Signage Wraps

If you need vehicle wraps, Perth Graphics Centre is here to help, especially when it comes to signage wraps.


Whether it’s a full vehicle wrap, or a partial vehicle wrap, Perth Graphics Centre can organise design and installation. The car you see here was a partial wrap, and was chosen in these colours to keep completely in line with existing vehicles.


We colour-matched a specific vinyl and despite it being a non-bubble-free vinyl, our expert installers were able to cover the car with no defects at all.


If you require signage wraps, Perth Graphics Centre would be more than happy to help. Whether it’s one vehicle, or 100 vehicles, we can handle it.

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  • Michael Harwood| February 16, 2012

    Hi, we are a new veterinary practice with 3 mitsubishi tritons, I am having a boston canopy put on tomorrow much like the one in our image on the website with the O brien boiler signage. My boss has a fibre glass back on his and my colleague a flat fibre glass tonneau cover. We are looking for the most cost effectice signage on the vehicles, Being a new business we obviously do not have a massive budget so are looking a different avenues. We would be interested on what your vehicle wraps cost, total and part etc. regards Michael Harwood

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