Life-size Cardboard Cutouts


You may know these guys as George and Gary from a hit reality TV cooking show. No, we didn’t have them in our office, but we did produce these cardboard cutouts for Zesti Woodfired Ovens.


If you need a character made into a cardboard cutout (well, technically a plastic cutout) at life size, then we can help.


From one off to several hundred, as long as the photo is crisp, we can trick your eyes into believing that your favourite personality is really sitting in your office.

The price for a standard six-foot cutout with a stand is $150, plus shipping Australia-wide. Other sizes are available. Cardboard cutouts take a week to produce, so please allow a few extra days for shipping.

Give us a call and speak to our friendly staff about your life-sized cardboard cutout needs.

Domed stickers and badges


Doming is a term used to describe a unique process whereby we apply a polyurethane resin to the surface of stickers to create a three dimensional domed or ‘bubble’ look.

Applications of domed stickers include:

  • Computer badges
  • Modems
  • Alarm systems
  • Car badges
  • Name tags
  • Asset management labels
  • Beer tap labels
  • Fridge stickers
  • and much, much more.


Most shapes are possible as long as you have rounded corners, and sizes can vary, but to get the best effect, keep it simple and small. You can use chrome, silvers, golds, special effect materials and even individual letters.

All our domed stickers and badges are created in-house, meaning quick turnaround and low prices. They’re outdoor durable and can be applied to self-adhesive and badges.

Contact us to enquire about your options for doming your stickers.

Stickers & Labels – short run and custom

Need a custom label or a short run of stickers? Perth Graphics Centre can help. With our digital process, you can get up to three years outdoor durability, or indefinite life indoors.

Stickers can be cut to just about any shape, can be in a myriad of colours and sizes – just ask. Speak to our friendly staff about creating a custom design, or bring your own.


We can print on chrome, gold, holographic materials, as well as plain colours such as white, black, red, yellow, blue, etc. Fades and blends are also possible. We can run a sample sticker for a small charge as well. Almost anything is possible.

Give Perth Graphics Centre a call on (08) 9248 6226 and see how we can make your life easier.

Frosted Window film – Your privacy sorted

frosted window film

Our client wanted some privacy in an inner office but still be able to see if anybody entered the office next door. Light transmission also had to be maintained. 3M Frosted Crystalâ„¢ was the answer. We cut the film to size before taking it out to the client and installing it. The end result is what you see in the pic above.

Logos, text and solid panels are no problem for our team of experienced installers. Privacy, light, low key advertising and safety are possibilities when using 3M Frosted Crystalâ„¢, commonly known as window frosting or glass etching film. Why pay for on site sandblasting with attendant mess when you can have this product applied with no fuss and no mess. Call us for an obligation free quote.