Sailtrack banner skin – large format signage

Often we are asked to install a sign which is bigger than a single sheet size of sign material like corflute or signwhite. This means joins which can be unsightly. The solution? A sailtrack banner skin.


Using a special aluminium track and kedar edging, the banner becomes a tight skin which can be stretched to fit the size needed. The sign above was requested to be made out of three sheets of corflute due to its size (several metres long). To be honest, this wouldn’t have looked very nice.


Perth Graphics Centre opted to produce a sailtrack banner skin, enabling a single face to be created, while still giving outdoor life of a few years. We can produce a sign 2.5-metres tall by 20-metres long if necessary, and all in one piece.

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Van signwriting for a Peugeot Expert L2

Commonly these days, people are requesting digital prints on their vans. In the case of this Peugeot Expert L2 owner, however, vinyl cut signs were recommended.


Vinyls will give a longer life than a print and when you’re signwriting a van, this is an important consideration.


The look is achieved by using signage in several layers which gives an outline effect but still maintaining longevity.


Van signs are cheaper than a Yellow Pages advert, but are always in people’s minds as the van drives past. If you’ve got a Peugeot van you require signs on, or indeed any van, Perth Graphics Centre can help you. Head to our contact page and request a quote.

Snapper Frames

If you’re after a quick way to change posters over, but still giving a professional look, then Snapper Frames are the way to go.


They’re made from anodised aluminium, which means they’re light and easy to install. To use them, simply open each of the four sides, slip out your poster, re-insert the new poster and snap them shut. They come in just about any size you can imagine, and can have an open face, or a clear PVC sheet to protect the poster.


Using them for A4 prints and certificates is also a great way to quickly and easily frame those momentos or qualification prints.

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Decals and stickers: Perth’s biggest range

Stickers and decals: they’re something we use just about every day, but they vary so much, there is no such thing as a standard size.


That’s why Perth Graphics Centre is WA’s leading producer of stickers – we know exactly how to achieve the desired result. If you’re after product labels, security stickers, reflective stickers, pipe markers or any other specialty sticker or decal, then we’re able to help.

With our vast product range and years of experience, creating the right sticker for your needs is our specialty. We also specialise in short run stickers, so no matter whether it’s a one off, or you need thousands, we can help.

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Signs for a Ford Focus – partial vehicle wrap


Perth Graphics Centre was contacted by M2 Technology about signwriting their Ford Focus, and through consultation with their graphic designer, we were able to achieve the above result.


Two custom colours were required to keep M2 Technology’s colour consistent, and so digital print was chosen as the best way to achieve this look.


We used our solvent-based digital printer to print onto a high performance cast vinyl and then overlaminated for protection. This gives the longest lasting job as well as the greatest colour consistency.


While you couldn’t call this a full vehicle wrap or even a half vinyl wrap, it still requires the same fitting skills and the greatest attention to detail to make this Ford Focus look as good as it does.

If you’re looking to do signwriting on your Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf, Hyundai i30 or even signs for a Holden Ute or Ford Ute, then give us a call or head to our contact page.