, then consider printing your doors with your favourite image. Send us an email to ask for a quote on your printed doors.

Full-colour corflute signs

Corflute signs are quickly becoming the most popular type of sign we make here at Perth Graphics Centre, and rather than limiting yourself to just a single, boring colour, why not liven it up a bit?


The corflute sign you see above is full colour, and catches attention without resorting to expensive techniques. Because corflute signs are light, they can be easily transported or installed onto a variety of surfaces.

If you need some cheap, lightweight signs, then ask us for a quote on full-colour corflute signs. Perth Graphics Centre is ready to help!

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Jetrix 2030 FRK Flatbed Digital Printer

Perth Graphics Centre has embarked on its mission to become the most advanced sign shop in Perth with the acquisition of the latest in signmaking technology.


The Jetrix 2030 FRK is the highest quality, fastest sign printer on the market and gives Perth Graphics Centre the capability to expand its business to beyond run-of-the-mill signwriting.


Using sophisticated liquid plastic inks, this flatbed printer puts images direct to metal, corflute, MDF, mesh, wooden doors – you name it, we can print it. Effectively a digital screen press, screenprinting is a thing of the past. Printing onto vinyl and then laminating onto the surface is also done away with.

If you’d like to see how flatbed printing can help your business, then head to our contact page and ask for a quote on your signage needs.

Van Signage

Perth Graphics Centre was employed to freshen up the look of this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van by signwriting it with new logos. Vastese Bakery wanted a simple and clean presentation, so the best way was just to put the logos on the back half of the van.


When people require van signage or need van wraps, Perth Graphics Centre is who they turn to. As you can see by these logos, a van wrap is simply an extension of this sort of work. Making the logos go into and out of the recesses and swage lines is something that we are extremely experienced in, and you can expect years of life from your van wraps.


If you need van wraps or van signage, Perth Graphics Centre will be the place to head. Ask us for a quote by heading to our contact page and emailing or calling us. We look forward to quoting on your van signs.

Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage, including car signage, truck signage, vehicle wraps, truck wraps, bus wraps and other signwriting, is being used more frequently on Perth roads. The reason is you can use the surface area of your car to turn it into a moving billboard.


Here we have fitted signwriting to a Hyundai i30cw, the wagon version of the Hyundai i30. It’s a fairly simple approach, as the customer was on a budget but still wanted to make an impact. Using a dark green on the sides and white vinyl cut lettering on the back window, the signs really stand out and get the message across.


If you need vehicle signage, Perth Graphics Centre is here to help.

Outdoor stickers

More and more outdoor stickers are required by Perth businesses, due to WA’s high level of UV radiation, which deteriorates sticker material quicker. Perth Graphics Centre’s UV stable digital screen press (as shown below) ensures outdoor stickers last their longest by printing onto high performance cast vinyl with solvent-based outdoor-grade inks.


These stickers will be going onto hot water tanks and will still be readable in the years to come. We can also overlaminate the stickers with a UV absorbent vinyl which extends the life of the print even further.

We are constantly producing outdoor stickers, so if you need your stickers to last a long time, call Perth Graphics Centre by heading to our contact page and requesting a quote. We are Perth’s premier sticker maker.

Roll Up Banners

More and more people are asking for Roll Up Banners and Perth Graphics Centre is taking up the challenge.


Shown here is the most common roll up banner (also called pull up banners) which has two feet which swing out from the base, giving greater stability. It’s great for a cost-effective roll up banner solution and comes with its own carry case. If you have a display or need exhibition signage, then these roll up banners are perfect. As we produce them in-house, we have complete control over the whole process.

If there’s anywhere that has expertise in roll up banners, Perth Graphics Centre is it.

Car signage

Car signage is a specialty here at Perth Graphics Centre. We can make just about any design suit your vehicle or we can suggest the best way to make your business stand out on your car.


We mostly do signage on new cars, but if a customer requests it, we can also install onto older cars, as you can see here with this Hyundai Elantra signwriting.


The goal was to keep the logo consistent on all Granite West’s vehicles and we’ve achieved this with the customer being extremely happy – as always. If you need car signage, Perth Graphics Centre is your one-stop sign shop.