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Banners: Perth’s best quality 0

Banners: Perth’s best quality

These days, a lot of banners are being produced, not in Perth, but in China. The problem with banners not made in Perth is there’s no control over quality. Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we make all our banners here in Perth. We don’t outsource and we have complete control over all aspects of our banner’s production. From the banner printing to the banner sewing, Perth Graphics Centre is able to ensure that the highest quality materials are used. Some banner material is very light-weight and doesn’t have a high tear strength. Our banners are of high quality PVC, with...

Signs: Perth Graphics Centre’s work! 0

Signs: Perth Graphics Centre’s work!

If you needed proof that Perth Graphics Centre’s signs work, then look no further than this testimonial from ET Diesel. Anders, the owner of ET Diesel, approached us to do signs for his ute which would be running around Perth. We created a design which worked best with his ute and as you can see the signs are simple yet bold. He sent us this email later that day: Hi Julie Thanks very much. Much appreciate it and thanks for the fantastic job on the ute. I had a phone call as I drove through Kewdale an hour later!! Anders....

Car signs and vehicle signage: Preparing your car 0

Car signs and vehicle signage: Preparing your car

When our customers are getting car signs or vehicle signage installed, we are often asked if the car has to be washed first. The answer is a definite “yes”. But there’s more to it than just a quick wipe down. Let’s run through a few necessities to ensure your job lasts its longest: Paintwork must be in an “as new” condition. Chalky paintwork will prevent your signage from sticking to the surface You must wash the car before bringing it to us. Ensure the vehicle is cleaned with soapy water and well-rinsed. It is important to remove any insect remains,...

Domed labels: Perth Graphics Centre has you covered 0

Domed labels: Perth Graphics Centre has you covered

Domed labels, domed badges, domed stickers, resin labels – no matter what you call them, we do them. Our domed labels and domed stickers are all produced in house, from the printing of the stickers right through to the application of the resin and the curing process. Sure, there are cheap ways of producing them, but our process is tightly controlled and because we make all domed labels here in Perth, we can ensure a quality result and quick turnaround. The resin which we apply is cured using UV light and allows us to have them set up and domed...

Truck signage 0

Truck signage

Truck fleet signs are part of our bread and butter, with fleet livery needing to be consistent across the range. Consistency is key here at Perth Graphics Centre, and so when DFS approached us to signwrite their street sweepers, we were more than happy to help. The trick was to ensure the colour was always the same, as well as having a drop-shadow that you couldn’t see the edge of. Using our specialised cutting equipment, we were able to print the colour onto a special clear vinyl which eliminates the “cut out” look. DFS has since ordered several of these...

Flat-bed printing: Perth’s latest signmaking technology 1

Flat-bed printing: Perth’s latest signmaking technology

Flatbed printing is the latest in sign-making technology. Flat bed printing allows Perth Graphics Centre to print onto virtually any clean surface in high resolution and high speed. Using ultra-violet light to cure the outdoor-grade inks, the flat-bed printer prints direct to the substrate making corflute signs, metal signs and plastic signs a quick and easy affair. This is in contrast with the current method of signmaking whereby inks are printed onto vinyl and then the vinyl is applied to the surface. Removing this laborious process allows Perth Graphics Centre to speed up turnaround and to control consistency. Flat bed...

Banners 1


Yes, Perth Graphics Centre is talking banners again. Banners are quickly becoming the most sought-after kinds of signage because they’re light, cheap and portable. You can use the ropes to string them up anywhere or you can use the eyelets to cable-tie them to a fence. That’s the beauty of banners. They can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes. Perth Graphics Centre makes so many sizes of banners and with our high-speed printers you can be assured of quick turnaround and great prices. Plenty of Perth businesses are realising that banners are so versatile that...

Stickers 0


Stickers are a necessity these days. Whether they be labels, stickers, decals or self-adhesive signs, stickers are required by most businesses here in Perth. If you need short run stickers or long run stickers (several thousand), Perth Graphics Centre can help. Our high performance sticker vinyl will give you years of life outside and using our high speed solvent-based printers, stickers are easy to produce. Often Perth Graphics Centre is manufacturing stickers for bumper stickers, danger stickers, safety signs, warning stickers, car stickers or any other kind of stickers you require. Our printers also have heavy duty dryers meaning the...

Lightbox in Claremont 0

Lightbox in Claremont

We were asked to produce a lightbox rebranding for Claremont Kebabs recently, and turn it around extremely quickly, as the original sign had been damaged by a truck. We were only too happy to help. Using 4.5mm opal acrylic, we digitally printed the face of the six metre long sign, and as you can see it stands out both night and day. Claremont Kebabs is over the moon with their new sign, something we at Perth Graphics Centre are very happy about. If you have a lightbox or indeed require any signage at all, then head to our contact page...

Pocketphone sign in Kewdale 0

Pocketphone sign in Kewdale

A metal sign installed in Kewdale was required by Pocketphone, and Perth Graphics Centre was contacted to implement the branding. Seen above is the sign we manufactured and installed, and being 5.5m wide and 2m tall, it was made out of aluminium composite panel. The effect is brilliant, with the burgundy bordering the logo and information, and our team of professional installers was able to get it on the building in no time at all. If you’re after a metal sign, or you need signage of any kind at all, call Perth Graphics Centre today for a quote.

Banners, banners, banners! 7

Banners, banners, banners!

Perth Graphics Centre is designing more banners for Perth than ever before. Vinyl banners will make your business in Perth stand out. Perth Graphics Centre sews your banners with ropes and eyelets, making your banners stronger than the rest. Our banner makers print with outdoor grade inks ensuring your banners are long lasting, and Perth Graphics Centre knows that banners that last longer are more effective. We’re based in Malaga, and can courier everywhere to ensure you get your banners on time. Perth Graphics Centre can manufacture small banners, large banners, indoor banners, outdoor banners, roll up banners, retractable banners,...