Shop front signs

Perth Graphics Centre has been called upon by leading WA companies to prepare and create their shop front signs, and we’re happy to oblige.


In this job, for Adam’s Brunchbox in Balcatta, we were contracted to manufacture and print the signs for the front and sides of the shop.

Using a combination of sailtrack banners skin (click here for an explanation) and metal signs, we achieved a bold result which brings passing trade in the front door.


If you require a revitalisation of your shop front signage, then please call us – click here to head to our contact page – and ask for a quote.


One of our friendly sales staff will arrange a time and location to meet you to discuss your shop front signage needs.

Vinyl cut lettering – the longest life outside

Vinyl cut letters are the best way to achieve the longest exterior life possible. Using high quality cast vinyls, you can expect up to seven years in the sun.


Vinyl cut lettering is available in a range of colours and comes as self-adhesive letters which our expert installers adhere to windows (as shown here), metal, vehicles and other substrates to create your sign.

Perth Graphics Centre will often recommend vinyl cut lettering for jobs which need to last and that can be in plain colours. Bear in mind, though, that vinyl cut lettering can be laid over itself to achieve drop-shadow and outline effects.

Window signs using digital print

Bring some realism to your shopfront by using digital print on your windows.


These window signs have been all covered in digital full colour print and then laminated with an anti-graffiti film. This keeps them looking fresh for years to come, as well as stopping scuffing or being tagged with spray cans.


As you can see, the windows are quite large, but that’s no problem for Perth Graphics Centre. Our team of expert installers is able to cope with anything you throw at us.


So, if you want to brighten up your windows, considering window signs with full colour digital print.

Acrylic signs for reception areas

If you have a reception area which you want to brighten up, then you may want to consider having an acrylic sign, also known as perspex.


This clear, thick substrate allows you to have your logo mounted onto a wall in a classy format, and with their brushed or bright chrome mounts, it helps your business to maintain a professional look as soon as people walk in the door.


Various sizes are available, and you can even incorportate 3D lettering or a sandblast etch to really lift it in dark areas.

We’ll be happy to give you a price if you know the size of your wall, so please give us a call and we can determine the best option for you.

Signs for a Volkswagen Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is another vehicle which is perfect for signwriting. It has large, blank sides which enable advertising to stand out without having door handles or cutout sections detracting from your message.


Bounce Systems, another loyal Perth Graphics Centre customer, approached us to put their logo on this VW Caddy, and using a combination of vinyl and digital print, we’ve wrapped the sides in grey and overlayed the small “men” that comprise their logo.


The grey was a special colour, so we digitally printed it and overlaminated it for protection. The rear window received Clear Focus – a one-way-vision film which allows you to see out, but still gives a large area for signage.


If you’ve got a Volkswagen Caddy which you require signwriting, then please call or email to ask for a quote.

Truck signs – brighten the back of your truck

A lot of trucks have a blank rear which is perfect for signage. Perth Graphics Centre can utilise this space to create an excellent opportunity for advertising your business.


Using high quality conformable vinyls, we can cover the back end of your truck with full colour signage and ensure that any cars following you can identify what you do.


Part of our brief is to ensure your message gets across in the best way, and using bold colours and simple but elegant designs is the best way.

Call us to arrange a quote or drop your truck in to us at our Malaga address.

Banners: Perth Graphics Centre’s printers cope with constant demand

When it comes to banners, Perth Graphics Centre is king. We’ve printed so many banners, Perth is literally covered in them.


So far, kilometres of banners have been printed, to the point where we’ve had to upgrade our machinery to cope. Our industrial-grade solvent printers allow us to achieve the finest detail and best colours, while still being able to meet customer’s deadlines.

Usually turnaround is about a week, and if you want just one, it’s no hassles. We can also print hundreds for product launches or specials. A simple “Now Open!” is also a great idea to attract attention.

Then you have the large format version you can see above, which was used as a sailtrack skin in place of metal.

If you want banners, Perth Graphics Centre is your one-stop-shop. Send us a size and a quantity over the email, and we’ll fire a quote back to you straight away.

We look forward to hearing from you.


An A-frame sign is a freestanding, double sided sign which sits in the shape of the letter “A” – as the name implies.


The beauty of an A-frame is its able to be moved if necessary, but still has enough strength to withstand light wind and rain. A-frame signs are usually placed outside a shop front to draw customers inside.


We can incorporate blackboard faces for either part or all of it, or whiteboard if need be.

A-frames come in three different sizes:

  • 600mm (W) x 450mm (H)
  • 600mm (W) x 900mm (H) – pictured above
  • 900mm (W) x 1200mm (H)

We’ll be happy to send you a quote over the email, so enquire today about A-frame signs.

Metal signs

If it’s longevity you’re after, then metal signs are the best sign you can have.


Metal signs last for years due to their ability to withstand the elements, and now with the advent of digital print and chemical resistant overlaminates, you can have almost anything you like on them, as you can see from this Rice Noodle house sign we created for iEdit.


