Vehicle Wraps

Executing a professional vehicle wrap isn’t as simple as just throwing on a sticker. Vehicle wraps need to be properly planned and properly carried out.


Perth Graphics Centre’s expertise in vehicle wraps is evident in this wrap we did for Galleria Toyota. The design was planned around the shape of the car, and problem areas were identified. Each step was considered, including which panels would be laid down first to achieve the best result.


The attention to detail was such that the panels were fitted from back to front, allowing the panels overlap toward the rear. This ensures that when driving in wet weather, water isn’t hitting the edge of the overlap.


It doesn’t stop there. Combinining digital printing onto high-performance outdoor grade vinyl with durable solvent inks, plus one way vision with protective laminate means maximum visibility with maximum coverage. The UV-protective coatings will ensure the graphics last their longest.

Each body panel was washed and cleaned with chemicals which strip off oily residue and the vinyl is massaged into the deeper recesses and baked into position. It all adds up to a vehicle wrap that befits the company’s professional branding.

If there’s a vehicle wrap you need, Perth Graphics Centre is the company to do it.

Van Wraps: Perth Graphics Centre wraps Volkswagen Crafter 35

The Volkswagen Crafter 35 is an excellent canvas to apply vehicle wraps to. Perth Graphics Centre tackled this van wrap by treating each panel as an individual.


This allows us to speed up the printing, and match up edges more effectively. The print was done using Arlon 6000X with 3220 overlaminate, an extremely durable and conformable vinyl.


Our team of professional qualified applicators took to the van wrap, leaving no area without attention. The end result is, as you can see, visually stunning and attractive. The customer, Chillout In Style, was extremely pleased with the result.


If you have a van wrap, or vehicle wraps, Perth Graphics Centre is the place to head.

Signs for a Hyundai iLoad

Yet again, we’re signwriting a Hyundai iLoad. In fact, with the amount we’ve done, we’re experts at producing high quality signage for the iLoad.


Cyclic Electrical wanted their logo, and using their business card and some supplied artwork, we were able to create this signage which includes a partial wrap through the rear quarter panel.


Professional consultation is the way we’ve settled on a design and the customer was very pleased with the result.

If you have a Hyundai iLoad you need signwriting on, the please head to our contact page and ask for a quote.

Perth sign shop completes fleet signage for the Toyota Hilux

A vehicle wrap is one of the most eye catching methods of vehicle signage around. Using high performance cast vinyl which can conform to curves around the car, we can completely or partially cover a vehicle, truck or bus.


In this case, a fleet of Toyota Hiluxes has been signwritten with Mobile Fisheries Patrol livery. Perth Graphics Centre, the most progressive sign shop in Western Australia, has just completed the livery project, using 3M 380 CV3 and 8580 overlaminate.


The result, as you can see, is a striking vehicle wrap which covers several vehicles which can now be easily identified.

If you’d like signage, or a vehicle wrap done on your Toyota Hilux, then give us a call for a quote.

Photo: Courtesy Department of Fisheries