Vinyl Wrap – Nissan Navara for Regal Grass


Vinyl wraps are all the rage with business owners, as it provides a moving billboard at a fraction of the price of a Yellow Pages advert. Plus, it’s in the consumer’s eyes constantly while it drives around.


Here’s a Nissan Navara that we wrapped for Regal Grass, a high quality artificial turf company. Using a high quality conformable cast vinyl with a protective overlaminate, we’ve been able to produce a three-quarter wrap which is both eyecatching and informative.


Pricing on a vinyl wrap is coverage dependent, so if you want a half, three-quarter or full vehicle wrap, head to our contact page and ask for a quote.

Pull up banners – the best in WA

If it’s pull-up banners you’re after, look no further. WA’s fastest growing sign shop, Perth Graphics Centre, is proud to announce the availability of pull up banners with super high resolution graphics, courtesy of its latest purchase, the HPZ5200 display printer.


With a wide variety of finishes available, we can now produce pull up banners with quick turnaround and great service. You’ll get a proof before you start, and if you after quantities greater than 10, then enquire about a bulk discount.

All of our pull up banners come with a heavy-duty spring mechanism in the cassette, and a carry case for easy transportation.

Send us an email and enquire today about pull up banners for your business.

Perth sign shop completes fleet signage for the Toyota Hilux

A vehicle wrap is one of the most eye catching methods of vehicle signage around. Using high performance cast vinyl which can conform to curves around the car, we can completely or partially cover a vehicle, truck or bus.


In this case, a fleet of Toyota Hiluxes has been signwritten with Mobile Fisheries Patrol livery. Perth Graphics Centre, the most progressive sign shop in Western Australia, has just completed the livery project, using 3M 380 CV3 and 8580 overlaminate.


The result, as you can see, is a striking vehicle wrap which covers several vehicles which can now be easily identified.

If you’d like signage, or a vehicle wrap done on your Toyota Hilux, then give us a call for a quote.

Photo: Courtesy Department of Fisheries

Vehicle Wrap – Hyundai iLoad


There’s signage, and then there’s signage. Here’s an example of how we can vehicle wrap a Hyundai iLoad, but really, just about any van can be wrapped. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, Toyota Hiace, Fiat Ducato, Volkswagen Transporter, Volkswagen Crafter – any of these can be vehicle wrapped with great success.


We’ve used a special vehicle wrapping film, which has been overlaminated for extra durability, while the rear window has been covered in Clear Focus one way vision film.

Partial wraps, full wraps, digital print or plain colours – we can do it all.

PVC vinyl banners

PVC vinyl banners are a quick and effective way of getting your message across. Using ropes and eyelets, these PVC vinyl banners are lightweight and strong, as well as being easy to put up yourself.


Vinyl banners are made from PVC which is woven and coated, making it extremely strong and able to be used outdoors. Exterior grade banners can often replace traditional metal signage when stretched tight and capped with an aluminium sail track edge.

Banners can certainly be cheap depending on your size and quantity requirements. All our vinyl banners are printed with solvent based inks, meaning the lettering won’t crack or peel off like traditional vinyl stuck onto banner material.

Using solvent based digital print also means you can create full colour graphics, and with our 2.5m wide printer, achieving large format sizes is no problem.

Herbie the Love Bug Volkswagen Beetle decal kit


Perth Graphics Centre can now supply movie-authentic Herbie decal kits complete for a Volkswagen Beetle. Using templates provided by a Herbie enthusiast, we’ve been able to vectorise the kit which can be fitted in the exact locations used in the movie.


This particular Love Bug is used in racing, and as such has a Porsche engine under its boot lid. That made it a little more difficult, as we had to deal with air vent holes which normally aren’t present on a Herbie VW Beetle.


It took a little extra time to mold the vinyl around the air vents but the results speak for themselves. Normally we would mount the rear 53 a lot higher, but placing it lower made those curves and bumps a lot easier to deal with.


If you’d like a price on a Volkswagen Beetle Herbie “The Love Bug” kit, then please head to our contact page.

Life size cardboard cut out – Five Senses Coffee

The guys over at Five Senses Coffee have a great sense of humour, plus they make the best coffee on earth.


As a practical joke, Dean from Five Senses Coffee has been made into a cardboard cutout – they can then make fun of him, and not worry about the repercussions. Well, that’s what the theory is, anyway.


As with all life sized cardboard cutouts, custom work is our specialty. Please note that copyrighted material is not possible (e.g. James Bond, Madonna, Justin Bieber, etc) unless you have permission and a high resolution file.

But if you’re having a party and you want someone you know to “be there” without being there, then a life sized cardboard cutout is the way to go.

These are made from heavy duty 5mm plastic, with a stand and are waterproof.

The price for a standard six-foot cutout with a stand is $200 inc GST, plus shipping Australia-wide. Other sizes are available. Cardboard cutouts take a week to produce, so please allow a few extra days for shipping.

Nissan Navara calls for more than just a signwriter

A traditional signwriter would definitely be able to tackle this Nissan Navara, but doing it with digital print is so much easier.


Perth Graphics Centre employs modern methods to signwrite cars, and in this case we’ve used a combination of vinyl cut lettering and solvent-based digital printing.


One way vision was applied to the rear windows on the FlexiGlass Challenge trayback-top, while all the prints have been laminated for extra durability.

Signwriting a Toyota Hiace


The Toyota Hiace is a popular vehicle for signwriting as it’s the choice of most tradespeople and features large flat sides.


Here you can see some basic signage on the sides and a one way vision film for the window.


The rest of the signwriting is using high performance cast vinyl which is vinyl cut and applied to the van’s bodywork. Traditional methods like paint are no longer used, because once this customer has finished with the Toyota Hiace, they can remove the vinyl cut lettering cleanly and resell. Imagine removing paint…

That’s why signwriting with vinyl lettering is so much better. And it lasts longer, too.