Waterproof stickers: Perth Graphics Centre leads the way

We’re often asked if we do waterproof stickers. Perth Graphics Centre has the most waterproof materials available for your sticker needs and our customers keep coming back for more.


Particularly with drilling and offshore mining, waterproof stickers are critical. Pump manufacturers also avail themselves of the aggressive adhesive and durable inks that we use.

If you need waterproof stickers that will last for years, then please head to our contact page to get an emailed quotation.

Fleet vehicle signwriting


Here at Perth Graphics Centre we specialise in producing fleet vehicle signwriting. Perth fleets need to have high quality signage with bold colours and long outdoor life, and that’s what we deliver.


The Department of Fisheries needed a highly durable set of graphics to head up north and withstand the elements, so we’ve made the Landcruiser signage out of high-performance cast vinyl and protective overlaminate.


If you have a fleet of vehicles you need signage for, then please email us to ask for a competitive quote.

Car window signage

On every car, there’s a big back window which makes a perfect area to advertise.


The most convenient way to do it is to use one-way vision, or Clear Focus – a product that has small holes which enables you to see out of it, while retaining a solid appearance on the outside. This lets you put your message on the back window.


Not all one-way vision films are created equal, however. Perth Graphics Centre uses a special adhesive which is conformable to curve to most window shapes, while a protective overlaminate also prevents scuffing of the print. An additional benefit is that it prevents water filling up the little holes which can impair your vision.

If you want to advertise your business on the back windows of your cars, then please ask for a quote.