One Way Vision – See through window signs


Signage that can be see through has heaps of advantages. For example, it maintains your privacy, cuts down glare and still allows you to see what’s going on outside. That’s why we are often asked to produce one way vision graphics which have tiny holes to allow it be a see through sign.


Avon Truffle Company asked us to make a one way vision sign for the back window of its Great Wall X240 SUV. You can see from the photo above that they still have complete rearward vision, whereas the top photo shows how it looks from the outside.

See through window graphics can be used for offices, cars, buses, or any application in which you need to see out, but still want your graphics to be seen.

Contact us for further information or to discuss any options for one way vision signage.

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  • Rebekah| January 27, 2011

    Hi There,

    I am after a one way vision sign for the back window of my Holden Astra.

    I would like something like the above to advertise my online websites wall decals.

    I would like to show a picture of one of the decals available. See above website for examples.And obviously our website and company name.

    Can you advise who makes up the artwork? Or if you can suggest someone that does this kind of artwork.

    Could you also provide a quote of the estimated cost?

    Kind regards,

    My Friend Matilda

  • Paul| May 5, 2013

    Requesting a quote for a rear windscreen advertisement one-way graphic (provided by me) for my Nissan X-Trail. Rear screen measurements for largest areas (55cm times155.5cm), screen is concave in shape. I have the window sign already made up. It is in jpeg format made on photoshop. The graphics came out sharp on the last one I had the same on my rear screen, but I smashed the window and now need to replace it. I can send a photoshop one to you if you so desire, but it is a pretty large file.
    I look forward to your reply shortly.
    Mobile: 0429-728-559

  • John| August 9, 2013

    I was wondering what you could quote me for a one way vision, rear window advert? I’d do the graphic design myself, but I’d need help with the planning, production and fitting.

    My car is a Honda Civic Vi Hatch.


  • James cox| November 4, 2013


    I have Holden Colorado rc lx ute that I would like the back window to have a one way vision decal installed.
    I already have my logo designed,please could you give me a rough estimate on cost,and what format you will need the design.
    For anymore info please email me at
    Or call me on 0405534364

    James cox

  • Verity McDonald| December 27, 2013

    Requesting a quote for a one way vision , the design is already made but might need editing, it’s for a 2004 Holden vy Calais.


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