Corrugated plastic signs

Often we get asked about doing corrugated plastic signs or fluted plastic signs. There are several names for corrugated plastic – corflute, coroplast, flute board and others. In the sign industry we call it corflute.


The simple fact is we produce corrugated plastic signs constantly. Corrugated plastic signs, or corflute signs, can be done in just about any size, from a small 200mm x 300mm safety sign, right up to a 2400mm x 1200mm large sign board.


Corrugated plastic is ideal because it’s light-weight, waterproof and is comparatively strong. Perfect for temporary signage, fence signs, display signs or any other requirement for short term signs.

If you need corrugated plastic signs, then call Perth Graphics Centre and ask for a quote on your needs.

Roster signs

Roster signs are a cheap version of an A-frame. Made from corflute, they are a very cost effective way of guiding customers to your business, by placing them around your premises.


Perth Graphics Centre can create a design for you, or you can being in your own. We can print one colour or full colour onto roster signs. If it’s one roster sign or one hundred roster signs, Perth Graphics Centre will be happy to supply your needs in a quick and efficient manner.

Call us today to enquire about roster signs.

Banners – Perth Graphics Centre is a leader in the field

If your requirement is banners, Perth Graphics Centre can help. Based in Western Australia, PGC specialises in banner printing and is Perth’s most reliable producer of large banners, small banners or billboard skins.


Seen here is Perth Graphics Centre’s banner printer, a large format, high performance printing machine which etches ink into the surface of the banner. Perth’s harsh climate means you need the best quality print, and with our high-definition printing equipment, we ensure that there is no cracking or peeling of the ink.

The banner printer is fast, too, meaning quick turnaround and excellent pricing. Banners are what we print day in, day out, so if you have a question about banners, then feel free to give us a call. We can explain the different types of banners and ascertain your individual needs.

For banners, Perth Graphics Centre is your one stop shop. Head to our contact page and ask for a quote today!

Fleet signwriting and fleet signs

If you have a fleet and you need signs, then give Perth Graphics Centre a call.


We are extremely experienced in installing signs and printing accurate colours to ensure your logo comes out exactly the way you expect it to.


Seen here are various vehicles in the Western Botanical fleet, and each one features the same logo and same striping detail despite being all different sizes.


The result is a uniform fleet that stands out together, or separate.


If you have fleet signwriting needs, then head to our contact page for a quote and brilliant service.

Shop front signs

If you’re after a shop front sign, Perth Graphics Centre should be your first port of call.


We can construct you shop front signs using metal signage, plastic signage or just vinyl cut lettering to go on the window. What ever your needs are, we’ll be able to accomodate. Perth Graphics Centre can also recommend different methods of making your signs if you require a slightly different look to normal.

Whether you have a narrow shop front in the city or if you have a wide frontage in an industrial area, we’ll make your signage look its best. Head to our contact page and ask for a quote today.

Window signs

A business’s windows are a blank canvas as far as signwriters are concerned. Why not make use of the available space and put window signs on your building?


These windows for i.fresh Strata were the perfect way to advertise the business, especially as it’s on the second floor.

Most window signs are placed on the inside to achieve a nice gloss level (from the glass), however if the windows are tinted it will need to go on the outside of the window to keep the colours true to your logo.

Full colour, single colour, frosted sparkle – anything can be achieved, and our highly motivated team of designers and signmakers will ensure your window signs look the best they can. Head to our contact page and email us with the size of your window and a copy of what you’d like on it, and we’ll be happy to quote for your window signs.

Stainless Steel Letters

The sign you see below is 3.6 metres wide. That means these stainless steel letters are nearly 400 millimetres  in height.


Yes, Perth Graphics Centre can produce 3D stainless steel letters for any size and for just about any logo. The effect is absolutely stunning with the sign exuding pure class.

The stainless steel is available in a high gloss chrome or brushed finish and because it’s marine grade, it will last for decades.

If you’re after stainless steel lettering for your sign, head to our contact page and ask for a quote. The result will leave you speechless.

Building signs and street front signs

If you need building signs, then there’s only one place to head – Perth Graphics Centre.


We supply and install large signs like this pylon sign for PR Power. The large PR logo is done using 3D routed MDF and then two-pack painted to ensure they last for years outside.


The rest of the sign uses cast vinyl, again to give maximum longevity.

If it’s building signs or street-front signage you’re after, then head to our contact page for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.