Wall signs

Wall signs take many forms and use many different materials. You can have corflute wall signs, acrylic wall signs, foam PVC wall signs, posters and even digital wallpaper.


It all depends on what you want to display on your wall. If you have an idea you have in mind, then feel free to run it past us. We’ll be able to advise you on the best way to go about it. Most commonly, wall signs are done using colorbond or aluminium composite panel.


You can use clear acrylic as well (as shown above) or even frosted acrylic. There are so many options that sometimes it seems confusing. However with our professional staff to guide you, you can be assured of the best possible wall signs.

Give us a call and ask for a quote on any signs you need.

Perspex Signs

We’re often asked to produce perspex signs, or acrylic signs, so Perth Graphics Centre’s goal is to turn these around quickly and with high quality graphics. We can print full colour or just have one colour onto your perspex signs, ensuring your logo is reproduced accurately.


We can even do 3D routed perspex letters as seen in the sign above. The perspex was overlaid with a charcoal metallic vinyl giving a beautiful sparkly effect. The reason for this is perspex isn’t produced in charcoal, so we endeavour to do our best to listen to the customer’s request and oblige.

If you have perspex signs you require or any signs at all, then give us a call to ask for a quote. Perth Graphics Centre will make your signs look their best.

Aluminium Composite Signs

If you’re after metal signs, Perth Graphics Centre can help using aluminium composite panel. These signs are light weight, yet very strong and durable.


The aluminium composite signs shown here are one of Perth Graphics Centre’s creations for Morley Coventry Markets. The specification was aluminium composite panel (two sheets of aluminium with a polythene core sandwiched between) with digital print on the face and 3D routed acrylic lettering.

It makes for a sign which has excellent presence, looks great and jumps out at you. For attention grabbing signs, head to our contact page and ask for a quote.

A-frame Signs

A-frame signs are a stable yet portable solution to having a sign out the front of your premises.


A-frame signs are sturdy because they’re made from galvanised powdercoated metal, with colorbond faces, so they won’t blow over in the wind, yet are light enough so your staff can move them if necessary. A-frame signs are also durable, being made from outdoor grade materials. You can have vinyl-cut lettering, full colour signs or any combination of th two.

We also can make blackboard A-frames and whiteboard A-frames where the faces of the A-frame signs are covered in blackboard or whiteboard vinyl. If you need an A-frame for your Perth business, then head to our contact page and ask for a quote.

Trailer signs

If you have a trailer and you want signs on it, then contact Perth Graphics Centre.


We are constantly turning trailers into mobile billboards which advertise your business at a fraction of the cost of a Yellow Pages advertisement. The difference is your trailer signage will be always in front of people’s eyes.


We can work with any size and any shape trailer and can combine full colour graphics with simple vinyl cut lettering to create an effective sign for your trailer. If you have ideas, we’re happy to look at that, too.

Give us a call about your trailer signage – Perth Graphics Centre is ready to help!