Metal signs can be made with anti-graffiti coating

Do you want your metal signs to be graffiti proof? With anti graffiti coatings available, Perth Graphics Centre can help.


No sign is immune to graffiti, so Perth Graphics Centre has developed certain methods to minimise the damage made when someone graffitis your sign. With our state of the art finishes, spraycans or permanent markers don’t stand a chance.


It must be said, that if someone wants to damage your sign, it’s going to happen no matter what. So, it’s all about minimisation. Nothing can stop a screwdriver or blade scratching your signs. But with our anti-graffiti coating on your sign, some methylated spirits or turps should do the trick when someone uses paint or texta.


While some sign companies rely on polyster anti-graffiti films, we are of the belief they aren’t good enough. Polyester goes yellow in the sun and then cracks and peels. No one wants their signs looking like that. That’s why we use PVF films. Their chemical resistance is second to none.

Not only that, but PVF has UV inhibitors, meaning it extends the life of the sign as well. Digital prints last for years longer, while vinyl lettering almost doubles in life. PVF film is also known as Tedlar, a DuPont name. But it’s a product that has stood the test of time, and one that is well worth the extra investment.

When you’re having your sign made by Perth Graphics Centre, enquire about PVF and Tedlar coatings, and you can be sure you’ll have the best protected signs out there.

Signage update for Alzheimers Australia’s Shenton Park branch

Acrylic signs, freestanding signs, sign refurbishment, aluminium signs – Perth Graphics Centre does it all. So when Alzheimers Australia wanted to freshen up the Mary Chester Club, they called us in to help.


The job was to use existing elements and combine them with new signs to make a seamless transition for Alzheimers Australia’s relaunch of its Mary Chester Club. Seen above is a new acrylic sign which uses satin chrome sign mounts to stand off the wall. It’s a simple but very neat way of installing wall signage.


For the sign above, it was a matter of aluminium composite panel with cast vinyl lettering. It sits flat on the fascia and will last for years.


The current signage was looking very tired, however the poles that held them were still holding up quite strong, apart from some small rust spots. Perth Graphics Centre then set about refurbishing the poles. We used rust converter, wire brushes and some elbow grease and got to work. Once the rust had been taken care of, it was time to prime and paint.


The Mary Chester Centre is now ready for its re-opening, and with quality signage from Perth Graphics Centre, it’ll look great for years to come.

Signage for shop fit outs – Perth Graphics Centre can help

Signage use inside a shop for its fit out is something Perth Graphics Centre excels at, whether it’s a simple sign like the one show below, or a backlit sign like a lightbox.


For this sign, we used a digital print onto an expanded PVC product which gives rigidity but is very light. We’ve also done it with hidden fixings to ensure a flush look that doesn’t have any unsightly screws.


This sign’s effectiveness is thanks to high contrast. Using a bright red background against the light coloured logo in a brilliant way to make the sign stand out. Of course, if you need some suggestions on colour, we can help.

When you’re opening your shop, give the experts at Perth Graphics Centre a call to help with your fit out signage.

Using window signage in the best way

Large windows are a brilliant place to put signage, and whether it’s solid graphics or one way vision, Perth Graphics Centre can make your window signs stand out.


We will come and measure your windows as well as suggest the best placement for your signage, and then optionally provide a proof of how your window signs will look before we go ahead.


Our printers use outdoor grade inks, plus with a protective overlaminate, our signs last. These windows for Harvey Norman in Joondalup were completed in a few hours by our skilled craftspeople, who also take pride in cleaning up after themselves, so your shop front continues to look presentable throughout the job.


But to make sure your window signs are being used in the best way, proper cleaning is essential. With the protective clear on the face of our window signage, you can use Windex, normal rubber squeegees or even just soapy water and a rag. The laminate is chemical resistant, so even isopropyl alcohol can be used if need be.

Window signs look great and get your message across, so when you need your windows done, call the team at Perth Graphics Centre.

Signage on a van’s back window – use one way vision

The back window of a van is a supreme area for placing signage, and one way vision prints are the most effective way to use it. It’s a large, flat area, and Perth Graphics Centre can print virtually any image on your back window.


One way vision films are rated for 12 months outdoor life, though most people get longer than this with some simple care. Despite being a short-term film, the effect is well worth the effort.


And if you’re concerned about your rear vision when it rains, then Perth Graphics Centre has a solution. We use an optically-clear overlaminate which prevents the holes being filled with water from rain or sprinklers, etc. The water simply runs off and you can still see out with no impairment.

What if the window is curved? No problem. We can sort the artwork to suit.

Yes, one way vision is a great way to use that available space, and here at Perth Graphics Centre we can come up with the best solution for your business. Call us or email and we can quote you on your one way vision needs.

Banner installation – doing it right with Perth Graphics Centre

Banners are a versatile method of advertising, but a lot of them are installed incorrectly. Find out how to do it correctly by getting Perth Graphics Centre to install your banners.


Simply putting star pickets into the ground isn’t enough. Banners act like a sail and catch a lot of wind, so ensuring they don’t tear is critical. After all, a business doesn’t look all that professional when there’s a torn piece of canvas flapping around in front of a shop.


Have a look in the corners of the banner shown here and you’ll notice that it isn’t just rope attached to the star pickets – there are springs as well. The springs attach to the star pickets using D-shackles. The banner is strung up by feeding the rope through the spring, then back through the corner eyelets and pulled tight. They are then tied off.

What this does is allows the banner a certain amount of movement. The banner has some give in it so that when the wind picks up, the banner moves and lets the air past. This prevents the banner from tearing and gives your banner a far greater outdoor life.

If you want a banner installed properly, then call the experts at Perth Graphics Centre. You can be sure it’s always done properly.

Jazzing up a fridge using digital print

Making a plain fridge interesting could be viewed as a challenge. But not for Perth Graphics Centre. We’ve taken an ordinary display fridge and turned it into something very unique.


One of our regular customers, The Smoke Shack, brought in this tired old refrigerator and asked us to make it stand out. Using high quality cast vinyl, vibrant inks and a high gloss laminate, our team of designers, printers and installers have brought this fridge to life.

So rather than being stuck with something plain and boring, why not use Perth Graphics Centre to enhance your displays? Whether it’s point of sale, posters, banners or fridges, we can do it all. Click on our contact page to get in touch with us and run your ideas past us. We’ll be ready to chat at any time.

Sticker printing: Perth Graphics Centre can create whatever you need

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different adhesive strengths and qualities. And Perth Graphics Centre can make stickers to suit your individual requirements.


Whether it’s sequential numbering, variable messages or even different colours, we can do it all. With our industrial-grade sticker printing equipment, we can even cut them to a custom shape.


Quantities can be as little as one sticker, right up to thousands of labels in a run. And if it’s a hard to stick to surface, we can cover that, too. And because our sticker printing is done digitally, rather than screenprinted, changing information or doing short runs is simple.

So, whether it’s bumper stickers, real estate stickers, blockout stickers, fluro stickers or even metallic stickers, Perth Graphics Centre has it covered.