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Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicle wrap 0

Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicle wrap

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is a full electric vehicle and the first production electric car to be sold in Australia. Galaxy Resources approached Perth Graphics Centre to do a vinyl wrap for the tiny EV, and through consultation here is the result. We have included a step by step look at how we create our wraps, so you can see the process. Just click on the article title. It takes a few days to do a wrap properly, but the result is well worth it. If you’re after a vinyl wrap, Perth Graphics Centre will be happy to supply you a...

Ducati 1198 vinyl wrap 0

Ducati 1198 vinyl wrap

Perth Graphics Centre was commissioned to change this red Ducati 1198 to a pink bike for the Miss Universe preliminary finals, and to achieve the best result, the bike was pulled apart. It was then cleaned, and using a printed colour – no supplier had a pink wrapping film available – it was wrapped, piece by piece.

Lotus Elise white vinyl wrap – UWA 1

Lotus Elise white vinyl wrap – UWA

The University of Western Australia approached Perth Graphics Centre, WA’s leading sign shop based in Malaga, to turn a tired Lotus Elise into an eye-catching vehicle wrap. Using premium vinyls and printed graphics, we were able to slowly cover each panel until the whole car was wrapped in white vinyl. We then added the graphics and what you see above is the result. Plenty of man-hours were put in, but the results speak for themselves. So happy were UWA with the result, they sent us this email: Thank you SO much for your great job on the Lotus.  I am...

Vinyl Wrap – Nissan Navara for Regal Grass 0

Vinyl Wrap – Nissan Navara for Regal Grass

Vinyl wraps are all the rage with business owners, as it provides a moving billboard at a fraction of the price of a Yellow Pages advert. Plus, it’s in the consumer’s eyes constantly while it drives around. Here’s a Nissan Navara that we wrapped for Regal Grass, a high quality artificial turf company. Using a high quality conformable cast vinyl with a protective overlaminate, we’ve been able to produce a three-quarter wrap which is both eyecatching and informative. Pricing on a vinyl wrap is coverage dependent, so if you want a half, three-quarter or full vehicle wrap, head to our...

Vehicle Wraps – Half is still good!

Vehicle Wraps – Half is still good!

Our client was looking for great value and despite that full wraps are all the rage, sometimes a half wrap will provide just as much exposure but at a much better price. Why just wrap half a vehicle? Full wraps require removal of quite a bit of hardware including door handles, badges and more. Wrapping only half a vehicle without removal of all the components results in a faster cheaper job and yet the exposure is almost as good as a full wrap. Value for money, a half wrap is pretty hard to beat. The same materials as are used...