Trailer signage: Perth car dealership wraps its trailer

After a phone call from the eastern states, Perth Graphics Centre was contracted to print and install new graphics onto this barbeque trailer for Subaru WA. It was urgent because they wanted to use it for the upcoming Rally WA round.

Trailer signage for Perth car dealer

So, after obtaining the graphics, we went to work, making sure the colours were bright and the logos were crisp and sharp. An extra challenge was wrapping the hinges in the graphics, but our expert team of installers did a brilliant job.

Box Trailer Signwriting Perth

Using high performance Avery films and solvent-based outdoor inks, the images are vibrant and won’t fade for years.

Trailer Signwriting for Perth Subaru

We’re confident that if you bring your trailer to us, you’ll be very impressed by the end result. Yes, if you have a trailer and you need signage, then give us a call by heading to our contact page.

Cardboard Cutouts: Perth Graphics Centre offers all types

Do you have cardboard cutouts that you need? Perth Graphics Centre can help. Whether it’s a one off or you need hundreds, Perth Graphics Centre can handle any order.

Cardboard Cutouts by Perth Graphics Centre

Seen here is a series of lifesize cutouts we made for the West Coast Eagles. We left the heads off so kids can get their photo taken as a West Coast Eagle.

Our industrial printer (which you can see in this picture) prints directly onto the cardboard and it’s then profile cut. Our cardboard cutouts also include a stand so that they are freestanding.

How long do cardboard cutouts take to make?

Usually turnaround is a week, so make sure you plan ahead.

We require high resolution artwork, which can be emailed to us or you can use Dropbox or WeTransfer. JPG, EPS or PDF is usually fine. And make sure you don’t infringe any copyright when you supply artwork.

We’re sure that you’ll be pleased with the results from our cardboard cutouts. Perth Graphics Centre is here to help.

Signage Wraps by Perth’s premier sign shop

Signage wraps are becoming more and more popular, as companies take advantage of blank vehicles to advertising their business. Perth Graphics Centre is leading the way in providing high quality, durable and classy signage wraps.

Vehicle Wrap by Perth Graphics Centre

How much of a vehicle do signage wraps cover?

That all depends on how much you want to cover. Just about every part of the vehicle has the potential to be wrapped, however a much more cost effective way is to do a half wrap. Our wraps don’t need to cover the entire car – just use the largest, flattest area you have.

This minimises the potential for damage, and it’s also a lot faster to produce and fit.

Rear three quarter view of signage wraps

What vinyl do you use for wraps?

Our preferred supplier is Avery, however we also use 3M vinyls where specified. Our prints are outdoor durable and we also use an approved, matching overlaminate.

To care for your signage, it’s best to hand wash it and refrain from using high pressure cleaners and abrasive polishes. Wash by hand gently and you’ll find your wrap will last a lot longer.

We can also take care of design work for you and walk you through our production processes so you can rest easy knowing that your car is taken care of by a dedicated group of professionals.

Need signage wraps? Think Perth Graphics Centre.

Truck wraps: Perth Graphics Centre completes furniture hire truck

Truck wraps by Perth Graphics Centre would have to be the most effective form of advertising your business can invest in. It lasts for years, catches attention and looks fantastic.

A truck wrap by Perth Graphics Centre

Take this truck for example. It was looking quite tired but now has a new lease on life.

Always use good quality vinyl for your truck wrap

Using a combination of high performance Supreme Wrap film by Avery (click here for more info) and digital print, we have transformed an old truck body into one that it now a movable billboard.

Truck Wraps by Perth Graphics Centre

To ensure a high quality result, though, we require the best resolution files you can get hold of. Photographs typically need to be between 70 and 150dpi at actual size. If that size file is too big to email, consider using a file transfer website like

Fleet wraps are also a specialty, as we can can guarantee consistent colour and excellent longevity for your entire fleet. Whether it’s one truck or 50 trucks, wraps by Perth Graphics Centre will make sure your business gets seen.

Signs for photography gallery

When a photography professional has signs made for him, you know that he will insist on a top quality print job. After all, high quality printing is what he does for a living.


So, when Paul Dowe Galleries wanted a sign company to make signage for their building, the only place they asked was Perth Graphics Centre. Using a high quality aluminium composite panel, installed with care into concrete panel, the sign will last for years.


We also laminated the face with a high gloss, outdoor durable, UV absorbing laminate which will ensure the sign doesn’t fade or lose its sheen.

While the design is simple, it’s effective. With high contrast text and bright colours, signage like this has never been better.

When you need signs and you want them to look great for years, like Paul Dowe Galleries, you should choose Perth Graphics Centre.

Corflute signs

Ever heard the term “corflute” before and wondered what it referred to? Fear not, we have all the answers in this article.

5mm corflute sheet

Corflute is the industry name given to corrugated polypropylene, a fluted plastic which is lightweight yet rigid. The plastic is extruded to give it the large rectangular flutes all the way through it, and it has medium outdoor longevity. The name “Corflute” is actually registered to Corex but the industry has picked it up and now uses it as a generic term for fluted plastic.


The reason the sign industry loves it is because it’s cheap and easy to cut to size. It also can be used for freestanding A-frames due to its inherent strength. It comes in a variety of thicknesses but the most common for the sign industry are 3mm and 5mm. It comes in most standard colours (black, white, red, green, blue and yellow) however white is the most common.