Shopfront signage is the ideal use for metal signs and there are Colorbond, aluminium composite panel (Alucobest, Di-Bond) and Signwhite. Some sheets have different thicknesses, but if you’ve got a question regarding metal signs, then by all means send us an email.

Metal signs are guillotined to size and can also be used for safety signs or container signs, so as you can see the application is virtually unlimited.

If you would like a quote on metal signs, please head to our contact page and ask away.

Poster printing: Perth Graphics Centre’s latest acquisition

Poster printing is an area in which Perth Graphics Centre is experiencing untold growth due to its installation of the most up-to-date technology. Using a Hewlett-Packard DesignJet poster printer, which carries an eight-colour ink set, images of the highest resolution (photographic quality) are produced.


The most common material is poster paper, but poster printing can also be done on polyester for a flatter sheet. This is the same material we print our Roll Up Banners on to.

Posters can be laminated with gloss, matt, sandtex and other finishes as well as being used for X-stands and other display materials. High quality, vibrant colours, extreme detail – you name it, we can do it.

Poster printing is also fast with quick-dry inks and cold laminates. If you’d like a price on your poster printing, then call us or email us.

Banner printing, Perth turns to PGC

Banner printing is one of the most common requests we are asked for at Perth Graphics Centre. With our large format solvent-based ink printer, banner printing is simple and cost effective.


Banner printing also eliminates vinyl being stuck onto the banner, which has the tendency to curl up and fall off over time. Banner printing saves time as it’s run through our printer in one pass, plus it enables outdoor durability. Your printed banner can come with ropes, eyelets, pockets or any combination of the three.

Standard sizes are 3m x 1m and 2.4m x 1.2m, however any size is possible, from 600mm x 1200mm right up to grand format 6m x 24m. The limit is simply your budget and the area you want to fill.

Banner printing allows you to roll up your banner, so you don’t have to worry about cracking or peeling of the inks. If you’ve got a large quantity, we can also pass on a discount. Please head to our contact page to find out more about banner printing.

One Way Vision signs

This Hyundai iLoad has been fitted with Clear Focus – a one way vision film that contains tiny perforations and a black adhesive. This allows the film to reflect the light on the outside, yet be able to see through from the inside.


Applications include car windscreens, van side and rear windows, building windows and any other area which you’d like to still see out of.

One Way Vision signs are particularly useful for security, given you can’t see into them. If you require a One Way Vision sign, then please call us or email for a quote.

Full colour signs – digital print makes it possible

One of Perth Graphics Centre’s customers, Eyes On Workforce, has a logo which includes a globe with blends and shades in it. Traditional methods would require airbrushing to achieve the right lighting effect.


But with our state-of-the-art printing equipment, full colour signs which last outdoors are a piece of cake. Using sophisticated solvent-based inks which are printed directly to outdoor grade vinyls, full colour signs can last for years without fading or scratching.


We can also cut to shape, meaning logos which need to go onto coloured backgrounds can also be achieved, without having to print the entire area. If you’ve got a question regarding full colour signs, then email us your query and we’ll work out the best approach to suit your needs.


As you can see, full colour signs can go onto vehicles, like this Nissan Navara, or they can be installed onto buildings, metal signs, corflute signs or even on banners. Perth Graphics Centre will ensure your brand is presented in the best light.

Head to our contact page to email or call us.

Banner signs – Perth’s most diverse range

We’re often asked if we do banners – Perth Graphics Centre specialises in them. We do vinyl banners, rollup banners and flag banners.


Vinyl banners are the easiest and cheapest sign to make in a large size or quantity and because they can be rolled up and stored, vinyl banners can be used over and over again.

Perth Graphics Centre can produce vinyl banners big enough to cover the side of a building (like the one we did for Scitech above), or to cross a street. Alternatively you can make a banner sign to sit out the front of your shop with a big “SALE NOW ON” message if you require.

Anything is possible, so please tell us what kind of banner sign you’re after, and we’ll get you the best price and the quickest turnaround. Call us today.

Street pole banners – promote your suburb

With several councils opting to use street pole banners, Perth Graphics Centre is happy to offer a solution to print and install the banners whether it be one or one hundred.


With double sided banners, the best way is to install two banners back to back, and we use self tensioning cords and springs to keep it nice and tight, yet allowing enough give for wind not to affect it.

Perth Graphics Centre has the equipment, manpower and experience to get your suburb’s message across and increase your exposure. Head to our contact page to ask for a quote today.

Holden Combo vehicle wrap


If you’re after a vehicle wrap, Perth Graphics Centre is here to help. With our team of designers and fitters, we can achieve designs that match your corporate look while still fitting into the dimensions of your vehicle.


Here is a partial vehicle wrap done on a Holden Combo, and we’ve successfully translated the Mountain Fresh Juice brand onto the mini van.


Using professional heat-set techniques and high performance solvent based inks and vinyls, we can follow contours and wrap into recesses to create continuity.

If you’ve got a small or large van, or even a truck, bus or car, we can ensure your logo and brand get their message across. Call us for a quote today.