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Vehicle Wraps, Perth is covered! 0

Vehicle Wraps, Perth is covered!

To showcase our diverse vehicle wrap methods, we’ve decided to create a gallery for you to have a look through. Vehicle wraps are the latest and greatest way to advertise your business. In the world of vehicle wraps, Perth Graphics Centre is among the best. As you look through each picture, take a close look at the visual methods used to get our customer’s information across. These are just a small sample of what we can do. Head to our contact page with any questions, or consult us for a quote.

Mercedes-Benz Vito van half wrap 1

Mercedes-Benz Vito van half wrap

Another vehicle ideal for a digital print half wrap is this Mercedes-Benz Vito. Finished in white, there’s plenty of surface area to cover, and if you want to keep costs down, then a digital print half wrap is the way to go. Vehicle wraps are cheaper than a billboard, and much more cost effective than a Yellow Pages advertisement. And if you’ve got a van to cover, then consider a car wrap. Using high performance UV resistant vinyls, heavy duty overlaminate, outdoor grade inks and decades of fitting experience means your van wrap will stand out and last for years...

Signage for a Renault Kangoo 0

Signage for a Renault Kangoo

Here’s what you’d call budget signage. A logo or two, a few pieces of vinyl cut lettering and a blank canvas. The Renault Kangoo is an ideal car for signwriting, and using a combination of digital print and vinyl cut lettering, it gets the message across. If you’re on a budget, then perhaps keeping it simple, just like the car above, is for you. Regardless of your budget, Perth Graphics Centre, WA’s most versatile sign shop, can tailor a solution to suit your needs. Head to our contact page to email us for more information.

Building and awning signs 0

Building and awning signs

Perth is awash with all different kinds of signs, and some of the most eye-catching are those on the end of awnings. Whether they’re facing oncoming traffic or facing the street, building signs using the awning are a great way to catch passing trade. They can be fabricated from Colorbond, aluminium composite, sailtrack skins or even using 3D lettering. It’s up to your taste and budget. Here you can see a lightbox in Mount Lawley, and one that we have reskinned to maximise effect while minimising cost. Give us a call, or send us an email to arrange a salesperson...

Safety Signs – Perth’s best range 0

Safety Signs – Perth’s best range

Safety Signs are something we get asked about all the time, and something that PGC is able to tackle with ease. Specialising in custom safety signs, as well as large runs, we’re able to produce Australian Standard compliant safety signs and on all sorts of materials. Safety sign can be printed onto metal, plastic, aluminium composite panel, acrylic, corflute or even as a sticker. If there’s a specific safety sign you’re after, don’t hesitate to email us and enquire about how we can help you.

Bus signage and bus wraps 0

Bus signage and bus wraps

If you’ve ever wondered who does those bus wraps you see running around, then you’ve come to the right place. Bus signs are an extension of our vehicle wrapping expertise, and something that we are rightly proud of. Perth Graphics Centre’s extensive knowledge of vinyls and wrapping techniques means that whether it’s a van wrap, car wrap, bus wrap or even a truck wrap, we’re able to tackle it. Pricing is dependent on coverage and size, so if you’re after a quote, please email us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

A-Frames – A-Frame signs catch attention 0

A-Frames – A-Frame signs catch attention

If you’re after a portable, light-weight solution to attracting more customers, A-Frames could be the way to go. These signs are made with Colorbond faces and powdercoated galvanised frames and come in various sizes. There are also custom A-Frames which can be made, whether portrait style or landscape style. You can have plain text or even full colour digital prints – the choice is up to you. Pricing is dependent on the size, and there are quanitity discounts for ten A-Frames or more. Head to our contact page to ask for a quote.

Signwriting a van – Renault Trafic 0

Signwriting a van – Renault Trafic

The Renault Trafic is a large load carrying van, and Solargain approached first class sign shop Perth Graphics Centre to liven its yellow van up. A plain design was chosen to echo the rest of the fleet, and as you can see, it emphasises the logo to draw attention. One Way Vision was used on the windows to enable the driver to see out, yet keeping prying eyes away. It’s an effective way to cover a window that normally wouldn’t be able to be used in signage applications. Whether it’s a Renault Kangoo, Mercedes-Benz Vito, Volkswagen Caddy or any other...

Hyundai iLoad – half vinyl wrap van signage 0

Hyundai iLoad – half vinyl wrap van signage

Yet again, Perth Graphics Centre, WA’s most progressive sign shop, has been employed to transform a plain white Hyundai iLoad into an eye-catching billboard. Rather than a full vehicle wrap, West Coast Solar went for a half vinyl wrap, to fit in with its budget. The result is a stunning piece of signage, and cost effective in comparison to a Yellow Pages advertisement. If you’ve got a van that you’d like to spruce up, then head to our contact page and ask for a quote.