The packaging industry and construction industry also use corflute for creating boxes or for packing out or protecting large areas. The standard sheet size is 2400mm x 1200mm although sheets can be found up to three metres long.

Corflute signs made by Perth Graphics Centre are made from high quality corflute so you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best. We also sell corflute sheets, so when you’re thinking corflute, think Perth Graphics Centre.

When you next order corflute signs Perth Graphics Centre should be your first port of call. With refined production processes and lightning fast printing, we can make cheap corflute signs that get your message across.

Corflute Signs Printing by Perth Graphics Centre

Perth Graphics Centre can also print single sided corflute signs and double sided corflute signs – the choice is yours. Our corflute signs are also available with eyelets and there’s always the option of triangular A-frames in corflute.

Most of the corflute signs Perth Graphics Centre makes are made from 5mm thick polypropelene but there is also the option of 3mm and 8mm, depending on cost and how long you need them to last.

Whether it’s one colour or full colour, you can rest assured knowing the price is the same. Event signage? No problem. For sale signs? Easy. Temporary wayfinding? No worries.

When you need cheap corflute signs, Perth Graphics Centre is your one stop sign shop.

Perth companies looking for a cheap signage alternative should look to corflute signage to increase their exposure. Corflute signage uses a cost-effective, lightweight plastic called Corflute.


It comes in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses and the most common maximum size is 2400mm x 1200mm. Corflute is cheap and being made from polypropelene it is also recyclable.

Do you print your corflute signage in-house?

Absolutely. With our huge flatbed printer, we print directly to the corflute, keeping control over the whole production process.


Seen above is our machine at work, printing corflute signs for Jetts Fitness. Because we can match colours with our vibrant inks, Jetts was thrilled, and it kept the branding in line with their style guide.


With instantly dry inks, the sign was turned around post haste, and the client was very happy. We’re confident that we can meet your corflute signage needs, too. So, if you have an event, or a short term promotion, consider using corflute. Perth Graphics Centre will be happy to guide you through the production process and make suggestions to help your dollar travel further.

Contact us today and find out how corflute signage can help your Perth business.

When you want a cheap, lightweight sign, corflute is the product to choose, and when you need corflute signs, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head.


Our customers keep coming back for more corflute signs because Perth Graphics Centre prints them quickly and cheaply. And with Perth’s best service, what more can you ask for?


Our corflute printing process

Rather than fiddle with costly setup for screenprinting, Perth Graphics Centre prints corflute signs with a state of the art UV-curable flatbed printer. The colours pop, the edges are crisp and the inks last outdoors for years.

You can see above a photo of our printer in action, with liquid plastic inks which cure and bond to the surface when passed by a UV lamp. The results are spectacular and because we print all our corflute signs in house, there’s no waiting around. If you want blank corflute sheets we can supply those, too.

With our printers running every day, we’re fast and because we’re always making corflute signs, Perth Graphics Centre can keep the costs down, too.

So, when you want corflute signs, Perth Graphics Centre should be the first place to head. We’re looking forward to helping you with your signage needs.

Did you know you can buy your corflute sheet from Perth Graphics Centre? We always have corflute in stock, and we can either supply corflute sheets, or we can print corflute signs. Perth Graphics Centre stocks the standard sheet size of 2440mm x 1220mm and you can choose from 3mm or 5mm sheet.

Corflute Sheets

Corflute Sheets

The most popular corflute is 5mm, and it’s made from outdoor-grade polypropylene. The flutes run the length of the sheet, and corflute can be easily cut to any size required. Corflute can also be folded or scored along the flutes for easy transport.

Corflute sheet being printed

Corflute sheet being printed

If you are collecting corflute sheeting from Perth Graphics Centre’s Malaga office, we’d suggest ensuring you have the right size vehicle for transport. A van, ute, flat-top truck or large trailer will do the trick.

So, if you’re seeking quality corflute and a great price, then please call Perth Graphics Centre or email us for a quote.

Contrary to popular belief, not all corflute signs are made the same.


Because corflute has a low surface energy, it is quite difficult to get inks to adhere. Seen above is an example of poor ink adhesion. The company which printed these signs, didn’t take extra steps to improve the ink’s adhesion. However, here at Perth Graphics Centre, we do.


Using a pre-printed primer (the process is shown above), the inks actually cling to the corflute meaning no moisture absorption can lift the ink off. The primer we lay down onto the surface also helps prevent the inks from scratching off.

If you are ordering corflute signs from Perth Graphics Centre, you can be sure that your corflute signs will last the distance, and won’t peel, flake or lift. That means your business signage looks its best, and that imbues an air of quality. The next time you need corflute signs, make sure you get them from Perth Graphics Centre.

Coffin Wraps

As a fitting tribute to someone’s life, Perth Graphics Centre is now offering coffin wraps. As Perth’s most accomplished sign shop, we can create artwork, incorporate photos, add textures and make a coffin look truly dignified.


Seen here is a coffin wrap we made, using the farm that the person lived on as the background. With their love for their olive grove, we created a unique wrap that showed their passion.


If you have something in mind for a coffin, then please feel free to speak to us about your ideas. Our team of talented designers will come up with something that your loved ones will appreciate.


When it’s time to send someone off in style, speak to Perth Graphics Centre about making their coffin look its best.