Fleet vehicle signwriting


Here at Perth Graphics Centre we specialise in producing fleet vehicle signwriting. Perth fleets need to have high quality signage with bold colours and long outdoor life, and that’s what we deliver.


The Department of Fisheries needed a highly durable set of graphics to head up north and withstand the elements, so we’ve made the Landcruiser signage out of high-performance cast vinyl and protective overlaminate.


If you have a fleet of vehicles you need signage for, then please email us to ask for a competitive quote.

Van signwriting – use signage to brighten your vehicle


If you’ve just bought a white van, it’s obviously for work purposes. It can look a little bland, however we see it as a blank canvas to create a moving billboard.


Signwriting can transform your white vehicle by adding colour, different fonts, photos and logos, to give your corporate identity a touch of class.


Take this Mercedes Vito for example. We’ve turned it into a mobile coffee shop, and using high performance cast seven-year vinyls it’s going to last for years. It won’t fade, peel or crack and is able to withstand the harshest elements with proper care.


If you want fleet signage, or just a single car signwritten, then ask as for a quote – we’re up for the challenge!