Monthly Archive: January 2012

Signage Wraps 1

Signage Wraps

If you need vehicle wraps, Perth Graphics Centre is here to help, especially when it comes to signage wraps. Whether it’s a full vehicle wrap, or a partial vehicle wrap, Perth Graphics Centre can organise design and installation. The car you see here was a partial wrap, and was chosen in these colours to keep completely in line with existing vehicles. We colour-matched a specific vinyl and despite it being a non-bubble-free vinyl, our expert installers were able to cover the car with no defects at all. If you require signage wraps, Perth Graphics Centre would be more than happy...

Corflute A-frame 2

Corflute A-frame

We are often asked if we do corflute A-frames and more often than not people are referring to Roster Signs. But corflute A-frames are actually what you see below. They are an A-frame which takes corflute inserts. The corflute insert sits inside a groove on the inside of the frame and allows the A-frame sign to be changeable. This means it’s perfect for announcement signs, sale signs or other signs where you need to change its message often. The usual sizes for corflute A-frames are 600mm x 900mm and 900mm x 1200mm. If you would like a corflute A-frame, then...

Builder’s signs 1

Builder’s signs

Do you have a building site on which you’d like to advertise your business? Is there a vacant block on which you’re going to build, and you have a need for signs? Then Perth Graphics Centre can help. Our builder’s signs come in all sizes and can be made from corflute, colourbond, signwhite, aluminium composite or anything else that will stand up to the elements. A builder’s sign allows you to make use of your space and get your business name out there and seen by all the passers-by. If you would like a quote on a builder’s sign, then...

Banner signs 0

Banner signs

Do you have a sign that you need to do on a budget? Do you have a large area to cover but don’t want to paint? Then perhaps banner signs from Perth Graphics Centre may be what you need. Banner signs are eye-catching but affordable alternatives to the more expensive metal signs, and the beauty is there are no unsightly joins. Also known as sailtrack skins, banner signs are a vinyl banner skin attached using an aluminium extrusion. The skin is then stretched extremely tight, making it as flat as a drum. The result is a large sign for little...

Long lasting stickers 0

Long lasting stickers

To make long lasting stickers, you need to follow several steps. Firstly, you need the right kind of sticker material, or self-adhesive vinyl as we call it in the industry. Secondly, you need to use high quality inks which will bite into the vinyl – solvent-based inks are the best for this. Next is the most crucial step – outgassing. Seen above, outgassing is simply letting the solvents “outgas” from the vinyl. During the normal drying phase of the inks most of the solvent evaporates, but some still remains. Outgassing is done by hanging the vinyl vertically, and as the...

Building site signs 2

Building site signs

More and more, we’re producing builder’s site signs. These are small signs made from corflute which show all the details of a builder, their registration number and any safety warnings associated with that site. Building site signs allow a builder to display all relevant information in condensed format and we can show you exactly how to set them up if required. Each building site sign can be personalised, or individualised, or you can have a generic site sign that you can write on with permanent marker to show the lot number, etc. Because the site signs are made from corflute,...

Roll up banners 0

Roll up banners

More Perth businesses are utilising roll up banners, and Perth Graphics Centre is continuing to astound with its quick turnaround, great pricing and extremely high quality. Even international customers are turning to Perth Graphics Centre for their roll up banners – Singapore Airlines is a case in point. Singapore Airlines required two high-end roll up banners for their international terminal check-in lines in Perth, to differentiate between economy passengers and business/first passengers. PGC was happy to oblige. If you’re based in Perth and you need roll up banners, then please ask for a quote by heading to our contact page.

2012: A big year for signs in Perth 0

2012: A big year for signs in Perth

Perth Graphics Centre kicks off 2012 with a bang: New equipment, a revised workspace and more firepower to get your signs made quickly. As you can see above, we’ve redone our production area to have a cleaner, more streamlined look. The walls have be repainted grey to ensure colour matching is as accurate as possible. Our new flat-bed printer will be commissioned in a few weeks’ time and will ensure quality, speed and accuracy are unrivalled. In addition we’ve strengthened our supplier relationships to ensure we’re always in stock with the highest quality materials to make your signs last as...