Window signage

With most shops having large windows for their storefronts, many are finding it advantageous to use the space available. Seen here are some windows signs Perth Graphics Centre completed for Harvey Norman in Midland.


Our job was to measure the windows, and then print the signage to suit. Using high quality vinyl, UV durable inks and a protective overlaminate, the windows have now been transformed into advertising to catch the eye of customers walking past.


Installation of the window signage was done very quickly, and with a white backing, the inside of the shop has had outside glare cut down, an added benefit. In addition, the laminate used is waterproof, as are the inks which are not water based. This makes cleaning of the windows simple and there’s no risk of ink running.

Another issue that you may have seen is the lifting of the clear laminate, which tends to tunnel away from the surface and leave large patches of adhesive exposed around the edges. This problem is caused by a mismatch of vinyl and laminate. To counter this, Perth Graphics Centre only uses matching print systems and vinyls.

If it’s a monomeric vinyl, it is laminated with monomeric clear. If it’s a polymeric vinyl, it’s laminated with polymeric clear. And if it’s a cast vinyl, it’s laminated with cast clear.

This eliminates movement between the surfaces, so expansion and contraction all happen at the same time, ensuring your window signs look their best for as long as they last.

If you need window signage, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head. Please call us for more information or ask our friendly staff for a quotation on your window signage.

Vehicle Wraps

Executing a professional vehicle wrap isn’t as simple as just throwing on a sticker. Vehicle wraps need to be properly planned and properly carried out.


Perth Graphics Centre’s expertise in vehicle wraps is evident in this wrap we did for Galleria Toyota. The design was planned around the shape of the car, and problem areas were identified. Each step was considered, including which panels would be laid down first to achieve the best result.


The attention to detail was such that the panels were fitted from back to front, allowing the panels overlap toward the rear. This ensures that when driving in wet weather, water isn’t hitting the edge of the overlap.


It doesn’t stop there. Combinining digital printing onto high-performance outdoor grade vinyl with durable solvent inks, plus one way vision with protective laminate means maximum visibility with maximum coverage. The UV-protective coatings will ensure the graphics last their longest.

Each body panel was washed and cleaned with chemicals which strip off oily residue and the vinyl is massaged into the deeper recesses and baked into position. It all adds up to a vehicle wrap that befits the company’s professional branding.

If there’s a vehicle wrap you need, Perth Graphics Centre is the company to do it.

Roof Identification Numbers

With an increased focus on safety, roof identification numbers are becoming more prevalent, especially in the mining industry.


Using high performance outdoor-grade vinyl, Perth Graphics Centre is producing these roof ID numbers for emergency vehicles or mining vehicles. The idea is the vehicles can be identified from a helicopter or from a lookout.

Quick identification means the car can be located and attended to in the shortest space of time. Little wonder companies are investing in getting these roof ID numbers produced.

If you have a fleet of vehicles for which you require roof identification numbers, Perth Graphics Centre can help. Our products are made quickly and stand the test of time, so please head to our contact page and request a quote for your vehicles.

We can also help with mine-spec reflective striping as well as mine-spec reflective numbers. Here at Perth Graphics Centre, we can do it all.

Sign Installation

It’s quite well known that Perth Graphics Centre is one of Perth’s leading sign-making companies. But did you also know that we install signs as well?

Getting the correct installation done is critical. Most sign materials are thin but very heavy, meaning in the event of a storm, you don’t want a sign coming off the wall and acting like a flying blade. Perth Graphics Centre has the expertise to determine the best method to carry out an install to ensure safety is paramount.


Things to check for an installation quote

Our team of experienced installers are available to quote on your sign installation needs. But before we do, it’s good to ascertain a few details.

For example:

  • What is the address of the install?
  • How high up is it?
  • What is the sign made from?
  • How long do you want it to last?
  • Will it be temporary or permanent?
  • Are there any obstructions?
  • Is the ground flat?
  • How close is the sign to any power sources?

These are just some of the questions we’ll need to ask to give you an accurate quote. We are also happy to do site inspections to ensure the job gets done properly.


If an electrician is required for a lightbox, we can arrange that, too, or you can use your own electrician. The choice is yours.

Here at Perth Graphics Centre, our goal is to make things as easy as possible, so if you have any questions regarding sign installation, please give us a call on (08) 9248 6226, or send us an email. We look forward to working with you.