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Lifesize cut-outs 1

Lifesize cut-outs

If you have a display or an event, maybe you’d like a lifesize cutout. Perth Graphics Centre uses high quality plastic so that they can be used in all conditions, plus they’re strong and light-weight. Printed directly, using the latest in digitial printing technology, our lifesize cutouts are priced similarly to cardboard cutouts, but they last a lot longer. Full colour, black and white, single colour – it’s up to you how you want it to look. Just bring us a high quality photo or professionally created artwork, and we can print your lifesize cutouts in days. For more information...

Banner Printing 0

Banner Printing

In this article, we’ll explain a little bit about banner printing. Perth Graphics Centre prints banners day in and day out, and has done for many years, meaning we have a lot of experience printing banners. The banner material to print on is fairly standard – a 440gsm gloss, 1000×1000 denier. Don’t worry if that doesn’t mean much; all you need to know is that it’s a medium weight, gloss banner with good tear resistance in wind. Printing banners can be done in a couple of ways: screen-printed banners or digitally printed banners. Screenprinting is usually done for huge quantities...

Fence Mesh Printing 1

Fence Mesh Printing

Sure we print banners, but did you know we also print fencing mesh? Perth Graphics Centre is printing more fence mesh for Perth real-estate developers, construction companies and renovators than ever before. Fence mesh printing is seen here on our large format printer, which we have installed at our Malaga premises. Because we do our fence mesh printing here in Perth, we have complete control over the entire production process. There are several grades of fence mesh available, from heavy weight, to light weight, and versions with a more open weave to let more air through, while the closed weave...

Work Ute Signage 0

Work Ute Signage

Most utes are used for work purposes, which means having signage to identify your business is crucial. It doesn’t matter which make or model your ute is, Perth Graphics Centre can make signage to suit. As you can see from this Mitsubishi Triton, we used a low-cost graphic to do the door signs, but spent a bit more time on the toolbox to make it stand out. If you have a toolbox you’d like signwritten, simply send us a photo of it, along with the dimensions and we can give you an estimate, based on the area covered. Of course,...

Pull Up Banners 0

Pull Up Banners

Do you have an event coming up? If you’re in need of a pull up banner, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head. With everything from cheap pull up banners to long-lasting pull up banners, we’re able to help with all your banner needs. Our pull up banners are printed here in Perth, in our Malaga factory, so we have full control over the complete production process. We also laminate the faces of our pull up banners to make sure they don’t scuff or scratch when going in and out of the cassette. This ensures the best life for...

Work Van Signage 0

Work Van Signage

If you have a crisp, white work van, signage is what it needs. Perth Graphics Centre are the experts in work van signwriting, and we can accomodate all styles and budgets. The van you see here uses both digital printing, one way vision and normal cast vinyls (the longest lasting available) to make the logo flow from panel to panel. This method allows us to cover the windows without interfering with outside vision, but because it’s laminated, the tiny holes in the one way vision material don’t fill up with water, which keeps vision clear even when it’s wet. Let...

Metal building signs 0

Metal building signs

As businesses change premises, new signs are needed and that’s where Perth Graphics Centre comes in. Perth Graphics Centre has been printing and installing metal building signs for years, just like these for Red Apple Dental Care. Using aluminium composite signs, which are lighter and stay flatter than colorbond signs, the business now looks fresher and newer, but without costing the earth. There are plenty of options for metal building signs, so give Perth Graphics Centre a call or email us for a quote. Click here to get in contact. We look forward to hearing from you.

A-Frames – small or large 2

A-Frames – small or large

A-frame signs come in many different sizes, and here at Perth Graphics Centre, we make them all. Seen above is one of the flip-fold A-frames, and is perfect for real estate signage, temporary signage or advertising signage. The face size is 600mm x 450mm which means it will fit into the boot of a car with no issues. If you would like a price on a flip-fold A-frame, or indeed any size A-frame sign, Perth Graphics Centre are the people to see. Click here to contact us for a quote.

Cricket Club Signs 0

Cricket Club Signs

It’s that time of year again when sporting clubs use corflute signs to start their advertising and recruitment. Perth Graphics Centre produces hundreds of flute signs (corrugated plastic signs) to help sports clubs bring new players on board. Made from 5mm corflute, our signs are direct-printed with UV stable inks and we can even sell the corflute grass spikes as seen below. If you’re in need of cricket club signs, soccer club signs or football club signs, then call us at Perth Graphics Centre. We’re here to help for all your signage needs.

Brushed aluminium cut out letters 0

Brushed aluminium cut out letters

To make a reception sign really stand out, it may be worth considering using brushed aluminium cut out lettering. Rather than resorting to fake brushed silver vinyls, use the real thing and the result is much more eye catching. Seen here is 2mm aluminium, but there are other thicknesses available. Cut out lettering isn’t limited to aluminium, thought. We can do cut out lettering from acrylic, foam, sign board, foam PVC, stainless steel, aluminium composite and almost any solid material. If you need cut out letters, then please call us to ask for a quote. Shop fronts, reception signs, and...

UV Durable Stickers 1

UV Durable Stickers

Almost everyone has a printer these days, which means that almost everyone can print stickers. But the real test is whether or not they last outside. Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we have made it our goal to produce the longest lasting, most UV durable and UV stable stickers you can buy in Perth. The trick is the vinyl stock which we use, coupled with long-lasting inks and protective overlaminates. Our customers have been very impressed over the years with how long our stickers last, which is why they keep coming back for more. Seen above is one of our...